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  1. He played DE in college, but was announced as a LB when he was drafted. He's currently listed as the SLB on Ourlads, but RDE behind Ngakoue on ESPN. The Jags haven't released an official depth chart yet. MFL has him listed as a LB. How do you see this playing out in regards to his position and his ultimate designation on MFL? Thanks in advance.
  2. Who gets the snaps in his place? And is he worth starting today? Thanks in advance!
  3. Well that sucks... Do you know if anyone else compiles such a list?
  4. Hey Jene! Are you planning a 2018 Every Down LB thread again this season? Just curious. Looking forward to it!

  5. Isn't there usually a post or thread created by Jene Bremel on this very subject? Or does that happen later in the preseason?
  6. Epically crashed midway through my auction draft today. It was a dumpster fire. The desktop classic version
  7. I wondered that myself. Went to download it, thinking it was part of the package.
  8. Is there a way to import data from MFL to reduce or eliminate setup time in DD? Or should this be in the 'Wish List' forum? lol Thanks in advance!
  9. Great question! Also, is there way to link DD to MFL so it automatically updates picks as they're made or when it's refreshed? This would be an incredibly useful tool! Thanks in advance!
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