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  1. Stop & shop I go to had store brand tp & pt , plenty of meat and dairy but frozen was wiped out. the tp & pt were 2 8 packs a person
  2. What happens in 2 weeks to a month when this runs rampant in the “essential” employees community
  3. No way they would cutoff the tax $$ coming in from them . Apparently lawn care is also essential in MA
  4. Anyone else hear info about the need for “travel papers” for essential workers in the near future?
  5. Honestly people talking about it encourages him to keep doing it. If people are seriously bothered by this it’s time to shut the place down.
  6. Bissell Brothers brewery in Maine is doing drive thru and home delivery .
  7. What time does the victory conga line get started here this weekend? Asking for a friend
  8. I was never one to jump on Tomlin but I’m losing my patience with everything . Between Tomlins loose ship , the specials & Butler
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