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  1. A CBS Mock published recently (today? Didn't confirm the date, and too lazy to go back) had Toney to WFT at 20. So he's in that range of the Raiders pick by an 'expert'... *Just throwing some offseason fuel on the fire.
  2. I will add this... if nothing else, Bruno2 is strong in his beliefs! 😄 I don't follow College football nearly closely enough to have a valid opinion on who the pick will be. Bruno2 isn't wrong in his logic, but I really do hope the consensus of nearly everyone is right, and D is the the pick over and over. On a related note, what a crappy part of the off-season with no combine this year. Covid Sucks.
  3. I would add the following teams to be in the QB market, whether or not they'd have interest in Mariota is a different conversation: San Fran Pittsburgh Houston (whether the Front Office wants to believe it or not) Denver Philly (Trading Wentz isn't a guaranteed measurement of their belief in Jalen) Carolina (maybe) Atlanta
  4. I think Vinny has a point if the situation is looked at in a bubble. But all front offices know that teams will find a way to work the numbers and get under the cap for the start of the season. Marcus isn't a guaranteed cut by the Raiders because he is a QB under Gruden (ha!), but jokes aside the Raiders have leverage over Marcus to renegotiate his deal or cut him at no cost. $0.00 in dead money (traded or cut) in 2021 is only to the benefit of the Raiders right now. And a $10M cap hit for a QB for 2021 isn't enough to scare away a potential suiter IMO. As it stands, Marcus' 2021 hi
  5. We have joined the home indoor spin bike circuit. We grabbed a Schwinn IC4 and really enjoy it so far. We haven't made the jump to a paid subscription yet for classes, but wondering if there is a free/cheap app that can be used to record each workout to track progress and each ride?
  6. Can we collectively take a brief moment to be thankful for never becoming a fan of the Houston Texans? :DumpsterFire:
  7. He's not wrong folks! https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/las-vegas-raiders/nathan-peterman-21913/ Base salary: $1M Workout Bonus: $25k Incentives: $1.75M
  8. If they can get a return on Mariota, they must take it. I mean why pay Peterman $2.xM to be the 3rd guy. Mariota was inactive for a good portion of the year last season (injury, I know, not his fault).
  9. Watson > Carr, no argument. It gets muddied to pick a side on that "or" statement when taking into account the compensation that would need to be added to get that deal done. Now if you could guarantee that Watson could bring 10 sacks, 4 ints and a great 3rd down presence at the LBer position, than you'd have my attention. Carr >>> 2 First round picks. I have no interest in starting down the Marcus path.
  10. Pssst... https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/791915-official-2021-las-vegas-raiders-thread/ 👍
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