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  1. I only made the move because Nico was there and I felt like I was getting good value, as this was about 5 weeks ago right when his ADP began to spike. Parker was prob WR6 for me on a fairly deep team so wanted to reshuffle for some younger assets, but like most conversations, all of this is situational/roster dependent.
  2. Dumped him for 4.2 and 4.5 - 4.2 was OTC and I scooped up Nico Collins (right before his hype started picking up and he shot into 2nd rd ADP) and Rhamondre Stevenson. Was pretty happy with the yield, and happy to have the eyesore off my roster.
  3. I think the argument here is that while everyone wants to promote this concept of people being able to make their own choice - it seems that a lot of policies amongst private employers is going to be such that it forces employees hands. If you consider the restrictions placed on nonvaccinated players within NFL policy - you could argue that they are deliberately trying to make this as difficult and inconvenient as possible for any said player that we are promoting "has the freedom to make their own choice." Continued isolation, "remote" interaction with coaches, limited weight room available
  4. You spelled scientism wrong. Science means you are allowed to question it.
  5. I love the effort, but good luck breaking through any sort of cognitive dissonance on this board.
  6. Ironically enough, I moved Parker for 4.2 while it was OTC to grab Collins and 4.6 (R. Stevenson fell). Happy to get Parker off my roster if nothing else.
  7. So uh....anybody want to start the Completed Dynasty Trades Thread Dynasty Football League 2k21?
  8. To comment on your add - this one is very strange as you have a lowball owner who reverse lowballed himself straight into your favor. Obviously he values Thomas higher than Swift for some unforeseen reason, but this is a TE enhanced league so perhaps he had a slip of value judgement/let his guard down etc.? Obviously this deal doesn't also explain the concept of Aiyuk straight up for Beasley, and those guys have about a 100 place dynasty ADP startup differential iirc.
  9. "Okay the Board of Traders voted 6-5 to allow the trade to stand if Team A adds something on to his side of the trade. Some felt the trade should be vetoed but the while the majority did feel it wasn’t a trade they would do, it wasn’t so earth shattering that it should be vetoed. They all agreed there was no collusion however. So what the teams have decided to do is Team A will send B Marlon Mack as a part of the trade to give B Jonathan Taylor’s backup. It makes the trade more palatable for the Board and while still not a truly fair trade, it works better. " Man that
  10. I would also like to know who makes up this trade board - it certainly was not a league wide vote by any means. FYI this is a Die Hards League (no idea how many of them their are in total) but this league has been around since 2011, I've been in since 2013 and never had any problems with flagrant trades like this or the way anything was run in general. But this arbitrary vote and a blanket BS justification doesn't sit well with me at all. Definitely appreciate everyone's feedback as I will use it in my rebuttal email to try to get the commissioner to reconsider this before I threaten to lea
  11. To clarify, the vote went to a "board of traders" or something - and not an actual league vote. The commissioner i suppose has an arbitrary group of 10 other people he will send votes out to, and they voted 6-5 in favor of upholding the deal.
  12. LOL. I was going to reply to the commissioner when he told me that saying you could argue Aiyuk is on the wrong side of this deal and it still may not be even.
  13. That's why I was so taken aback. I'm not one to complain and call for vetoes, but I was the only one to raise awareness to it in the league email saying the trade had been completed. 1 response from another league mate saying I hope this trade was a joke (and this owner himself is a notorious lowballer!) I then emailed the commissioner on the side where he informed me of the trade board voting process. About a day later, yesterday, I received that feedback. Truly seems like its going to stand. No one else has said a word. No one is being called out or asked to justify the trade. It
  14. A gets D. Swift/Aiyuk for B gets Logan Thomas/Cole Beasely Yes, that Logan Thomas, and that Cole Beasely. This one was appalling to me. Got accepted, and I emailed the league asking if there would be a vote on this because it seemed...unbalanced at best. Commissioner sent it to the "trade board" where they voted 6-5 to allow the trade to stand (although the majority apparently acknowledged its not a trade they would make) albeit deciding to make A also send Marlon Mack (B owns Taylor.) I know bad trades go through quite often, but I can't wrap my head around this one
  15. I'm confused about all of this. If it wasn't the statement, then why not wait until the end of the year? Why go so hard after JD, whose career arc perfectly culminated in this job, and get him out of here so fast? This doesn't make sense to me.
  16. I think it's also nice for a change to realize that since we have a heavily defensive minded HC, he SHOULD, in theory be able to coach up the defense/later round picks better. As opposed to DB extraordinaire Todd Bowles needing us to spend 2 top 40 picks on safeties.
  17. I understand the parallel here, but Taylor Hall has a significantly larger sample size of elite level success. It's therefore easier to correlate his struggles to Buffalo specifically at the moment, especially with how Eichel has struggled as well. Also Hall was a FA signing, whereas Darnold cost the Jets so much draft capital relative to his return that it can make you cry. We've never seen Darnold perform at a fraction of the level of success Hall had at points in time (with 2 different franchises) so we're all left chicken or the egging if it was Darnold or the Jets who really caus
  18. Now we can seamlessly blame that on the lack of WR talent, or Gase's playcalling, or Sam's mono, or.......
  19. Side note 1: you may know of him already, but youve got to check out Hate5six on youtube, tons of old shows https://www.youtube.com/user/hate5six/videos Side note 2: Fox for Norris
  20. This narrative is what I/you/many of us have harped on for quite a while now. It's part of the reason I jumped into the Darnold thread - not to look like the jilted Jets fan sending ill will, but to explain to people that haven't watched him, but just blindly follow the media (hmm I wonder how often THAT happens) that they are just echo chambering stuff that isn't true. All of us in here know we suck as an organization, and our last decade of drafting has been abysmal - but we also know enough about football to call a spade a spade, at least as far as Sam's time in this organization is conce
  21. I certainly don't argue with your overall premise - and am definitely not defending the Jets as some form of a competent organization, but I'll revert back to my point that a true franchise QB - especially one worth the draft capital he cost, as well as the respective surrounding hype - transcends SOME of those factors to elevate those around him. Sam did none of that with any consistency at any point in his tenure. There were no stretches of games like there generally are with rookie future star QB where you thought "hey this kid really has it." That was always a narrative that had to be f
  22. There were some very interesting end of the year quotes from Perriman and I believe Mims that were some veiled shots at Sam...things regarding how "it wasn't only on Coach Gase" and how different the ball felt to catch after being thrown from Flacco vs Darnold. I don't even think they were trying to throw Sam under the bus, it was just honesty seeping out. I said this a ton in the Jets thread - never in the history of NY sports has there been a bigger bust relative to cost/hype/actual production to get as clear of a pass in the local media as Sam. I mean, it's not even close. Guy has g
  23. Ironically, he'll end up with a staff in Rhule and Brady that he could have had a few years ago had the Jets not told Rhule he couldn't hire his own assistants.
  24. I was intending on trying to use Cooks to move up from 1.9 to 1.5 and I thought that was a little light...
  25. Amen. The media excuses for Sam, and the easy ability to pile onto Gase/FOs overall incompetence continues to permeate in here. Watch the guy, he is absolutely clueless. Only thing he can do with relative consistency is lower his shoulder and power forward for a few yards, which is the linebacker in him. He's had 3 years of NFL repetitions and coaching (and I don't care how bad the coaching staff's records have been, he has still been exposed to hundreds and hundreds of hours of professional development between actual practice reps, film, meetings etc.) and is going backwards. At a point,
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