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  1. if it is Jon Robinson, look for McDaniels it would seem: https://twitter.com/shalisemyoung/status/687632786002411521 shalise manza youngVerified account‏@shalisemyoungreports are #Titans closing in on Jon Robinson for their GM opening...if that happens, hearing he'll tap Josh McDaniels for head coach
  2. It's legal in Massachusetts but not in Boston. Carries some sort of fine in Boston but you can buy it outside the city. In no way is it a Class 1 Narcotic or whatever nonsense was posted above. It may be in whatever state that guy is from but not in Mass.
  3. Some updated information.... http://www.pajiba.com/netflix_movies_and_tv/is-steven-avery-guilty-evidence-making-a-murderer-didnt-present.php Some stuff about Steven potentially molesting Brendan, as well as a link to the full transcript of the confession interview.
  4. Decent article... http://www.pajiba.com/netflix_movies_and_tv/is-steven-avery-guilty-evidence-making-a-murderer-didnt-present.php I agree with most of what is written, while I think Steven probably did it, I also think the police probably planted evidence and played fast and loose.
  5. Did you watch the entire series? I watched it yesterday. No joke - Len Kachinsky should be disbarred. Yah I finished it. Leaves you not really knowing what to think. Like you, I don't think the kid had anything to do with it. I mean - he's just completely mentally incompetent. That kid got railroaded. As for Steve, I lean towards him not doing it either. I don't believe either the key or the bullet are reliable evidence at all. And as for the car? I mean - that was mighty convenient to find it that quickly. Yah, I lean towards the idea that he probably did it but also some evidence may have been conveniently planted. Just that the idea of someone else burning a body and putting it on his property combined with the fact the he was the last known person she was with is tough to reconcile. Maybe he was completely framed but my thoughts are maybe he tried to hit on the young woman, she refused, he gets a bit rough, maybe rapes her, panics, kills her. I don't buy the torture scenario though.
  6. Did you watch the entire series? I watched it yesterday. No joke - Len Kachinsky should be disbarred. Yah I finished it. Leaves you not really knowing what to think.
  7. Yah I am inclined to believe that the uncle probably murdered the woman for whatever reason just because even though the police are incompetent and corrupt, that is quite the frame job if it happened. I don't think the kid was involved. It is what seems to be incredibly slow teenager because coached into a confession. Also the kid's lawyer Len Kachinsky is ridiculous. Obviously just wanted to preen for the press and publicity with no regard for representing his client.
  8. Maybe this show will catch on, hits all the same points of a phenomenon like Serial or the Jinx.
  9. Just wanted to set a place for discussion for people who are watching it. I've binge watched it and it was fantastic. Similar to the Netflix version of Serial. It involves the possible crimes of Steve Avery and wrongful convictions etc, without saying too much to spoil it. Absolutely fascinating.
  10. Making of a Murderer is fantastic... I am about 7 episodes in and have no idea what to believe. The only thing I do know is that some of the lawyers and law enforcement officers seemed to be completely incompetent.
  11. Any real estate attorneys actually happy with TRID? I've only just really started working as a lawyer the past 6 months or so but the general consensus is everyone seems to hate it. On that note, any advice for a young (27) lawyer? I got hired at a mid size, say like 15-20 lawyer firm around 7 months ago after popping around for a year after the bar looking for work. Right now I do all real estate work, just basic refinances, purchases etc and don't mind the work since it's fairly stress free and I'm not expected to be working anything really more than standard hours.
  12. Isn't there a SS shop in Boston? One thing I would consider and take advantage of is their return policy. Unfortunately no. I don't mind returning them in mail etc since it's free but can't try anything on since none in Mass.
  13. Smaller lapels generally work better with a slimmer build but the worry is JCrew is a bit too far to the slim end and vice versa with Suit Supply since they are over 3inches and thats generally the highest I might like..... I would do Brooks Brothers but the 1000 price tag is a bit over the price range.... Also I would be tailoring of course.
  14. Need some suit advice... Work as a real estate lawyer so the suit I need doesn't have to be Big Law level or anything like that. Also fairly young and also a pretty small dude so trying to get a figure an idea on what suit to buy as opposed to just going to Milton's off the rack. My two options I am looking at are, http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/suits/napoli-navy-plain/P2778I.html?cgid=Suits... The Napoli from Suit Supply and the JCrew Ludlow, https://www.jcrew.com/mens_feature/TheSuitShop/PRDOVR~11707/99103713422/11707.jsp. Prices are a bit different but not a big issue. My main question is going to be fit and style. The Ludlow has a pretty thin lapel that seems like it could go out of style while the Napoli has a bit thicker lapel than I might like since I'm a small guy at like 5'7 140. Any opinions on the two differing suits? Just want something I can wear if I need to wear a suit, since I don't always wear my jacket every day but also would look good if I went to a wedding etc.
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