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  1. This is how I am, too. In my case, I had to become at peace with my hypocrisy or I'd go insane trying to parse it all. That said, Van's always been an ####### and kind of messed up. Rock critics in the 1970s exalted his brooding misanthropy, but he was mainly just a jerk. Made some brilliant music, though. Michael Jackson is, to me, a much sadder case. He was probably born wired a little differently, but I'm not sure he ever had a chance at anything resembling normal. His father was an awful human being who treated those boys like slaves. The older brothers seemed to understand what was happening and were able to weather it (for the most part). But Michael was a little kid, the shining star, and - most importantly to Dad - the breadwinner.
  2. This would have been my first pick, which I'm sure will shock absolutely no one in this thread. I'm a Boomer, so I guess take what I say with a few tons of salt.........but, to me, these two LPs are as high a level artistically as any Western musical artist has reached to date.
  3. My Generac has a Briggs & Stratton motor in it. I don't know if that's still the case nowadays, though.
  4. It's fairly loud, but not deafening. You can baffle the sound with plants or some type of wall/fence if you have neighbors right on top of you. Mine is set to run a self-test once a week. It comes on early afternoon every Wednesday (you can change this to whenever you want it to run) for about 15 minutes. It doesn't contact my panel during the test ( i.e. doesn't shut the power off in the house). To me, it sounds quieter during the tests than when it's actually powering the house - but that may just me being wrong. I had an option to get a "smart" version, but passed on that. The cost wasn't worth it then. Keep in mind that this was almost a decade ago when a lot of smart tech was just getting rolling, so the cost difference now may be negligible. Same with the genny itself - they may be cheaper than when I bought since they have gotten so popular. It was only like $1,500 more for me to go whole-house so I did that instead of the pick-a-couple-of-breakers version. I pay around $300 per year to have it maintained and serviced. I got mine because we had a terrible wind storm here in 2012 when I was out of town. I threw out everything in my fridge and freezer. That pissed me off and I said "never again". To be honest, the generator will probably never pay for itself in real dollars but I'll be damned if I'll have to throw away hundreds of $$ worth of food ever again. Plus, and probably more important, it's a nice peace-of-mind. I don't care if it never has the opportunity to run again.
  5. I put in a Generac 17KW 9 or 10 years ago. I do not have NG, so had to get a couple of propane tanks (which I rent). All-in, with permits, I think it was around $9k. Mine runs the whole house, but you can't run every appliance all of the time. In fact, code in my area changed shortly after my installation that you had to have a "shedder" (basically, a rotating brownout device so you don't blow everything up when it all tries to run at once). I added the shedder a few years later - I think it was around $500 - just so I was up to code if I ever sold the place. For most, this shouldn't be an issue - if you're in a weather related emergency, running the dishwasher or laundry ain't exactly a vital task.
  6. They're fun to make homemade, too, but he said he didn't have a lot of time and it's pretty much an all-day thing from prep-to-belly doing it that way. I didn't realize they weren't many options where he's going. I just looked at a map, saw a ton of water close by, and figured there'd be seafood joints galore.
  7. Carryout Seafood Bake? I don't know if there are places around there that do them, but might be worth a look.
  8. I think it was on CBS where I saw it's already been done. Everything else I've seen says he "will be" placed on IR.
  9. It'll be interesting to see who Baltimore activates for Monday's game. But I wouldn't take that as a sign of what's going to happen going forward.
  10. Well, this is fun! Sheesh. It's liable to be one of those years like 2015, when I think the whole team ended up on IR. The RB situation is being discussed ad nauseum elsewhere, but losing Peters hurts almost as bad. They have depth, but none of those players are like him. And the Ravens have had cursed luck with DB injuries through the years. I'm guessing the Ravens will roll out Averett in Peters' spot. They REALLY need Jimmy Smith and Tavon Young to stay healthy.
  11. What's up, my brother? Hope all is well with you & yours! I'm hoping for a great game and no injuries for either team. Jackson's the most electric player on the field in the majority of the games he plays in and Baltimore has enough good players to beat most teams. But the Ravens are a bit sideways right now with all of the injuries.
  12. Thanks. I think the Ravens offense could be bad for a while. However, I think the defense is going to be really good - they have everyone healthy and showing just as well or better than in the past. Without a bunch of Baltimore turnovers, I don't see LV putting up 27 on them. On the other hand, I don't see the Ravens scoring 24 either. They could easily lay a 10-point egg. I'm seeing something like 16-13, take your pick of the winner.
  13. I disagree. His problem, to me, was that he fell too much in love with his world instead of his plot. He seemed to want to explore every little bit of that world instead of carrying on the through-story. That's his right, of course - he doesn't owe us anything. But I'll never start another mega-series with a standalone story. I read the 1st Wheel Of Time book whenever it came out and wasn't impressed enough to continue. I'll give the show a shot, but life's too short to stick with it if I'm not interested. Of course, hypocrite that I am, I'll give the new Tolkien series every last chance.
  14. Ravens follower here. How are you guys seeing the Monday Night game going? Baltimore's kind of a mess with injuries and an unsettled OL.
  15. Yeah. That's what I was getting at. Payne thought those lyrics (along those that made the record) made it seem like she didn't like sex. That bugged her. Sounds like she had a tough time separating artist from song. Her other big hit was a better record, though "Band Of Gold" is miles better than the 40th Sabbath or James Taylor song Tim is going to have on this list.
  16. Funny how times change. Payne herself thought it made the narrator sound "frigid", and she hated that was projected onto her.
  17. It was probably THE most played Dead song through the 70s & 80s on AOR/CR channels, and for the exact reason you seem to think it wasn't.
  18. Crap. Locast.org just suspended operations. A judge ruled against them in the suit brought by the Big 4 networks (&/or their parent companies), which paved the way for the case to go to trial. I suspect Locast would have lost that trial, since their end-around of using "donations" seemed kind of flimsy to me. But, I thought they'd stay in business until the trial. Guess I'll go back to Hulu Live so I can get my locals.
  19. Jeff Z over at The Athletic has been saying it for weeks, even if it wasn't formalized. Neither Edwards nor Williams are elite talents. But, Edwards at least, is very good and more than just a banger. As many have mentioned across these threads, the pie is so large in Baltimore that it's worth rostering the #2 RB if possible. They don't have to be Barry Sanders to have value in that offense.
  20. Doing ok. Hope all is well with you, my friend.
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