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  1. The last week or so they've been conducting experiments on just how little they need to try in order to win a game. We'll see how many minutes they work hard in the second half.
  2. Solid 5-2 road trip for the Lakers. Thought they might get caught looking ahead to the plane ride home and get tripped up by a pesky Hawks team, but they did enough at the end of the game. These last two games illustrate just how key a role Caruso plays for this team, as loaded as they are. Obviously, he had that huge play at the end of the Celtics game and tonight when the Lakers let a 10 point lead drop to a 2 point lead in the blink of an eye, Vogel re-inserted Caruso into the game and they promptly closed out the last 2 minutes as he finished with a team-high +13 for the game. He had a
  3. Given how much trouble Drummond gave the Lakers on Monday, I'm not looking forward to watching what Embiid will do to the Lakers frontline. Hopefully he decides to just shoot 3's tonight.
  4. In other MVP candidate news, someone from the Cavs front office made the mistake of celebrating a Lebron miss too vociferously last night, which motivated him to outscore Cleveland on his own in the 4th quarter as the Lakers managed to maintain their perfect road record. He just keeps dominating in his 18th season - insane.
  5. Watching the Brooklyn-Milwaukee game and the Nets look good, but the color scheme of that court is awful. I know it is supposed to be an homage to playground courts and all, but It looks like it was designed by a Russian novelist. No thanks.
  6. The T-Wolves are terrible, but it was still fun to watch Gasol just run things from the high post. The Lakers are ridiculously deep this season. At least the T-Wolves scored more than the Clippers tonight.
  7. Great header from Firmino in the 90th minute to take the lead. Then Alisson just gets a fingertip on a Tottenham cross to deny them the equalizer.
  8. Wow - Spurs miss two clear chances to take the lead in the span of about 30 seconds there.
  9. That was my first impression too - he made it look so simple. What a first touch and then such a sublime finish.
  10. I loved that Brazil team. I still love that team. I was gutted by that match.
  11. Only 3 times in the last 20 years has a team besides Real or Barcelona won La Liga. I wish Sevilla had their act together more to take advantage of this rare opportunity, as neither of the big two look good at all.
  12. Terrible. One of my favorite soccer memories is watching Argentina-England in '86 on Univision with my father and grandfather and all of us standing up at the moment he scored his second goal and just embracing, stunned and appreciative of the mastery we had just witnessed. I still get goose bumps thinking about it. Thank you for that and many other great memories Dieguito - rest in peace.
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