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  1. Plane crashes are even more senseless to me than premeditated murder, but I'm nicking pits. But I hear ya, my friend. I think I'll tear up more for the George footage than anything else.
  2. I don't know..... It's sad, I agree. But, to me, no more sad than seeing footage of Buddy Holly or Otis Redding. All of my life, I've heard about how awful these sessions were. How they hated each other and how each of them quit at some point. And how the LP that eventually surfaced was their worst. I think this film is going to flip the switch on that conventional wisdom a bit.
  3. @ChiefD - you're the appliance expert around these parts, right? Mind if I send you a PM? I don't want to start a new thread or muddy the waters here.
  4. I haven't seen it in 40 years. I remember laughing my ### off, but I was also extremely inebriated on ______________ (take your choice).
  5. TCL Roku TVs are another option. As you say, these TVs weigh less than the friggin' remote that operates them so they are easy to move around. Also, as you mentioned, they are dirt cheap. I've had the oldest TCL maybe 8 years and have had zero problems with it. Once it goes, I'll just get another (probably cheaper than what I bought this one for).
  6. I'm not big on a lot of their properties, but I'll snoop around some before I cancel.
  7. Thanks. I think I'll do that. This will be worth $7 to me.
  8. I don't have Disney +, either. I wonder if you can sign up for just a day or two, like with some of the other streaming services.
  9. He's also been buddies with Allen for decades. Part of me hopes Gruden goes scorched-earth and outs everyone - not just the WFT folks, but other organizations too. I doubt he'd do it, but I bet he has enough dirt on a bunch of owners/GMs/officials to make things extremely difficult. To me, it's so transparent in how the NFL has handled Snyder over the last decade that they are doing everything they can to circle the wagons. Whoever the leaker was, I wonder what else he/she/they might have......
  10. Oh, I doubt that very seriously if Bruce Allen was involved. That dude is a nest of skeevy & awful behavior. Just my guess, but I think the NFL has sealed these docs because there's damning evidence against Snyder and some (most? all?) of the other owners are scared to death their own closets will be laid bare with whatever their bad behavior is. You can bet a whole lot of old e mails across team offices have been deleted/scrubbed during the last week (or at least, it was attempted).
  11. Ravens follower here. You guys have a feel for Sunday's game from a Chargers' perspective? I'm not a doom-and-gloom fan, but I think Baltimore is in trouble in this one. The defense has not been good (tackling is atrocious & the middle is wide open for passers) and they haven't been able to get their running game going at all (besides Jackson). The Chargers' offense is frightening and I don't know if the Ravens can keep up. Baltimore is favored by 3, last I looked, and the O/U is 51.5. I think this game flies over easily. The weather is forecast to be great - 60 degrees and sunny.
  12. Can I get you on speed-dial so that, anytime the Ravens are behind, I can tell you to go to bed? Make it kind of like those goats that fall asleep all of a sudden?
  13. Same here. If I were the Ravens, I'd trade as many of them as I could.
  14. He's been the best he's ever been the last 3 games. His numbers against Detroit should have been closer to last night's but everyone got butterfingers at the same time.
  15. I don't even know what to think about that team anymore
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