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  1. Something felt different about the game, not sure if I can put a finger on exactly what it was. Maybe it was just my own perception, or nervousness, to see how the team would respond to a very difficult and odd week. A few random thoughts: The O seemed to be more calm and less rushed in this game. Carr handled some presser quite well imo. The o line had arguably their best game of the season, not withstanding a few penalties. The throws to Drake (for his TD), and Edwards for the long game, were perfectly placed balls. Seems like Olson knows how to use Drake more effectively. Was happy to see Richard back on the field, he is an important part of the pass protection package. Perryman was all over the field, again, making key tackles. The Dline is playing lights out football. A few runs got to the 2nd and 3rd level, but I'll gladly take that week in week out if they can continue their level of play and impact on the passing game. Hobbs almost had 2 takeways, and is playing at a consistent high level. I like how the Raiders are using Abram and Moerhig together, much better level of play out of the safeties compared to years past. In Gus I Trust. It seems to me Ngakoue is held on basically every play. His jump off at the snap of the ball is amazing and he may be the unsung hero on the dline. Forcing the QB to step up into the arms of the rest of the dline. I don't think his stats are telling the story of his positive impact on the game. An important game against the Eagles at home next Sunday, before heading to their week 8 bye week.
  2. I agree completely. This seems like a massive slight of hand trick, where the viewer is tricked into focusing at one thing while another much larger issue is slide past them. I can buy into the idea that the first email leaked was used to keep Smith in his role w/ the NFLPA. A couple hours before a key vote. That timing can't be coincidence. Only emails to/from Gruden and Allen are the issue out of 650,000 emails?! No written report from the team that needed to investigate all of this? Who spends that kind of time and money on this type of exercise to only meet and verbally discuss the findings? I have more questions than I do answers.
  3. Sorry @Joe Bryant... I know that this place is yours and all, but in this thread that kind of outlook is frowned upon.
  4. The Mike Florio take on the events that led to the, appropriate, resignation of Gruden is quite good. Video can be found on Youtube "Unpacking Jon Gruden's resignation from Las Vegas Raiders"
  5. (Stole this nugget from an Athletic article).... But sure seems odd to say that the Raiders were undefeated 11 days ago.
  6. NP - I went back to the tweet. Erik said 'building' not league... I corrected my previous comment
  7. Former Raider Erik Harris (whom I respect a ton, so take my opinion as you will) was quick to call out Bisacchia as the guy to get the call. Actually before the news broke that he would be the interim HC. According to Harris, Bisacchia is one of the most respected coaches in the building. Has interviewed for HC spots in the past, and if I remember correctly took coordinator roles instead. Keyshawn Johnson this morning commented on how the Raiders will respond, and his view was that players play for the guys next to them far more than the guy coaching them. The best case for this all may just be that the resignation happened quickly and decisively. Internally they can talk about it, and move on to their next opponent. As fans we hear all the time about the NFL and the next man up mentality that is needed. This situation is exactly that. They are professionals and need to get focused. My concern is with Carr and the game plan. I hope that Olson and Carr can quickly find a balance and rhythm to the games. I expect the players and staff to come out and make a statement win next week to help the story line move away from this ugliness.
  8. Hopefully Richard is close to returning. Like this Sunday close...
  9. That first half was as ugly as I remember a game that didn't feature any turn overs. Outside if Renfrow's amazing play on ST to recognize a fake punt (I think it was an adjustment at the line based on having an uncovered gunner), adjust and make a great play, there was nothing to talk of. Was very happy to see how the Raiders responded coming out in the 3rd. Got back to what has been working for them this season and got the Chargers on their heals for a small moment in time. In hindsight, I would have preferred for Gruden the offense on the field and go for it on 4th and 9 at the LAC 34. Just over 10 mins left in the game. An opportunity to tie the game on that drive. A FG does little to resolve the issues the Raiders were facing. I suspect the sack that Carr took on the 3rd down (was 3rd and 3) changed his decision in the moment. I'll be monitoring the reports closely to see how bad the injuries are to Mullen and Arnette.
  10. Jacobs back at practice today. And Jalen Richard has been designated to return off of IR. Team will have 21 days to decided to activate him to the roster or revert him to the practice squad. Hopefully the extra day this week helps Jacobs get on the field for MNF.
  11. I think, but could very well be wrong, that because of the number of times that Ragas has been pulled up from, and put back to, the practice squad they were a.) forced to sign him to the active roster and the only way to get him back onto the practice squad was to cut him and hope he clears waivers. Related/unrelated, it does sound like Richard is ready to start practicing. I suspect Barber is playing his way into a longer term role because of his ability to block on passing downs.
  12. I'm not sure we will find anybody, who in hindsight, agrees with the 4th down play. Even in the moment, I'd imagine most fans were thinking "what are they doing?!" and then immediately holding their breath for the pending disappointment. What I'm most encouraged about was neither side of the ball decided to pack it in after being down 14-0. Years past, that would have been a 'game over' score with no chance of coming back in. But instead, this years team decided to go on an unanswered 25 point run (oh why couldn't it have been a 26 point run!!). The team is playing with missing key parts, and finding ways to win. Mullen looked great in coverage, I love how they are putting Moehrig in position to be successful. The pass rush continues to be impressive. Yannick's first step is outstanding. Hunter is being Hunter and extending drives. Ruggs looked great, Edwards is finding a way to contribute. 3-0 against teams who were/are considered to be in the playoff hunt for this season, and 3 teams who each had 10+ wins last season. I'll take it.
  13. A GoFundMe was set up for his family: https://www.gofundme.com/f/please-help-rob-riveras-family-with-expenses?qid=7eaeebf0fb709756d2ad33aa975857b8 (I'm not affiliated, just saw it posted within other Raider circles online)
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