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  1. That was a lovely soft overhead from Raducanu there. Great touch ETA: All credit to Raducanu. She dictated play more than Fernandez did today. From qualifier to US Open champ without losing a set. Amazing.
  2. At least he's flying commercial. Larry Scott would have chartered his own jet and then billed it to the conference.
  3. What a difference one half of football makes. Opposite ends of the spectrum there.
  4. The next good first touch I see from an American will be the first. Freaking cement feet out there.
  5. It's easier to do that when the other team moves at half speed. Where is the effort?
  6. Having VAR in the Gold Cup and the Nations League but not in WC qualifying is so CONCACAF.
  7. Alba was most likely offside there, but what a miss
  8. Watching a Liga game from Camp Nou on ABC - 20 year-old me would have never believed it.
  9. Fair point. He didn't seem to struggle too hard to get free.
  10. Leno got hooked there, but where is the rest of the defense?
  11. Wow, great moves from Mbeumo to get free but should have done better with that chance
  12. Agree on all counts. Fantastic footage of the incident. I didn't remember much about the legal side of it, and certainly knew nothing about what happened to the fans involved and this doc did a great job exploring that. Stern pretty much nuked a very good Pacers team.
  13. YES! What a fantastic performance by the ladies. An utterly dominant performance to win the program's first gold medal. Absolutely wonderful.
  14. Ugh. Terrible finish to that quarter. Two bad shots on offense and giving up 3's on defense along with Holiday's third foul.
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