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  1. Looks like they took their logo right off an old Soviet-era building
  2. Since your post quoted the one that had Randle, Ingram, Ball, and Kuzma, I thought you were referring to those players. The Lakers let Randle walk for nothing and had to trade Russell away to get Timofey Mozgov's contract off the books (though they also got the pick which became Kuzma in the deal), which was another example of how Jim Buss, and to a lesser extent Mitch Kupchak, were failing at their jobs.
  3. So AD is basically nothing? The one part of the Laker organization that performed well above expectations during the crapfest that was the Jim Buss era was the scouting department. They hit on those picks mentioned, but also found some decent players in the second round as well, such as Jordan Clarkson, and Svi Mykhailiuk, Ivica Zubac. However, player development was not nearly as good during that time, which is one of the reasons why the Lakers had to give up the draft assets they did along with Ball and Ingram in the AD trade. If those two came up under the current coaching staff (
  4. Federico Higuain misses a sitter in the box - it must run in the family.
  5. Klejstan in off the post for the Galaxy's third!
  6. I guess I need to lament Chicharito's performance more as he doubles his career total with the Galaxy as he levels things once again, poking home a rebound. The Galaxy have looked better since going to more of a 4-4-2
  7. Galaxy have had some bad turnovers deep in their territory. Fortunately Miami hasn't punished them for it yet. Miami gets a PK on a 50-50 call. I think Pizarro had a bad touched but it went between the defender's legs and Pizarro goes down after contact with Villafana. Higuain converts. He can go rot.
  8. Nice goal from Chicharito. Goal-scorer's goal. Good run with a great first touch and then the finish.
  9. Deserved goal from Miami. They've been the better side this half. Galaxy have had no answers for Pizarro and Matuidi thus far and haven't had any sustained time with the ball. And Chicharito's performance so far only make me miss Robbie Keane all the more.
  10. Chicharito with a heavy touch in the box after a nice cross. Looks like he meant to pass it, but why would he pass that?
  11. I can't see Higuain without seeing that awful miss of his in the World Cup final.
  12. Thought Inter Miami had a legit claim for a foul close to the box there.
  13. That first quarter of Lakers-Knicks was some serious rec league ball. Can somebody please go more than two possessions without a turnover?
  14. That kick off the tree on 13 could have made this interesting.
  15. Especially with Hideki saving par there.
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