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  1. Have you seen the ticket prices?! Might be cheaper to become a high end gambler and get a ticket comp'd from a hotel!
  2. What's the BillsMafia outlook on Zach Moss moving forward from a FF point of view?
  3. Reach against mock drafts and reports? No argument. But those are the only measuring sticks we have available right now. Is it a 'sexy' pick we will all rush out to buy a Jersey for? Nope. Should they have traded down if this was their main target at the top of their board? In our collective opinion, hell yes. Was another team looking to draft him in the next set of picks? Maybe not ... likely not. But we will never know. The pick addresses a need. Offers a day 1 starter. And gives an opportunity at a player who will have a 5th year option picked up and a 2nd contract. I'
  4. Don't come in here and spoil the fun! I heard the Raiders are trading up to 6 and simultaneously trading into the 25th spot. Book it!
  5. I hope it is just enough of a move to cause a years worth of QB controversary and coaching confusion week over week.
  6. Ok... Draft Week is here. Time to put your name against a player/prediction for Friday bragging rights. Here's mine: In the first round the Las Vegas Raiders trade Pick # 17 to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Compensation of the trade to be announced at a later time. Pittsburgh trades up to draft the last of the top 5 QBs available at 17. With Pick 24 in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Las Vegas Raiders select S Trevon Moehrig.
  7. Ok! First long cook on the LG K24 is done. The pulled pork turned out simply amazing. I've cooked a lot of pulled pork over the years from slow cookers, on the Weber propane, in a Bradley smoker, in an LG pellet grill... but this... WOW. This smoked (pun intended) all of them. I've never had one be so tender and flavorful, it literally feel apart in my hands when I was removing it from the wrap. 10 hours of cook time at between 260-280. Threw in some hunks of hickory with the charcoal. Spritzed with apple juice, and wrapped at 165, ended up cooking it to 203. https://www.i
  8. Has anybody used wood chunks on a charcoal grill? Interested in how this helps or hurts the flavor?
  9. Off the top of my head I don't recall the Arnette reports, pre-draft. But Ruggs, along with the Jeudy and Lamb, were all mocked to the Raiders.
  10. Quick Kamado update. Have done 4 quick cooks: pizza, burgers, pork chops and chicken breast. Tomorrow is the first long cook, going with a family favorite of pulled pork. I'm quite surprised with the flavor differences (all improvements) over the pellet grill, even when using a smoke tube. Just doesn't compare. And light years difference over cooking on propane. I think I'm slowly becoming a charcoal fan...
  11. Some random comments I caught during the Mike Mayock Facebook Live session this afternoon: None of these are direct quotes. Being at 17 means you need to be willing to move up to get a guy slipping or be flexible to drop out if value isn't there at 17. Need to be nimble. @ RT, excited about Jaryd Jones-Smith (recent signing) Wants to be able to take best player available, but aware of needs. Energized by changes made to the OL. See's Kolton Miller as a cornerstone. Happy to show the team they want to resign their own players. Thinks that Andre James can comp
  12. After spending sometime looking for a mock draft tracker, I broke down and took a few mins to pull together the 'experts' picks for the Raiders @ 17. Side note: If you haven't been to SI's website recently, it's horrible. Source Expert Player POS nfl.com Schrager M. Parsons LB nfl.com Davis J. Owusu-Koramoah LB nfl.com Casserly T. Jenkins OT nfl.com Jones-Drew J. Owusu-Koramoah LB nfl.com Jeremiah J. Owusu-Koramoah LB nfl.com Frelund M. Parsons LB nfl.com Zierlein C. Barmore DT nfl.com Reuter C. Darrisaw OT nfl.com Brooks J. Owusu-Koramoah LB ESPN Kiper T. Moehrig S E
  13. Off the field concerns related the hazing (makes some sense), the Raiders track record of not taking the 'consensus' BPA (makes a bit less sense, but has legs), and one claim of since they had reports of interest in Kenneth Murray last year but passed on him in favor of Arnette (a stretch in logic imo).
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