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  1. Just wanted to set a place for discussion for people who are watching it. I've binge watched it and it was fantastic. Similar to the Netflix version of Serial. It involves the possible crimes of Steve Avery and wrongful convictions etc, without saying too much to spoil it. Absolutely fascinating.
  2. Gonna bow out this year... Not around enough as much. Apologize if it throws a wrench into anything but thanks for the opportunity last year.
  3. Posted just above... It was fun playing this year with everyone, I wasn't able to compete and gutted the team a bit, but wouldn't mind giving up my team just because I've fallen off a little in time for fantasy sports the past few months. Team probably won't win anything next year but has enough young talent to make things interesting with Posey, Machado, Rendon, McCutchen, Addison Russell.
  4. Like I said earlier, I don't mind Finless taking over the remnants of his team that I have remaining on mine. I played this year so only fair that I also pay what I owe for the fee this year.
  5. Love the league but if the guys want you back in I'll bow out for next season as I had a little less time this year for fantasy because I started a new job. It's not really the same players as your team but some are similar. I gutted the team to get a little younger, made some good trades, made some bad trades. Not a great team for next year but with a few good moves and luck it's not a dumpster fire either.
  6. Just wondering who I can get in touch with to paypal the money to?
  7. I know I gave up a ton and lost the trade but there seemed to be absolutely no market for Ellsbury or Choo for a young hitter. I don't put Machado in the Harper class but I am a pretty high on him for the future. I would have loved to get more for Ellsbury and Choo but no one was biting on any offers for young hitters. Offered similar packages for guys like Kris Bryant, Puig, Harper, Stanton, Myers and got no interest. Best offer I got was either Matt Harvey or Andrelton Simmons more or less for Ellsbury. Also don't really see how much different this trade is than something like the Buxton/Ven
  8. Seeing as I've traded off some assets like Lee/Nathan/Sandoval for prospects, it's probably a matter of perception of find the next big thing these days. Trout/Harper and to a lesser extent Fernandez/Myers have helped skew the prospect curve a bit IMO. Not used to having young players real close to star status so quickly and so young. I was looking to deal my older pitching and closers for younger assets because my cupboard was pretty dry. Also coming into the league, the best offensive prospects available seemed to be in the 60+ range in BA rankings so with so many younger guys controlled on
  9. No problem, think I have another offer up there... Interested in Buxton quite a bit, just trying to tear down and rebuild the team a bit and get some younger hitters.
  10. Looking to move Cliff Lee sooner rather than later if anyone is interested. Ellsbury as well.
  11. I don't think that move is OK. College (and HS) players have to be drafted before being eligible for pickup. The International guys are different, but American players must be drafted first (or drafted a 2nd time if they go to college after drafted out of HS). Can someone with a better memory (or less lazy to look the rules up) verify? No, anybody in the universe is eligible. I drafted Jason Heyward as a high schooler in the original draft in 2008. Yep, just like I said. And I did the same thing and picked up Aaron Crow when he was in college. (that worked out well btw) Man, old age sucks. Y
  12. Think I might be up so... Add Tyler Beede (College) Drop Mookie Betts* (If I need to drop anyone, not sure if I do)
  13. I'll take last pick here I guess since I had first in the dispersal? Unless GWB wants it vice versa. I'll let him decide since I had the first pick.
  14. Sent some offers around. Just getting my feet wet and trying to get a value on young players/prospects, not trying to lowball anyone but just don't have a great read of the league yet in regards to win now/future etc. Anyone feel free to counter or offer trades for almost anyone on my team.
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