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  1. Yes I only play on DK. I usually play 15-20 lineups.
  2. I faded Beasley except for 1 lineup. That's probably going to sink the rest.
  3. I also want to reiterate, it's extremely challenging to place highly in gpp unless you play max entries. And even then it's very tough. But it can be done. I personally like the showdown contest format better for gpp and I think it provides an easier path to unlocking the highest scoring lineup without playing max entries. But often there are a large number of ties at the top which reduces the payouts, sometimes substantially. I've finished first in a few large fields and only once was there no tie. On that note, who does everyone like for the MNF showdown Bills v Titans?
  4. Good week so far. I had 5 lineups that cashed in DK gpp. 175 was my high score. Burrow, Booker, J.Taylor, Allen, Higgins, Kupp, RSJ, Mixon, Cards
  5. It's against the Bengals too. Even they finally figured out a way to not suck. Give the Lions another 50 years or so and maybe it will happen.
  6. I still maintain the Lions don't have a single player on offense outside of Hock that would start for any other team. And that includes Swift. He's an RB1 in fantasy football but not in real life. Williams is actually the better natural RB. And if Williams is your best RB and Goff is your best QB and you have no WR, this is the result you get.
  7. Well I expected the Ravens to smash the Chargers but the TDs are all going to scrub RBs.
  8. This is why I am suspect of his recommendations. I guarantee when you see his actual gpp lineups, there will be a bunch without Hunt.
  9. I am not only fading Hunt but also going with Cards D.
  10. @KarmaPolice where are you getting the position leverage scores? Awesemo?
  11. I had the same WW decision. Went with Ricky although Mo has the better matchup.
  12. For what it's worth, I plan on fading Mixon this week and going with the Cincy passing game. So you should do the opposite. At RB, I really like J.Taylor and D.Booker this week
  13. For DK gpp, I might go back to the Burrow/Chase/Higgins stack this week and bring it back with Swift or Amon-Ra. I also like the Cards D in gpp this week. Should be low owned and Chubb is out.
  14. Anyone playing TNF showdown lineups tonight?
  15. Yep, bad QB, bad coaching staff. Not much ARob can do about it.
  16. He'll have a 2 TD smash game soon enough. Maybe this week.
  17. Agree but Deebo is also pretty good. Still reminds me of a young Anquan Boldin.
  18. This guy is the definition of sophomore slump. The talent is there but he's out of sync for some reason. The coaching staff also seems to be off more than on this season. Maybe the bye week will be the cure they need.
  19. I also stopped playing cash games years ago. GPP is much more interesting and also much more challenging.
  20. I had a few gpp lineups this week that cashed but nothing spectacular. I had a lot of Burrow/Chase/Adams and Brady/Brown stacks. But I had too much John Ross III at $3400. He was my scrub Giants WR pick and as it turned out, Kadariaus Toney at $4000 was the Giants WR we all should have selected instead. He was on the winning lineup, along with Brady/Brown.
  21. I also really like Burrow/Chase/Higgins stacks this week with D.Adams. Which means I should probably delete them and start over. But love this stack so much this week.
  22. I guarantee you, the 4th lineup will do the best. 60% of the time, it works every time.
  23. Here's my advice to those of you doing GPP this week. Step 1. Make your best lineup, the one you think gives you the greatest chance of success. You feel this lineup will most certainly smash. Step 2. Make your second and third best lineups. These are very different from #1. But you feel pretty confident about these as well. Step 3. The most important step. Delete all three lineups above. Pick all new players, none from above. Make this your GPP team. Step 4. Profit
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