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  1. I don't understand this either. I've run a 2:58 marathon, and I don't think my VO2max has ever been above 55. Somebody unpack this for me...
  2. That's interesting. My firm wouldn't even allow me to advise on assets held away like that...
  3. Good luck affording it if you wait until age 60 to buy it. And good luck even qualifying, since odds are much higher that you'll have some disqualifying condition by that point, too. Between this and his advice to pre-pay mortgage debt even when rates are so low that it's damn-near free money, I'm not sure which is worse. My advice? I'm obviously conflicted, but if you want good quality financial/legal advice, pay a professional. A lot of free advice is worth exactly what you pay for it...
  4. Possibly. If it was a "safe harbor match" that was terminated and not a discretionary one, then yes.
  5. Actually, it's happening because their plan doesn't include a safe harbor provision. If it did, the lower average deferral percentage among the NHCEs wouldn't matter, and there wouldn't be any refunds. (401K plans are my area of professional expertise.)
  6. For sure, but I feel like I need to do more. Maybe more protein? If I don't eat enough, then I'm not going to lose weight either (and my running performance will suffer). It's so hard trying to find the right balance.
  7. I rarely drink any alcohol these days. That's definitely not the issue.
  8. Not structured at all. Eat what I feel like eating. Sometimes healthy, sometimes not so healthy.
  9. OK, I know it might be asking too much, but I need some serious, non-smartass advice from you guys. I want to lean out a little bit before my race next month. Not too much, maybe drop like 5-7 lbs over the next 5.5 weeks. What's the best way to do this without sacrificing the quality of my biggest and most important 3-week training block?
  10. That's OK, I did 5 miles on the treadmill last night at 7:54 pace. Loaded it on Strava and felt pretty good about myself given the easy effort and then saw that @Juxtatarotran the same distance....at 5:55 pace. Bottom line - it's all relative. (Also, I want Juxt tested for blood doping.)
  11. Great work. Two thoughts/observations: 1. I will NEVER understand how you can just roll out of bed and do a workout like that. My body doesn't work that way. 2. How exactly did you have weight to lose?
  12. Yeah, it's gonna be 45 here. Barring any fires at work this morning, I'm planning on playing hooky and getting out for a nice 14-mile MLR after lunch.
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