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  1. I wanted Chernoff, but thats probably because I listen to FAN too much. Scott would be an optimal replacement. Does he have any Theo connections?
  2. They want to repeat the sleepy Jim Caldwell era with Todd Bowles, sadly the most success they've had in franchise history record wise. Same way we want to repeat the Rex era, I guess
  3. I don't mind Saleh walking out without a contract. Even if they end up hiring him anyway. Douglas is new to all of this - I think he knows better than to let himself fall in love with the first girl showing him a little leg. The first HC candidate he ever gets to interview in person as a GM, I think we should be happy he wasn't rushing to make the hire right away.
  4. I'm not necessarily sold on any of them either - but I view this as a chance to truly reboot the organization. Would be nice to finally have GM-HC and even QB all on the same trajectory, effectively year 1 of a new system (I think we can all agree that it feels like Douglas' tenure truly starts now.) Honestly, Saleh feels too Rex to me. It's the classic go the other direction from what you just had. We went through not 1 but 2 bland personalities, so now it's back to the adult-in-the-room CEO type with a big personality. You won't hear me argue against us needing something like tha
  5. I would pass on the above. I know I've harped on it in virtually all of my posts this season, and I think much of the board is in lockstep that Sam is cashed. At least in a Jets jersey. Guys way more qualified at it than I can point to all of his technical flaws and inability to read defenses - but for me, the dude just looks lost and completely regressed. Gase was the easy whipping boy this season - but I can't for the life of me remember a bigger bust in NY sports history (relative to cost/hype) that has gotten a freer pass from fans and the media than Sam Darnold. Going from useles
  6. Much like the useless Harbaugh rumors, I'm ignoring the Pederson rumors. Pulling for Brady at the moment now that Campbell has turned down any NFL interviews. The trade down with ATL intriguing. At 4, we can still grab 1 of Sewell Fields or Wilson if that's how the grading shakes out. If Sewell is there, I suppose there's the chance of another move down to 5 with Cincy - and then maybe we can just scoop up best available interior D lineman/safety. I know nothing about how Trey Lance is going to grade out, and obviously much of this depends on who they hire as coach - but Seattle
  7. Totally agree. Through week 10ish of this season, the Jets were on pace to be one of the absolute worst teams in the HISTORY of this league. Outside of a few OK looking pieces, we really don't have much beyond Becton and Q. This was the true bottoming out of the franchise. Within this, we'll come out of this season with the 2nd most cap space in the league, and quite a bit of draft flexibility. We also should have had the best QB prospect incoming but that doesn't need a rehash. You HAVE to come out of this with what should hopefully develop into your franchise QB. I'm certai
  8. I see your anger, and I respect the #### out of it. I'm VERY close to being entirely done with this team. Blah blah blah not a real fan, IDGAF - between fantasy football and making most of my livelihood off of sports betting - I'm more of a fan of the league anyway. They don't deserve my (or any of our) energy and attention the way we give it to them. These f'n bozos (organizationally) bring, literally zero joy to my football fandom - outside of being able to vent with you guys and my real world friends about how much we hate them. What's even the point anymore? These clowns could mess u
  9. Sounds even on paper, rosters notwithstanding - but not sure if Zeke is starting to get cooked or its a perfect storm with all the injuries on that offense.
  10. No, of course not - but I guess my point is to not let it be his decision - as it f'n shouldn't be when he's on his way out and that 'decision' could impact this franchise long, long after he's gone. As to your second statement, I've made a lot of money on this trash bag team all season long just live betting their 1st half team total unders after it gets inflated when they score right away and look semi competent.
  11. You HAVE to play James Morgan in the last 1-2 games of the season. Drafted "early enough" as a 4th rounder, Sam playing as atrociously as he is, it's entirely justifiable for the organization to take the stance that they are trying to evaluate all players they have for the future.
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