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  1. With Higgins OUT tonight, who takes his place? Ratley, Taylor, Thomas??
  2. Might seem that simple at a glance but don't dismiss the fact that Watkins had 13 targets Week 2 and is tied for 3rd in NFL total targets (24).
  3. Wouldn't be the first time I dropped my load on someone I regret later
  4. Team 1.02 is who I'd play too, so this is a possibility if I don't grab him
  5. And not playing against him week one has to hold value Yes
  6. I get that he won't do this every week. Just not quite sure how to value that week 1 output already in the bank before the draft.
  7. Is drafting Hunt at 1.01 a completely insane idea? I draft Sat night, and don't quite know what to do with this info #seriousquestion
  8. MINExpo? I'll be there Mon-Wed too, also staying at Flamingo
  9. Here is what I'll need this weekend to move on Evan Royster 15-73 2 TD D Henderson 6-101 1 TD L Hankerson 5-88 1 TD Bironas 7 FGs (at least 4 over 50) approximately
  10. me too buddy, me too. I've been killing it every week, but my excitement has been tempered knowing what waits week 7.
  11. this was posted about 2 years ago, but thanks for the reminder.It still needs to be retired so, I posted it again.
  12. "story of my life" overused in meaningless situations... heard today Bob: "damn pen isn't working..." Dip####: "story of my life man!"
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