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  1. Right. And he hires the attorney because he damn well knows he's gonna be suspect #1 and presumed guilty AF in the court of public opinion.
  2. Exactly. If there's even a chance that the authorities will consider you a suspect, every single defense attorney worth his retainer is gonna tell you to keep your mouth shut, lest something you said gets manipulated or taken the wrong way.
  3. I'm not "buff," either. But that still wouldn't stop me.
  4. Jealous of you guys that can do this. It’s just not time-efficient for me. It takes me a solid half-hour just to stop sweating afterwards so I can take a shower!
  5. For what it's worth, I've had a lot of people (mostly non-runners) tell me to "shut it all down," and in literally every case I've managed to get better without any prolonged break from running. Just my two cents.
  6. Wife gave me a massive guilt trip when I tried running after work yesterday (before coming home), and then by the time we put the baby down at 7pm, I was too tired. So I got up at 4:00 this morning for an 8-mile zombie run, and hopefully this afternoon I'll have enough energy to do another 8 miles with 10 x 3 minutes fast. Worst-case scenario, I'll do the workout tomorrow instead (on my scheduled rest day). I seem to have navigated my little pneumonia thing reasonably well, still getting in 60 miles last week including one decent speed workout. Legs are showing a little bit of pep, but as @MAC_32 so kindly pointed out, I've only got about 7 weeks until Indy, and with Boston smack-dab in the middle messing everything up, I'm not sure how much improvement I'll be able to make. I do know that if I can somehow clean up my diet and drop 7-10 lbs before race day, it'll help immensely. That said, between travel and Brewers/Packers/Bucks games, my calendar is absolutely jam-packed the next couple of months, and I tend to make terrible food choices when I'm busy/tired/stressed. So we'll see... Regarding Boston, I do think I'm gonna go. Actually found out yesterday that the 25-year-old daughter of a new (large) client of mine will also be running after having qualified with a 2:56 marathon at Jack & Jill 2019. (Given that pretty much all I do is talk about running, I have no idea how this hadn't already come up in conversation.) Anyway, the whole family is going to be out there watching her run, making it a great opportunity for me to meet everyone and to strengthen/deepen the relationship. Having reflected on what you guys all said, I was already leaning towards going, but this pushed me over the edge.
  7. Ugh Indy is gonna have Nuun (lemon-lime flavor) on the course and not Gatorade. Blech.
  8. I disagree pretty strongly with this. At least as far as the buses go. And once you get out there, I think they're gonna want to see the staging area completely emptied out before they unload the next bus.
  9. Hey, thanks for the vote of confidence!
  10. Honestly, if I can't PR, then I really don't care that much about my time in Indy.
  11. So I've already discussed/shared this with a couple of you guys, but I'm giving some serious consideration to not running Boston. First of all, I feel like the race is going to be super anticlimatic with the "rolling start" and other Covid protocols. On top of that, I've had enough setbacks in my training that I don't know if I'll be able to bounce back from Boston quick enough to be 100% at Indy, even if I run "easy." (To be honest, though, there's a good chance I'm not in PR shape for Indy anyway, so being fully recovered might not end up being that important to me.) Finally, as much as it feels good for my ego to tell people that I've run Boston 8 times (this would be my 9th), I guess the shine's off the apple a little bit. That said, I've got major FOMO, and if I don't go, I'm afraid that I'll end up regretting not running the one and only Boston Marathon that wasn't run in April. Hotel can be canceled, and I think I can get a credit for my plane tickets, so if I don't go, all I'd lose is my entry fee, and that would be more than offset by the money I'd save on meals and everything else. So money isn't an issue. I'm truly torn on this.
  12. So what you're saying is that my breakfast today of a sausage & egg waffle sandwich thing from Kwik Trip and KickStart energy drink is suboptimal?
  13. I can't get a break. First it was my knee, then my glute/hamstring, and now I get diagnosed with pneumonia. Felt like crap on Thursday night (fever/chills), and so despite being vaccinated (and at my wife's insistence), I went to urgent care on Friday morning for a Covid test. Tested negative, but since there was blood in my mucus, they did a chest x-ray and confirmed that I had a mild pneumonia. I feel pretty much normal now (besides some sinus congestion/pain which may or may not be related, IDK), and I'm doing my best to continue running while still letting my body recover, but still....I can't help but feel like I'm cursed or something.
  14. Sorry you're having to go through all this, @pbm107. Most runners tend to be creatures of habit, so disruptions like this can have a big toll psychologically. Hang in there.
  15. I'm still (foolishly?) hoping to go sub-3 in Indy, and I couldn't have done that workout in those conditions.
  16. And based on that last workout, I’d say you’re a sandbagger…
  17. Isn't it difficult to run with all the blood flow going to your nether region?
  18. I can take care of that squirrel for you. $10K, and I'll replace all your insulation, too.
  19. The carbon-fiber plate. Speeds don’t have it.
  20. Saucony Endorphin Pro 1 (their carbon-plated racing shoe) on sale for $129, marked down from $200.
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