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  1. A GoFundMe was set up for his family: https://www.gofundme.com/f/please-help-rob-riveras-family-with-expenses?qid=7eaeebf0fb709756d2ad33aa975857b8 (I'm not affiliated, just saw it posted within other Raider circles online)
  2. Oh, and Nassib has taken a lot of heat on this board, but he played very well in relief of Yannick. Credit where credit is due.
  3. That was one hell of an emotional roller coaster. That interception... my god. Through the hands of Willie Sneed, off the helmet of a Raven defender and perfectly into the arms of another... on a play that would have won the game?! And that was after the Raiders won, but didn't win... and after a false start on the rookie RT. Quick thoughts: I am excited to watch Maxx Crosby this season. Seems like a new player - albeit, it was only one game Raiders need to get Waller going, but seemed to be forcing the issue just a bit too much last night, imo. Hunter picked up as the same reliable player we have all grown to love. Edwards made some key catches at the end of the game. Linebackers played better than last year. KJ made a hell of a play behind the line of scrimmage to stop a key baltimore drive, but was also noticeably slow while chasing down a Raven on the sideline. Abram played in position, which I think was a big problem in the previous two years. Hoping Gus continues to unlock Abrams potential. Loved that we didn't hear about Moehrig. No mistakes for the rook. O-Line played decent, room for improvement. More so mental errors/penalties then poor blocking. Carr sacked 3 times, but had good protection when it was needed. Worried about the injury status of Jacobs, Yannick, and McCoy. Would love to know more about why Ferrell was a healthy scratch.
  4. Looking for a suggestion on a tablet holder for the kids in the car - headrest style?
  5. The Raiders are signing Peyton Barber off the WFT practice squad. Odd move, but I guess there is a hole to fill with Richard going to the IR.
  6. Landed back with the Titans on their practice squad. Has a more difficult path now, than assumed at time of the draft, to get to fantasy relevancy...
  7. Add me to the list of happy customers. Ordered Monday, arrived today, installed in under a minute... clear difference. Quiet and smooth rolling, and a touch of height added to the chair.
  8. Filed under the category of 'Man I feel old'... TIL that Tyrone Wheatley's son was cut by the Bears. He's on OT, so maybe the Raiders take a crack at the family line...
  9. I'd like to believe it means that he doesn't see a way for him to contribute or get a chance to contribute because of the players in front of him... :GlassHalfFull:
  10. Just had the reminder via Twitter that Lawson is suspended for the first 2 games, so the Raiders don't have to count him towards the 53.
  11. Ok, well that makes me feel a bit better that I'm not on the only one! Specifically with the uncertainty in the situation for the LBer groups in LAC/LAR/WFT... Hoping the Rams stick with Reeder, and would like to see Tranquil be the guy for the Chargers. But really nothing to comfortably bank on with those two situations. Davis in WFT has the chops to be the guy, but will WFT take a slow approach with him?
  12. At this point of the season, I'm cautiously and hopefully optimistic. Not making any bets on it, but keeping an eye on all reports. Would love to see a real, and consistent, compliment to Waller in the passing game.
  13. Not sure I see these two moves pointing to dysfunction. Nor do I use my position to say that that there isn't dysfunction in the organization. People retire and resign from work all the time. Might just be that simple. The president has a 30 year career under his belt, and just finished building a remarkable stadium. Have to imagine that there is weight and truth in his own statement of wanting to spend more time with his family. As for a positional coach retiring, an honest question, at what point in the season makes the most sense? I'd suspect before the draft. But prior to training camp is also ideal.
  14. Initial gut feel without any proof or information to go on... Marcel Reece is hired.
  15. Seems like a great time to throw some more ideas in here... I'm at the end of my own online shopping ideas...
  16. I've had both a 2014 Legacy and currently have a 2016 Outback. The previous comment in feeling a difference between the two is bang on. I enjoyed the Legacy, but really like the Outback. I bought both used and have had no issues that wouldn't fall under normal maintenance. The transmission that Subaru uses in their 4cyl is a CVT, the transmission in their 3.6 (? - can't remember if that is the right number off the top of my head) is not a CVT. Also don't disagree with the previous comment that KIA is a brand to look into, they are making some nice cars now and reviews have been encouraging. Additionally, edmunds.com usually has pretty detailed reviews that can help when looking at vehicles. Both written by the site, or current/past owners.
  17. Nnamdi Asomugha went on to the big screen as well.... Bob Golic, went on to being a host on ESPN, so not directly 'big screen' so to speak. Bubba Smith of Police Academy fame.. And how could we forget Lyle Alzado starring in "Learning the Ropes"
  18. I was today years' old when I learned that the guy who played the role of Sloth in The Goonies also played for the Raiders for 6 years of his NFL career.
  19. Quote "I think I'd say this in response to King's best guess on most things NFL related: My belief is King is an idiot." kaso wrote in response on the FBGs forum.
  20. Have you seen the ticket prices?! Might be cheaper to become a high end gambler and get a ticket comp'd from a hotel!
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