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  1. Its not necessarily snake oil, but in my opinion it's similar to Remdesivir for covid, in that its an expensive drug that may not be an effective treatment for its intended purpose, especially for people in advanced stages, which are the people that need a treatment the most. It clearly does reduce amyloid in the brain but I wish the required phase 4 trial could be completed sooner. 9 years to perform the trial? And it seems like for advanced stages, this drug just takes away the gun after the bullet has already been fired. I worry that desperate people will place false hope in this trea
  2. One benefit for which I have been extremely thankful, long before the pandemic, was the ability to work remotely. I think one silver lining from this time is that companies finally figured out what many of us have known all along, that certain types of employees are far more productive by not going into an office and the company in turn also saves on overhead and travel. Win-win. Many of these tech companies saw their profits explode while their facilities and travel costs went down significantly as a result of the pandemic. They made more money because everything closed while other types of b
  3. Everyone would have so much better off this past year if they never watched CNN or Fox News, not even once.
  4. All the faux drama aside, I'll take Rodgers side on this one. Any HOF QB is worth all of the head coaches and GMs in the league combined. Without a top QB, most of those guys are a fraud anyway.
  5. Amon-Ra can ball and plays big. Such a deep WR group this year for him to fall into the 4th round. One of the steals of the draft IMO. His dad was two-time Mr. Universe. His brother plays for the Pack. I really like this pick for the Lions.
  6. Yes definitely. In general, I think it's historically been a huge mistake to take any TE in the top 10 of the NFL draft, but Pitts does look like Megatron.
  7. I think that's fair. That said, none of those guys tried to raise the capital gains tax to 43.4%. There's a modest increase and then there's just crazy.
  8. Yes expect them to try for retroactive for the entire calendar year, not just from when it passes, if it passes.
  9. And don't listen to the talking heads on TV, listen to what the markets are telling you. And right now, they just puked all over this plan, just a nasty reversal that immediately hurt every single investor in every single income group.
  10. I'm not going to get into the politics over it, but this is going to tank the market especially if they try to make it retroactive. I think it will be DOA in the Senate and would never pass. This doesn't just soak the rich, anyone with any exposure to the stock market loses big time. It's just stupid stupid stupid.
  11. The stock market just dropped like a rock over on the headline about a proposed capital gains increase. Wait until it actually passes.
  12. Yes Curry would be a more direct physical comparison, but I don't get the comp from an outlier perspective. Curry doesn't represent the physical outlier in the NBA that Smith would represent in the NFL. And even Curry weighs 185-190lbs. I do think Smith can put on the weight with the right trainer and he can be a star like Curry. But playing at 170 or less in the NFL may not end well. Basic physics will eventually apply.
  13. He's an extreme outlier. An indirect NBA comp I would make is Muggsy Bogues. Playing at 170lbs in the NFL is like playing at 5'3" in the NBA. Smith can still be a star and the primary difference is he can gain more weight over time and probably will. But seriously, even Lululemon doesn't make pants skinny enough for this guy. The whole issue with his weight and BMI goes away if he just hits the squat rack. He looks like someone that could drop and give you 100 pushups without breaking a sweat but skips leg day at the gym. That said, the nickname Slim Reaper is pretty cool.
  14. I totally get your point, not disagreeing from that perspective. I do wish Dalton the best. He's a good guy and I hope he can have great success with the Bears except for when they play the Lions.
  15. Sure my point was they could have simply kept Trubisky. The Bears signed Dalton for 4x what the Bills ended up paying Trubisky. $10M total cap hit vs. $2.5M. It just makes no sense to pay more for a guy that does not represent a QB1 upgrade for any team in the NFL. I know they would have paid more if Trubisky was the presumed starter instead of a QB2, but it would have still been far less than $10M.
  16. I would argue that Dalton wasn't necessarily the best option if they already had Trubisky and Foles, Dalton represents the same option at best in that group of below average options.
  17. I just keep going back to every prime time game that Dalton ever played in. It's not a coaching problem. He's just bad under pressure, similar to Trubisky. He doesn't process information faster under pressure. On paper, he's not an upgrade over Trubisky or Foles at all. But maybe Nagy can find some magic for him. I do think Nagy is a good coach.
  18. A lot of people can't afford car insurance right now, let alone the deductible. Plus this guy used his car as his primary source of income. I would just encourage people to donate to the GoFundMe page setup for him. I hope his family can find some peace over time after this tragic loss.
  19. Dalton is a nice guy but he isn't an upgrade over anyone. Literally every other starting QB in the league is better than the Bears current starting QB, and most backups are better too. This is one of the worst signings in league history.
  20. I think Mac Jones is one of the most accurate QBs that I've ever seen, particularly on deep throws over 20 yds. His arm is nothing special, but he drops dimes under pressure.
  21. His tape looks great. He just needs to put on 15lbs. But watching the tape also reveals that Mac Jones is super accurate.
  22. 100% agree. To me it would be like the Rams drafting Tavon Austin at #8 overall. And even he weighed 185. Nobody that weighs 170lbs should be drafted in the first round. I'm sorry but that's just basic physics. Best case scenario is Desean Jackson and that's another example of a guy that was constantly injured and also bigger and faster than Devonta Smith.
  23. I'm going with a 2000 Chevy Aztek. It was marketed as useful, unique, competent, hey Walter White drove one. But it literally destroyed the Pontiac brand and was a vehicle that somehow got almost everything wrong.
  24. early 2000s Toyotas are money. Dalton is no Toyota Camry.
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