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  1. I think 5G will be an investing buzzword in 2021 and network testing seems like a good way to play. " The company has positioned itself in an essential loop of the 5G chain, offering equipment for the validation, verification, and visibility of 5G networks. Viavi’s 5G business has been climbing steadily in recent years, and this was clear in recent quarters, when the company reported results in line with its historical reporting pattern despite the pressures of the coronavirus crisis." I originally had Keysight (KEYS) on my radar, but it has gone parabolic the last couple of months so looked for something that hasn't had its big run yet.....and is low priced enough for the Robin Hood traders to buy with their next stimulus check. (Just half kidding.) Has positive analyst support, too.-- 8 Buys, 1 Hold If you're already watching, you probably know, but this is what's left of JDSU after spinning off part of business as Lumentum I don't own it. For a couple of years in a row( before this one) I was picking stocks I owned and that seemed to coincide with a top on the stock. So I am superstitiously going a different way...... :
  2. I don't think it's bad enough, and enough time has passed.I guess we'll see. And it's hard to imagine a scenario where Gase doesn't get fired next week, but it was also hard to imagine him getting a new HC job so quickly after Miami.
  3. Going with the 5G build out theme ---- Viavi Solutions (VIAV) S&P 4050
  4. As long as the "close contacts" keep testing negative, they should be cleared Thursday. Probably longer for whoever tested positive.
  5. At least if we had another sell off like March, you'd have been protected. One year that I ran this, I thought about adding the option to "cash out" and lock in your price.
  6. Way better. Didn't have the nerve to look at my pick for along while. Always helpful when the highest S&P pick is too low.
  7. FWIW, here is a survey from last year regarding the NBA. https://s.yimg.com/ny/api/res/1.2/Ogo_wEQ8fhSH9b1Pxzs4hA--/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTk2MDtoPTU1MC4wNjIxMTE4MDEyNDIz/https://media-mbst-pub-ue1.s3.amazonaws.com/creatr-uploaded-images/2019-06/a6ad7e00-99bc-11e9-bbaf-b0a1ee862bc2 (And that's a bad example, because I think most people don't think it is okay for Synder to own the team )
  8. This is still consistent with my point even taken from this other side. I'm saying it's not for people outside the affected class to decide how the affected class should feel. A "non-Native American" should not decide whether a Native American should or should not be offended.
  9. This is the crux. Who gets to make the call. I would say it is the person "in the demographic". Lots of people who aren't Native American said Redskins wasn't offensive. Are they in a position to make that call? Should they have a say?Does it matter if they think a change is silly, PC, unnecessary? Probably not.
  10. But I don't think we heard anything from Foles back then singling out Reich for credit. Though, again, may have bee the context of the Colts game. . He was the one who really figured me out as a player and realized that we had it all wrong and they just threw some plays out there one day and just said, ‘Go play these plays, we studied you and these are the plays you do.’ And sure enough something triggered inside of me. And he figured me out as a player to where even during games when I’d come to the sidelines, like, usually coaches want to coach you up and do all this. He would just say ‘Keep doing it. Just keep doing it.’
  11. Foles mentioned that about Reich and how he figured him out as a player when he played the Colts this year. Maybe he just didn't mention Pederson because it was press for the Colts game vs not viewing Pederson as part of that solution.
  12. Have not seen the Newsmax ad. Did you notice they also put a Sanchez jersey on Brady in his Super Bowl pic? PA Lt Gov, John Fetterman, did a similar thing on Twitter last night on how the Steelers actually won the game and are undefeated.He even tagged some as "This claim is disputed" and "Sources have called differently."
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