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  1. I'm confused about all of this. If it wasn't the statement, then why not wait until the end of the year? Why go so hard after JD, whose career arc perfectly culminated in this job, and get him out of here so fast? This doesn't make sense to me.
  2. I think it's also nice for a change to realize that since we have a heavily defensive minded HC, he SHOULD, in theory be able to coach up the defense/later round picks better. As opposed to DB extraordinaire Todd Bowles needing us to spend 2 top 40 picks on safeties.
  3. I understand the parallel here, but Taylor Hall has a significantly larger sample size of elite level success. It's therefore easier to correlate his struggles to Buffalo specifically at the moment, especially with how Eichel has struggled as well. Also Hall was a FA signing, whereas Darnold cost the Jets so much draft capital relative to his return that it can make you cry. We've never seen Darnold perform at a fraction of the level of success Hall had at points in time (with 2 different franchises) so we're all left chicken or the egging if it was Darnold or the Jets who really caus
  4. Now we can seamlessly blame that on the lack of WR talent, or Gase's playcalling, or Sam's mono, or.......
  5. Side note 1: you may know of him already, but youve got to check out Hate5six on youtube, tons of old shows https://www.youtube.com/user/hate5six/videos Side note 2: Fox for Norris
  6. This narrative is what I/you/many of us have harped on for quite a while now. It's part of the reason I jumped into the Darnold thread - not to look like the jilted Jets fan sending ill will, but to explain to people that haven't watched him, but just blindly follow the media (hmm I wonder how often THAT happens) that they are just echo chambering stuff that isn't true. All of us in here know we suck as an organization, and our last decade of drafting has been abysmal - but we also know enough about football to call a spade a spade, at least as far as Sam's time in this organization is conce
  7. I certainly don't argue with your overall premise - and am definitely not defending the Jets as some form of a competent organization, but I'll revert back to my point that a true franchise QB - especially one worth the draft capital he cost, as well as the respective surrounding hype - transcends SOME of those factors to elevate those around him. Sam did none of that with any consistency at any point in his tenure. There were no stretches of games like there generally are with rookie future star QB where you thought "hey this kid really has it." That was always a narrative that had to be f
  8. There were some very interesting end of the year quotes from Perriman and I believe Mims that were some veiled shots at Sam...things regarding how "it wasn't only on Coach Gase" and how different the ball felt to catch after being thrown from Flacco vs Darnold. I don't even think they were trying to throw Sam under the bus, it was just honesty seeping out. I said this a ton in the Jets thread - never in the history of NY sports has there been a bigger bust relative to cost/hype/actual production to get as clear of a pass in the local media as Sam. I mean, it's not even close. Guy has g
  9. Ironically, he'll end up with a staff in Rhule and Brady that he could have had a few years ago had the Jets not told Rhule he couldn't hire his own assistants.
  10. I was intending on trying to use Cooks to move up from 1.9 to 1.5 and I thought that was a little light...
  11. Amen. The media excuses for Sam, and the easy ability to pile onto Gase/FOs overall incompetence continues to permeate in here. Watch the guy, he is absolutely clueless. Only thing he can do with relative consistency is lower his shoulder and power forward for a few yards, which is the linebacker in him. He's had 3 years of NFL repetitions and coaching (and I don't care how bad the coaching staff's records have been, he has still been exposed to hundreds and hundreds of hours of professional development between actual practice reps, film, meetings etc.) and is going backwards. At a point,
  12. We bottomed out as a franchise. The thought of coming away with a non premium position out of this draft pick (or multiple assets as a result of a tradedown) is very disappointing to me. Of course, there is no slam dunk edge rusher this year or even a CB that you can't say no to. I'm hoping they are blown away with their evaluation of Wilson, otherwise, the idea of moving down a few slots (and then maybe taking Pitts) is way more appealing to me than most other things on the table that don't include trading for Watson.
  13. I wanted Chernoff, but thats probably because I listen to FAN too much. Scott would be an optimal replacement. Does he have any Theo connections?
  14. They want to repeat the sleepy Jim Caldwell era with Todd Bowles, sadly the most success they've had in franchise history record wise. Same way we want to repeat the Rex era, I guess
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