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  1. You can earn 7% guaranteed in the short-term, or you could stick it in an S&P 500 index fund that's returned an average annual return of almost 8% over the last 20 years.
  2. Once or twice, max. Sometimes not at all. I feel like this strategy also helps me keep my focus in the moment (mile by mile) instead of getting caught up in the enormity of it all.
  3. @Dark Matter & @MAC_32 - Good luck this weekend! [sb]rf;dbap
  4. As a Bucks fan, it's near impossible for me to love this Sixers dysfunction more than I do. Same with the Nets' situation with Kyrie. Durant says all the right things publicly, but you know he's sick and tired of that dude, too.
  5. They really do. Apparently Durant said something after the game about how the Bucks have a different energy this year than they did last year in the playoffs. I'm trying to find the interview, but no luck so far. ETA: Here is the interview. Bucks talk starts around the 5:30 mark.
  6. And so are those warmups! They were sold out by the time I got down to the Pro Shop, but I was able to order one on NBAStore.com. Out of stock there now, too.
  7. It’s literally impossible to overstate how much I love running in this weather. My performance, confidence, mood, everything is just night and day compared to when it’s warm and humid.
  8. Defending champs Milwaukee with a convincing win against the "title favorites." And yes, I know they didn't have Kyrie, but the Bucks were also playing without Donte and Bobby, and Jrue missed the entire second half with a bruised heel. This squad is criminally underrated. I heard some national sports talk guy today asking if callers would rather take the Lakers, the Nets, or the field. The defending champs are just lumped in with "the field!" As @Pipes pointed out, it looks like Nwora will have a role this year as a scorer with the second unit. Great game by Planet Pat, too, with 20 points on 8/13 shooting (4/9 from deep), including a couple of big 2-handed dunks. Oh, and a quiet 32-14-7 line from Giannis in 30 minutes.
  9. I spent almost $600 today on a Packers/Chiefs ticket, a pair of Freak 3's, and a Bucks hoodie. And now I'm gonna have to buy another pair of running shoes that I don't really need...
  10. This is the kind of crazy #### that I would do. I love this so hard.
  11. Guys like Simmons and Kyrie drive me crazy. They get paid hundreds of millions of dollars to play basketball, travel around in private jets, stay at 5-star hotels, etc....and yet they still aren't happy. Meanwhile, I'd have given my left nut to have been good enough to play professionally in Europe for $500K.
  12. Punctuation matters. Was this "I win Gianmarco" or "I win, Gianmarco?"
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