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  1. I own both players in a league with the same exact starting format. Seems cheap for Lamb, and also thrilled to see Robinson is holding that kind of value at the moment. I like the move for you depending on who your other RB(s) are.
  2. So....this guy's actually good, right? Poor man's Chubb?
  3. All the more why the lack of usage for Mims continues to baffle us. At least Keelan Cole finally made an appearance last week and showed some promise.
  4. Traded Darnold for Watson. I have Mahomes and Goff. Other owner has a banged up Baker and Heinicke off waivers. Stashed Darny since he was a rookie and held him through bad and worse. Tried to move him this summer for a 2022 3rd got laughed at by someone else. Stock is ticking up enough that I thought this made some sense given the top 5 potential of Watson if/when he gets traded and cleared of his....issues.
  5. Just thought of that line the other day. Junior's face afterwards is priceless.
  6. Diehard fan, thought it was between poor and terrible. I can't tell you the last prequel/sequel I saw that was 5-15 years later that was good, but I had faith with Chase. Virtually every character (who was based directly on someone from the show) felt massively overacted with the exception of Livia, who knocked it out of the park IMO (could have used more hand gestures.) Johnny Boy non existent in the movie, and when he was, there you got cheese ball lines like "all I wanna do is bang my goomah and take a nap." Sil and Paulie felt like they were trying too hard. Dickie looked/sounded and felt more like a young Richie Aprile imo. Liotta's characters were both blah and fairly pointless, with Uncle Sal as someone stated above merely serving as a Melfi-lite for the movie. Zero development of the relationship between the Sopranos and Dickie and as to WHY the entire family, Livia included, apparently worshipped the guy. Meanwhile the entire plot line focuses on Dickie, yet not much is accomplished other than him taking out a few people very close to him. The Harold plot line seemed forced, and never given a proper backstory. Continuity wise - I don't understand "the twist" at the end. In the series, so much of Chris' loyalty to and love for Tony is centered on what Tony did for him - i.e. give him the man who killed Dickie. Why change that entirely for the movie as if this never happened in the series? The movie literally ends with Chris saying "that's the man I went to hell for" which is a direct reference to Chris saying he would go to hell for Tony for allowing him to exact revenge on his father's killer in the series. But yea.....let's make Jun responsible instead because Hollywood. Also, how are Sil and #### completely established soldiers the entire movie - yet during the series, they're all roughly the same age with daughters/sons all the same age? Maybe I'm nitpicking, but man this felt sloppy and rushed.
  7. Nice find. I respect that the guy has been one of the most talented players in the NFL since he entered the league, but still learned and acknowledged there's more he can do outside of direct 'football activities' to give himself the best possible chance at longevity - especially in a position that it is becoming more and more of a rarity. I believe Derrick Henry has been taking a similar approach (not sure about diet, but I think he does recovery-related stuff basically all day long.)
  8. I know some people have stated it in jest, but he really should look into the TB12 method or something similar. I shouldn't speak out of turn for CMac's diet by any means, but people need to understand there is significant merit to the idea of eating in such a way that your body and tissues have reduced inflammation and therefore reduced likelihood to "malfunction." I've said for years - how/why is it that we see some of these guys that look like they are chiseled out of granite, 2% body fat, "in great shape" blah blah blah, but then one misstep and their achilles tendons explode? All the training, all the reps, the hours, the effort, gone in ONE incorrect rep. Well, because the majority of these athletes are walking around with tissues that are basically highly compacted sugar. Tons of these guys eat processed garbage, whether just raised on it and its now habit, or because they're surrounded by it wherever they go - but because their external appearances and on field performances indicate they are adonises in peak condition, they have no reason to question their diets. Many are highly inflamed (internally), undernourished, under slept, and under recovered - a ticking time bomb in a collision sport like football.
  9. I thought Wilson showed a great pocket awareness that allowed him to shake/sidestep pressure and still get a throw off several times. This O line is pretty putrid so he faced way too much pressure all day, but there was some sixth sense type of stuff a few times in the pocket I really liked. That intuition in his first game in and of itself had me very excited for his potential. He also looks like he can flick the deep ball with relative ease.
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