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  1. While I don't disagree with your overall point, I've seen the bolded posted a lot in these kinds of discussions and it's not really the case. The 2012 Ravens defense was not very good - certainly not by their standards. They were awful against the run and I don't recall them being much better against the pass. They got torched by both Denver and SF in the playoffs. Ray Lewis was a complete liability and Ed Reed's body had broken down. Suggs & Ngata were in their primes. The rest was kind of a mess. On the flip side, Flacco went on one of the all-time playoff runs by a QB.
  2. I jinxed my own damned self, telling everyone yesterday morning it was a piece of cake for me. Serves my dumb ### right.
  3. Try explaining to people in 1999 that your next date is someone you met at an on-line dating site.
  4. About 4 hours after this post, the lethargy set in. Didn't feel sick or anything, just kind of ragged. Same when I woke up yesterday morning. Shoulder was sore, but not bad. Then, roughly around the the 24 hour mark, the chills set in. I could not get warm. It was hot here yesterday and I had the windows open so it was 80 degrees in the house - and I was still shivering. I climbed in bed and laid there until around 4 this morning - I doubt I slept an hour in total - and went into the office to see to a couple of things. Back home now. I think the chills are gone, but I'm pretty wasted fro
  5. Yep. Get used to it, because I really like what Cleveland's doing, Here's the thing, though: the same 6 or 8 teams are consistently picking in the bottom half of rounds, yet they are also consistently good. That's because they have good scouting and good development systems in place, and they keep the pipeline full. Which leads to another another side to being a consistently good team. Get ready to lose players at an alarming rate in FA. You'll also have your FO/scouting/coaching staffs continuously poached. I believe the Ravens lost NINE (!) assistant coaches this off-season to prom
  6. I follow the Ravens, so........ Their drafts are always solid top-to-bottom, even on the rare occasion when they miss at the top. They've made a lot of mid-to-lower rounders and UDFAs wealthy men. They've also had an amazing amount of attrition in the FO/scouting/coaching positions - but they keep filling those spots with capable folks. I'm not even close to a draft wonk, so I have no idea on how to grade this year's draft. What little I've read about their selections seems good to me. I like Bateman. If Oweh and that Gregor Clegane dude they picked at OG turn out, they smashed it.
  7. Can you shoot me tonight's winning lottery numbers? You're a savant, man.
  8. Pfizer #2 in my arm. How long before I turn into a Transformer?
  9. I think Villanueva is a done deal and Baltimore is just waiting til they are past the comp deadline. I'm with you that either Houston or Kerrigan ends up in purple & black, too. They only need them for 25 snaps or so a game. That G they picked last night..... Some wonk compared him to the Mountain on Game Of Thrones. If he can move at all, the sight of him pulling will be frightening for defenders. And he should be a road grader straight ahead. Don't know anything about his pass blocking. The DB choice didn't surprise me, though I know nothing about the player himself other
  10. Ferrone's one of those guys - like Blue Lou Marini - you always see in the band at RRHOF or Kennedy Center Honors shows. I first heard of him when he replaced Average White Band's original drummer on their (I think) 2nd LP. He was the only one in AWB with skin darker than a 2007 LED lightbulb. Wait - wasn't he in Ringo's band?
  11. Seger's "Turn The Page" is another. My local AOR and Classic Rock channels only played the live cut. I heard the studio version on the album, but I bet it wasn't until maybe 15 years ago that I heard it played on the radio (I think some intern at XM Radio screwed up). Sounded odd.
  12. Well done! I was a little surprised Baltimore kept both picks, as Jeff Z over at The Athletic has been talking the last few weeks about how De Costa despises not having 2nd round picks. I thought they might trade back and score maybe an extra 3rd or 4th. I can't see how they can trade picks now to get them back into the 2nd without including next year's first or second. Anyway, it seems most are lauding the Ravens for taking Bateman. I was hoping Boykin would be the guy that Bateman supposedly is, but something's missing there. Seems like Bateman is really polished and has a high flo
  13. Although I'd love it, I don't see any way the Ravens get up to Chase/Pitts. I've seen Bateman mocked to them a few times, but have also seen him mocked going in the mid-teens. I wouldn't mind them going Edge with at one of their 1st round picks if the value is there. OL with the other.
  14. I've been following along from the beginning. After 350 rounds, I am not the least bit surprised that we're here. Even though her music doesn't especially resonate with me, I think Swift is a true talent. When does the Macy Gray Channel fire up?
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