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  1. Absolutely. Zig when everyone else is zagging. Or, in other words, when everyone else is greedy, be fearful. When everyone is fearful (today), be greedy.
  2. Zach Lowe put him in a group of 7 guys (Middleton, VanVleet, LaVine, Randle, Vucevic, Trae Young, and Jimmy Butler) competing for the final two spots in the East. He ultimately settled on Randle and LaVine. #FreeKhris
  3. Not enough meat on your bones for them to bother with you.
  4. The irony of this statement made me laugh...
  5. Me, too. https://i.etsystatic.com/14917474/r/il/a9562f/1304033522/il_794xN.1304033522_flt3.jpg
  6. We can’t all have baby arms like you, Mr. Jeremy.
  7. PSA: If one is out on a run and it’s unexpectedly cold/windy, but one has a mask along because he was planning to stop somewhere for water, that mask can strategically be placed in one’s pants to protect one’s peen. (Prob don’t wanna use it on your face anymore though after that)
  8. As a wise man once said, the bear you know is better than the bear you don’t know...
  9. Sweet. Amazon has some used ones too...
  10. Well then I need better ventilation in mine, too.
  11. Story of my pre-marriage life... I'll talk to my buddy and see when they do their group runs. They're good people.
  12. Have you gone and run around White Rock Lake yet? I know it's a bit of a hike for you, but I ran it once when I was in Dallas for work, and it was really nice. If you're ever interested in running with a group and meeting some other running peeps, I could put you in touch with a few of my friends who run there regularly.
  13. Full in St. Louis. According to @gianmarco, it's going to be a flat, fast course, although I've yet to see a course map... Hoping to use this one as a tune-up race (ideally 3:05-3:10) then hit it hard and go for a PR in November.
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