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  1. A definitive ranking of every Tragically Hip song 10 essential songs by the Tragically Hip
  2. YTD: 38-44-5 Colts -14. Colts lost to Jags earlier in the season. Not this time. Colts need this to have any chance at the playoffs. Baltimore -13. Ravens have been rolling of late and need a win here for the playoffs. Dallas -3. Cowboys offense has been legit of late and the Giants have looked like a mess on offense. Texans +7.5. Texans and Titans both have dreadful defenses. Henry will run all over Tennessee but Watson keeps it close. Jets +3. The Jets look better than the Pats, at least in this spot. Steelers +10. Ben won't be playing for the Steelers in this one but the Browns win but its no blow-out. Bills -3. Miami's offense is much worse than the Bills O with Tua starting at QB for the Fins. Niners +6. Here's hoping San Fran keeps this close. Philly +1.5. Washington wins and they win the NFC East. Of course, that won't happen.
  3. YTD: 36-41-5 Miami -3. Essentially a toss-up but will take the team with the much better defense. Rams +1.5. Rams always play the Seahawks tough, will gladly take the points here. Bears -7.5. Trubisky has almost been a legit QB over the last few weeks and the Jags have nothing to play for expect #1 overall. Steelers +1.5. The obvious chose here would be the Colts based on how dreadful the Steelers have played of late. Ten +3.5. Titans running game versus the Packers passing game. I'll take the running game in this spot.
  4. YTD: 33-40-2 GB -8. Carolina's D has not been great and the team has lost 7 in a row. Baltimore -13. Jaguars won't be able to stop the Ravens running game. Jets +17. Its the Jets but me thinks this line is a tad too high versus the Rams. Of course, the Rams could win by 25 and I would not be surprised. Houston +7. Indy should and will win this but Houston will keep in close. Arizona -6.5. Lightning won't strike twice for Jalen Hurts and the Eagles. KC -3. The Chiefs have not been covering of late but the Saints are not the same " Super Bowl or Bust " team with Taysom Hill at QB. Pit -13. Steelers are a quasi-mess right now but the Bengals are the perfect team for them to right the ship.
  5. YTD: 29-36-2 DAL -3.5. Cincy and Dallas, both bad teams but Cincy is worse, at least they are here. Dallas still needs this and it is Dalton revenge game after all. Indy -2.5. Will take the Indy D over anything on the Raiders O at this point. TB -6.5. Tampa coming off a bye versus this lackluster Vikes team. Both teams need this in the NFC but Minny has zero pass rush and Brady will feast on the rookie comers of the Vikes. Dalvin Cook will get bottled up and Cousins will have win it himself (or not). GB -7.5. Likely a high scoring shoot-out. Will take the Pack here in that scenario. NYG +2. Cards are on a 3 game slide and don't look right on offense and the Giants D has been excellent. Saints -7. Jalen Hurts with that Philly O-line versus the Saints. I'm not a Tayson Hill fan but this could be ugly. Pit +2.5. Seems like a toss up game with two teams getting hot (Bills)/cold (Steelers) at the same time. Miami +7. KC has been winning but has not been blowing anyone out.
  6. YTD: 26-32-2 KC -14. KC smashed the Broncos earlier this year (43-16). No reason to think this will be closer than two touchdowns. Raiders -8. Raiders were dreadful last week, this plus an early East Coast game spells trouble (thankfully it is versus the Jets) but the Raiders are in a virtual must-win game here if they have playoff aspirations. Not super happy with this line but will roll with the Raiders in this one. Tennessee -5.5. Browns playing second consecutive road game here. Here's hoping that the Titans limit Cleveland's ground game. Bears -3. New coach for the Lions but it won't matter. Bears just need a little life on offense to win this one. Saints -3. Can the Saints beat the Falcons twice in three weeks ? Yes. Packers -8.5. Eagles are a mess. Bills -1.5.
  7. Spence/Garcia this Saturday. The only question is, what version of Spence do we get here ? If its the pre-accident Spence, he should win this handily. If its a diminished Spence, then the fight is closer but I think Spence still wins. Spence/Crawford in 2021.
  8. YTD: 26-28-1 Browns -6.5. Jacksonville is playing for the first overall pick. I'm a tad nervous about this line (this is the Browns, after all and are a mere 3-4 as a fav ATS this year). Jets +7. Miami smashed the Jets earlier this year but the Fish are coming off a road loss to Denver and the Jets have been feistier of late. Think this stays close. Arizona -2.5. This reeks of a trap betting on the Cards on the road with a possibly damaged Kyler Murray but the Pats team has been wildly inconsistent this year. NYG -5.5. Giants coming off a bye and still in the hunt for NFC East with a mere 3 wins thus far. Cincy is starting a new QB which should limit their offense. Do you G-Men really deserve to be favs over anyone (outside of maybe Jacksonville or the Jets) ? KC -3. A Chiefs team favoured by a mere 3 points over the Bucs, must be a mirage. The means the Bucs will roll (or at least cover).
  9. YTD: 25-24-1 KC -6.5. KC coming off a bye and they are money on the road ATS within their division. I know the Raiders beat them earlier this year but lightning does not strike twice. Miami -3. Dolphins have covered 16 of the last 21 (!). This has the makings of a trap let-down game with the Dolphins playing on the road versus the Broncos but if you fancy yourself a playoff team, you should be winning a game like this. Minnesota -7.5. Andy Dalton returning should help a bit for the Cowboys not sure how they stop Dalvin Cook. Jets +8.5. Chargers find ways to lose despite decent showings but this line seems a bit rich for my liking. Rams +3.5. Not sure the Rams win this but I think they keep it close.
  10. Like Sabres, Hawks, Carolina (any reason to use the old Hartford jersey is thumbs up for me), Avalanche/Nordique mash-up and Kings. Thumbs down to blue Habs jersey.
  11. Crawford versus either Paq or Spence for the first of 2021. Would would much prefer Crawford/Spence. Franco/Maloney fight was a debacle. Maloney got robbed since there was no head butt and the " review " took about 4 times longer than the actual fight.
  12. Crawford/Brook this weekend. This is somewhere between a legit fight and tune-up for Crawford. By all accounts, Paq or Spence are next for Crawford so he should be plenty motivated to stop Brook.
  13. YTD: 23-21-1 The last two weeks have been dreadful thus the slow decent to .500 continues... Cincy +7.5. The Bengals have only won 3 games in this series in the past 10 years but have been a surprisingly decent 6-1-1 ATS this year. This is either a 5 point game or Pittsburgh wins by double digits, here's hoping the former. LAR -2. Rams have won the last 4 of 5 versus Seattle. Seattle are 6-2 but have dreadful D and they are a bit of mirage record wise having early wins versus Atlanta/NE/Dallas and a last minute win versus Minnesota. Think the Rams have enough to get the W here. Baltimore -7. Not sure how New England keeps this one close here. Raiders -5. Raiders have won the last 4 at home versus the Broncos. In the past 10 games in this series, the average margin of victory is 7.1 points. SF +9.5. Saints are 6-2 but have only won two games by this big a margin all year and that was both wins over Tampa. Will take the points and hope for a backdoor cover.
  14. YTD: 22-17-1 Washington -3. Washington is coming off a bye while the Giants are entering this game on a short week after the Monday night loss to Tampa. Will trust the Washington front seven over anything the Giants have on offense. KC -10.5. Despite the nearly weekly double digit spreads, KC has become one of the more reliable covers this season at 6-2 ATS. Houston -6.5. Battle of two 1-6 teams. One starting a rookie QB and the other team is starting Deshaun Watson. Seattle -2.5. Bills have been way too inconsistent of late to trust them in this spot, will roll with Seattle on the road with this modest line. Raiders +1.5. Who knows what version of the Chargers we get this week, will lean with the Raiders who seem to have more on both sides of the ball. Pittsburgh -13.5. Arguably, one of the best teams in the league playing this dreadful Cowboys team. While the Steelers normally have a habit of playing down to their competition, hopefully they don't let up on the gas in this one.
  15. Bills and Pats offenses have been dreadful of late. October Cam is not September Cam (same goes for Josh Allen for that matter). Even with Cam having zero weapons, this smells like a close-ish game.
  16. YTD: 20-11-1 PIT +3.5. Simply put, I think Pittsburgh is the better team here so will take the points. Rams -4.5. Rams playing on a short week travelling cross country is usually a recipe for disaster but playing against a rookie QB will even things out. GB -6.5. Minnesota's D is still bad...Pack big here. KC -19.5. Line opened at 21 but has since come down...KC has been a lock as fav of late and so has betting against the Jets. Maybe something gives here but maybe nothing gives. LAC -3.5. Both teams are 2-4 but the Chargers just seem like the better team at this stage. SF +3. The Niners are 9-2 ATS as the visitor dating back to last year and have covered their last seven as an underdog. Seattle's mediocre D keeps the other teams in games. Saints -4. The Bears are the most average 5-2 team in the league. Saints are usually solid on the road and the Bears offense is a mess.
  17. YTD: 16-9-1 BUF -13. Yikes, this spread might be too big for this Bills team but the Jets are 0-6 versus the spread this year. The spreads are slowly creeping up in these Jets games but will ride the anti-Jets sentiment one more week. PIT -2. Battle of undefeated teams here. While the Titans have been sneaky good, will take the Steelers here with this modest line. Green Bay- 3.5. Packers had their ### handed to them last week versus Tampa. Houston is a near perfect tonic here for the Packers. The Texans D is nowhere as good as the Bucs D. Sea -3.5. Road team is 9-1-1 against the spread in this series (Seattle is on the road in this game). While the Cards were impressive over a woeful Cowboys team, I'm not sure in this spot. Cards are 4-2 but have wins over SF, Washington, Jets and Dallas with losses to Lions and Panthers. KC -9. Chiefs are 12-2 against the spread in their last 14 games. Denver pulled a borderline shocker last week beating the Pats. Can they do it twice in a row ? Doubtful. Can they cover the spread ? Maybe. TB -2.5. Simply put, the Bucs D is superior to the Raiders O. I know the Raiders beat the vaunted KC team two weeks ago but I don't see lighting striking twice.
  18. Solid list top to bottom. A little too much from A Different Kind of Truth. Little Dreamer is criminally underrated, if there is such a song from the debut. Would move I'll Wait down the list, no way it should be top 5. Rest of the top 10 is solid as is the top 20 for that matter.
  19. Loma gave away at least half the fight with his inactivity (usual slow starter plus rust plus age). Lopez fought a smart, disciplined fight winning at last 7-8 of the 12 rounds. That 119-109 card is Adelaide Byrd bad but at least she got the winner right. No rematch clause so doubt we see this fight again. Lopez will likely move up to 140 and Loma does not belong anywhere near that division.
  20. YTD: 14-7-1 Steelers -3.5. Browns haven't won in Pittsburgh in 17 years. I'll take the home fav with this modest line. NE -9.5. Denver are only slightly better than the Jets. If Cam plays, the Pats win big. Green Bay -1.5. Should be close high scoring game but GB comes out on top. Miami -8. Miami's smashing of the Niners last week was impressive, the Jets are a mess and have not covered a game thus far in 2020 and it won't start here.
  21. This weekend, Lomachenko versus Lopez on free ESPN. Younger, bigger puncher in Lopez or the all-around skill of Loma ? Despite Loma being the fav, this is a toss-up fight. Vasiliy Lomachenko -450 vs. Teofimo Lopez +350
  22. Despite not being serious enough...onward I go... YTD: 12-5-1 Pittsburgh -7. Pittsburgh coming off a bye but they usually seem to play down to the level of their opponent. Roethlisberger has not been overly impressive but neither have the Eagles. Both D's are solid but I will go with the team with more on O. Arizona -7. Arizona is 6-2-2 versus the spread as the away team since last year. Jets played decently enough versus Denver last week but who are we fooling here unless they find a running game and keep Murray off the field. Bengals +13.5. In the last 10 years of this series (20 games), the Ravens have only won by 13.5+, three times. This plus my usual allergy to large spreads and add in the fact the Baltimore is 3-6-1 as a home fav since Lamar became the Man, and back door cover it is. Seattle -7. Due to some quirk in the schedule, this is the third year in a row that Minnesota has played in Seattle. Seattle was favoured by 3 in each of the previous two (covered both). I'm a Vikings fan and not sold on this team despite last weeks win over Houston.
  23. YTD: 10-4 Week 4 Tampa -7. The Bucs seem to be rolling now and the the Chargers QB Justin Herbert came back to earth last week and he gets a top defense this week. Seattle -7. Will not bet against Seattle until proven otherwise and Miami has nothing that makes me worried (I know, I bet against Seattle last week). Dallas -5.5. If the Browns running game piles up huge numbers here, Dallas could be in trouble. I figure Dallas will do enough here to cover this modest line. Indy -2.5. The Bears are the worst 3-0 team in the league. What Nick Foles shows up this week is anyone's guess.
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