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  1. Dobbins, Hill and Edwards all with season ending injuries? Also Bateman with a bad one. Fire the trainer and the OC better ease up
  2. Gus is by far the best RB on their roster now. PFF had Gus as the 3rd best back last year (by their rankings). Anybody who understands and watches RB's can see he is a solid RB. He doesn't have great COD skills, but he is a big guy with good power and shiftiness and has speed as well. He is one of those guys that does not lose speed in pads, even if the 40 time wasn't good - not sure what it was). He can catch the ball but clearly has not been used in that role as others were better. But, do not underestimate his ability, he is solid! I view him as a Latavius Murray type of runner, but better than him now.
  3. Yeah, the Giants and jets are similar these days. I happen to like Judge so far, but if he was the one who chose our OC then I take a little back. First, just coming from Dallas was a negative. I will give him one last year as the OC. I just wish the OL was better because I can't even rate Jones as a QB because he has been tortured back there.
  4. Toney is talented and many people (Giant fans especially) didn't like the pick because he was supposed to be a late 1st early 2nd guy. Further, because he has been a non factor in the preseason, the Giants added Golladay, there are still questions about Jones, there are a lot of mouths to feed (Barkley, Golladay, Shepard, Slayton), and inexplicably, Gettlemen didn't add a single lineman (their biggest need) in a draft that was very strong in that department, makes one wonder how effective this offense will be. Jones was already one of the most hurried QB's in the game. BUT, that doesn't mean, Toney can't be excellent! Personally, I think it was a bad pick. While I am very big on trading back in drafts and I have been very critical of the Barkley pick and how Gettlemen never traded back until this year (I think he forced it to prove he could - he is that weak), I wanted the Giants to stay where they were and pick the linebacker Parsons (their other need). Ever since Gettlemen signed Jonathan Stewart, who was already done, for 7 mil for 2 years and then drafted Barkley, I knew he was a fool. BTW, I think Barkley is a terrific back, but nobody is ever sure about any pick (including my thought on Parsons), but I am very much into the value side of picks and Gettlemen thumbs his nose at it just like many people thumbed their noses at OPS type stats in baseball or using the shift. Back to Toney...I think the best things to do with him is let someone else take him and then after he has a fairly weak showing over the first many games, you try and grab him as a throw in later on (assuming deep keeper or dynasty leagues) Sorry for going off on Gettlemen, but as a Giant fan, I am so disappointed in him.
  5. I hope that most of us are not trying to win an argument as much as searching for the "truth." Defending your belief is 100% expected, but one shouldn't change their belief just because now they are the owner. That being said, changing/modifying your belief based on hearing/reading good info from other posters IS what this should be about and it is possible that is what changed your opinion...some. FWIW, I drafted Chase Edmonds in the 1st round (11th pick) of a 10 man keeper league (semi-dynasty).So it is kind of 11th round pick. In our drafts the top rookies tend to go 1st and then you get a few players that were not kept that should have been. Chase was dropped and the player kept Sony Michel and Henderson. I would not have done this, but that is why fantasy is fun.
  6. I think the same question hold water in many different formats (semi dynasty leagues (10 keeper) where does he go?) Also, and I think this is the most important question and maybe something for Bremel, but how have RB's come back from this injury? While everyone is different, understanding this can give yourself your own valuation.
  7. The act of catching a ball isn't what is at stake (what you list is correct), it is how valuable it is to the team by itself. A shovel pass or a bubble screen pass isn't very hard to catch and has no value unless the running side comes through. A forward pass you are already getting the yards for the catch (everything you described gets you those points/yards) and then you also get any yards as a RB afterward. A RB only gets the yards beyond the LOS. from PFF in 2018" "I’ve spent a lot of time in this space critiquing some of the most commonly used metrics (e.g. passer rating, yards per carry, etc.) and arguing for other metrics as being unfairly overlooked by the sabermetric and fantasy communities. Of all these statistics, I’m not sure anything is as underutilized as “first downs.” First downs extend drives and have a real positive impact on the game, far more so than anything like completion percentage or catch percentage. In 2014, Chase Stuart and Brian Burke found that a first down is worth the equivalent of 0.55 expected points or 8.7 yards. Leagues that award fantasy points for first downs are also widely becoming more popular in lieu of the now industry-standard PPR scoring. It makes sense too. "
  8. On Football perspective I found this interesting nugget "Brian Burke of Advanced Football Analytics fame, helped me determine the value of first down. His research concluded that a first down was worth about 9 marginal yards." This is inline with rewarding a point for a 1st down as most scoring is a point for 10 yards (on RB's and WR's) I also saw that QB's throw for a 1st down on on 35% of their attempts. I am not sure what the %'s for the other positions are, but I don't want to create greater positional discrepancies either. More data to be collected, but I need to get working
  9. Just for clarity,. I actually agree with both your comments. However, I do think there is a reasonable argument to be made to try and even out positional value a little, while rewarding the actual play on the field AND making it user friendly or easy. The bold above is 100% agreed and why I think PPR is the silliest rule and I don't understand how it became so widely embraced??? I think the "need" for positional value to be so even has really hurt the actual value of actual performance side that I think needs to be higher. I think PPFD should be used and I don't think PPR is a good rule I will try and find out the breakdowns of all 1st down and not just the top 5; if anyone else has that data it would be appreciated as well.
  10. A lot of good and fair comments about Tua and the Dolphins. The above sums things up for me. I am a Dolphin fan (and a Giant fan) and watched every Dolphin game. I agree that since Flores arrived the Dolphins have been different. As an organization, I think they have made mostly good moves. I was even fully in favor making the move to start Tua and then pulling him when we needed a spark. I think it is a great way to learn the NFL. In fact, I would have a rookie play every other (or 3rd) series so that he can absorb what he learned without going back in there without understanding what happened. As for Tua, coming off Covid and no off season and adding the serious hip injury, he performed very well overall. I will say that I was surprised that his accuracy wasn't as precise as everyone said it would be and his arm strength was on the weaker side without question. But, I agree with the above quote, this year will tell us a heck of a lot more and I anticipate he takes a large step forward as he had a lot working against him. BTW, he is a little small too and that is a little bit of a concern. Finally, I loved that the Dolphins traded down, but was not in favor of trading up - ended up being Waddle. Overall, both combined was still positive, but, I would have added Sewell. If they could have traded up and gotten Chase, I would have agreed it was a good move. At the end of the day, I don't know it Sewell will be good or Waddle will be good, but I don't have much confidence "they" know either and this is why I want more picks to help make better outcomes.
  11. Keeping my answers in bold, but underlined my last comment Thanks for all the thoughtful comments!
  12. This is excellent information and reinforces my thought about only allowing it for receptions. Do you know the breakdown for receptions (or anyone). Also, how many 1st down to QB's get running or catching the ball? Thank you for this Jedi
  13. Exactly, why not give people the option. I don't see how PPR can ever be better than PPFD, but more people than I ever thought would embrace PPR even though it has zero value on the field and is artificially used to try and level some perceived lack of equity. If we can find a to balance out any perceived inequity and do it in a way that makes people happy AND it is more representative of the actual benefit in the game, it is a win win.
  14. That's fair. I've long held this position myself. But then, tickers and box scores stopped tracking a lot of things we wanted to have in our scoring format. I also think the number of folks who check their scores via tickers and box scores is at an all time low now - most people just prefer live scoring from their app, based on your league rules. I think this is the point, most people watch their app and the live scoring. While not statistically valid, I don't know anyone that looks at box scores until after a game and the score is known (Obviously, there is an occasion to try and understand what happened). I see everyone running to their matchups live scoring.
  15. Perhaps, but we really don't know for sure yet: Jones has some skills. The part that I find more absurd is that the OL isn't very good and adding Golladay and getting Barkley back are huge additions to the offense, but why not give all of the skill players a better chance to succeed by getting a better OL? A draft that was known for OL and Gettlemen didn't draft a single one? I was shocked and thrilled that Gettlemen trading down (he probably would have taken Toney if he didn't drop down) but Toney was not needed based on MANY other needs. Specific for Toney and fantasy, I think there are a lot of mouths to feed (even Rudolph around the end zone), Garrett, a QB who scrambles well and the question around how great a passer he is and a weak OL, I don't see a lot of points for Toney this year? A lot has to go right even if Toney is what the Giants believe
  16. Many receivers get the short end of the stick for having PI (or holding) committed against them, perhaps stopping a big gain. If someone wanted to penalize for OPI and reward for DPI against I am OK with that, but prefer to keep it cleaner and not have it. BTW, there are more holding a DPI than offensive penalties.
  17. I believe that the yards are already rewarded and am not in favor of additional points for a large gain.
  18. This is from NBC Sports - Kelce was #1 and Waller was #5 in Receiving 1st downs. It does appear that the top receiving targets do well here and I don't see any RB's in the top 20. https://scores.nbcsports.com/fb/leaders.asp?year=&type=Receiving&range=NFL&rank=058 Henry leads rushing 1st downs if you wanted to reward for this with RB's.
  19. Thanks for the response. I agree that there is value knowing how a more simple scoring system plays out rather than focusing on thresholds etc. the difference for me is that when I watch that is more important than looking at a box score. If you were going to look at the box score, you might as well look at your live game scoring? I do believe your main point is more about it doesn't have to be exactly like a football game and I think almost everyone agrees with that. However, getting more aligned with actual performance is something that I view as important and PPFD does this far greater than PPR. Like everything there is a balance, but I still don't see the logic in PPR, let alone PPR over PPFD
  20. Appreciate the long post. Your point about individuality is a good one; just because I think PPR is silly doesn't mean everyone needs to listen to me...do what you enjoy! Your above solution allows you to adjust to the way you want scoring handled; giving TE's more value. My only comment with the above is that I am not sure the 3rd catch by a TE should be worth so much more than the 2nd? Especially 1 full point which is the same as 10 yards. If I had to say anything, it would be that yards should be valued more. However, we try and keep it simple (part of what I said previously), because it is easy to know that a 15 yard gain is 1.5 points (in decimal scoring). Too much complication lowers the fun; I believe. Switching the thought a little as some people have mentioned how the TE position outside of the top few isn't very valuable. Many people blend TE's and WR's which I never really liked, but I do understand as TE's who most of the time line up outside are really big WR's. I also am OK with the value being skewed as it does add value/strategy to getting the premium TE's.
  21. A good and fair question. I don't have the data, but certain receivers that have great value in football are understated in Fantasy and those are the possession receivers that move the chains. The data that would add relevance would be rewarding TE's for 1st downs as well. and this leads us to another well thought out post/question: I don't think it is an absolute answer. I believe there is a balance. I think you want a set of rules that gives some balance to scoring positions but allows the performance on the field to correlate with the scoring/value in fantasy. I mean the reason why we use 6 points for a TD, 2 points for a safety, 3 for a FG and 1 point for an extra point (in most cases) is because that is what the real scoring is. We could create some decimal points in each case if we wanted actual value in a fantasy standpoint, but that is not as much fun (and fun, fairness and something reasonably easy to understand are probably the main goals). If something happens and you have no idea of the value for or against you, that isn't much fun. My overall point is that PPFD is very valuable in football and it isn't captured in fantasy, while PPR is used in 50%+ leagues and is artificial and adds zero value on the field. I don't see how PPFD isn't used all the time, or tracked and monitored with some of the questions brought up, yet PPR is used/tracked and it doesn't hold a candle to PPFD
  22. Do you like PPR? I would be interested in your thought process if you like PPR and don't like PPFD?
  23. Totally agree...and what about a shovel pass or a bubble screen? The act of catching a ball doesn't add any more value than a handoff. The act of catching a ball has value is based on the yards gained or the getting a 1st down or a scoring a TD. So what part is the only part not being captured? It is the act of catching a 1st down pass (or running for one) Instead, people feel getting a point or even a half a point for catching the ball has value 👎 I am glad that some sites are giving the ability to reward 1st downs, I hope it becomes universal. We should all demand it.
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