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  1. I agree I would not make that deal. Hurts sample size is too small and there is no guarantee he starts the whole year. Like others have said, a top 3-4 pick makes it closer but not enough. Maybe you could look at a WR plus one of your QB's to upgrade your QB position?
  2. I think moving JJ for picks or younger players is a good idea. You are weak at RB and need help there. Your only untouchable player to me is Mahomes but I would build off of Godwin and Jeudy as well. It will take a couple of years to be in the mix. You have a pretty young team.
  3. I wouldn't make that deal either. Like the others said, one of those draft picks has to be removed.
  4. I am in a 12 team , superflex, point per reception dynasty league. My weak spot is my QB position. I have Mayfield, Bethard, Glennon and had Rivers. Now that Rivers is retired I need a QB. I have been offered Cousins and 3.08 for Montgomery and 4.11. I have good RB depth with Barkley, A.Jones, Gibson, R.Jones, Gaskin, Edmonds, Booker, and Wilkins. I tried R.Jones for Cousins but it was a no go. I am not a big fan of Cousins but he is better than Rivers. Should I make this trade? Thanks in advance. Leave a link and I'll answer yours.
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