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  1. I thought Bridges To Babylon was good and can usually find at least 2 or 3 songs I like from their more recent albums. But they are just recycling stuff they've already done (& in most cases, better) before. It's really strange because, where many of their peers realized they had enough good will banked to try all kinds of whacky stuff (Paul, Neil Young, Stevie Wonder, Bowie, Prince, etc...), the Stones have almost completely relied on rewriting their hits. I don't know if it's fear or laziness, but it's pretty much all rote now. God bless 'em, though - they're richer than God d
  2. I think it's the best (& definitive) recording by any American pop artist, ever.
  3. That was the best game I've seen this year. Besides high-level play, it had something you don't see too often these days with elite P5 programs: both teams had a bunch of upperclassmen who are really good.
  4. Until the late 90s/early 00s, any construction project with Federal money in it had to be in metric. I had subcontractors & suppliers that wouldn't work on these jobs because they were metric. Lengths and distances are pretty easy to convert on the fly, but stuff like volume, capacity, and loads were beyond most folks. The Feds finally punted and started using imperial measurements again, though some Army Corps of Engineers guys will still write out stuff in metric then convert it for the unwashed masses. I wish we had converted back in the 70s.
  5. Also, those of you left here without power (I hope there's none), make sure all of your appliances off. Keep maybe one light on. You can overload the panel if everything tries to start up at once.
  6. If you drain the lines, there's not enough water left to expand and burst the pipes. As for turning the water back on, you have to do as needed - then bleed them again. It sucks, but it's better than a flooded house.
  7. My mother felt funky the day after her second shot. Basically like she had the beginnings of the flu. The day after that, she was fine. She'll be 78 this year, so hopefully you do even better since I don't think you're 78 (?)
  8. Amazon Prime is starting a new music doc streaming channel. It'll be $4.99/month for Prime members. Linky
  9. He's more valuable to Baltimore than he'd be to any other team. He's a perfect fit for what they do. I'm thinking something like Dobbins 190 carries, Edwards 160. Lamar at 120 or so. The other 30-ish sprinkled among Hill, Ricard, and the WRs.
  10. Thanks. Just seems odd that it'll work on my phone on the same wifi network that it won't work with a computer on the same network (this sentence makes no sense). Anyway, no biggie. Thanks for posting. A friend on FB did the other day and I had forgotten until I saw this thread. With tools like this, there's never been a better time to be a music lover.
  11. Can any of you open this on a laptop browser? I've tried two different computers in two different places the last couple of days, and just get a blue screen with a "loading" message forever. I'm running Chrome. I downloaded the app and that works fine.
  12. Damn. Stay safe guys. If you still have power and aren't on city water, might want to think about filling tubs/sinks up with water before you lose it. At least you'll be able to flush your toilets and have boilable water. I imagine the sales of whole-home generators are going to rise after this is over.
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