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  1. 12 Team PPR, 16 roster spots (QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE/FLEX (RB/WR/TE)/K/DEF, 7 bench spots) Drafted from the 2 spot: 1.01 1 Christian McCaffrey(Car - RB) 1.02 2 Dalvin Cook(Min - RB) 1.03 3 Alvin Kamara(NO - RB) 1.04 4 Derrick Henry(Ten - RB) 1.05 5 Jonathan Taylor(Ind - RB) 1.06 6 Ezekiel Elliott(Dal - RB) 1.07 7 Patrick Mahomes(KC - QB) 1.08 8 Austin Ekeler(LAC - RB) 1.09 9 Tyreek Hill(KC - WR) 1.10 10 Davante Adams(GB - WR) 1.11 11 Nick Chubb(Cle - RB) 1.12 12 Aaron Jones(GB - RB) 2.01 13 Travis Kelce(KC - TE) 2.02 14 Najee Harris(Pit - RB) 2.03 15 Saquon Barkley(NYG - RB) 2.04 16 Stefon Diggs(Buf - WR) 2.05 17 DK Metcalf(Sea - WR) 2.06 18 DeAndre Hopkins(Ari - WR) 2.07 19 Antonio Gibson(Was - RB) 2.08 20 Joe Mixon(Cin - RB) 2.09 21 CeeDee Lamb(Dal - WR) 2.10 22 Calvin Ridley(Atl - WR) 2.11 23 A.J. Brown(Ten - WR) 2.12 24 Justin Jefferson(Min - WR) 3.01 25 George Kittle(SF - TE) 3.02 26 Clyde Edwards-Helaire(KC - RB) 3.03 27 Darren Waller(LV - TE) 3.04 28 David Montgomery(Chi - RB) 3.05 29 Terry McLaurin(Was - WR) 3.06 30 Allen Robinson II(Chi - WR) 3.07 31 Josh Jacobs(LV - RB) 3.08 32 James Robinson(Jax - RB) 3.09 33 Kyle Pitts(Atl - TE) 3.10 34 Josh Allen(Buf - QB) 3.11 35 Keenan Allen(LAC - WR) 3.12 36 Chris Carson(Sea - RB) My full draft: 1.02 2 Dalvin Cook(Min - RB) 2.11 23 A.J. Brown(Ten - WR) 3.02 26 Clyde Edwards-Helaire(KC - RB) 4.11 47 Miles Sanders (Phi - RB) 5.02 50 DJ Moore (Car - WR) 6.11 71 Tyler Boyd (Cin - WR) 7.02 74 Justin Herbert (LAC - QB) 8.11 95 Laviska Shenault Jr. (Jax - WR) 9.02 98 Tyler Higbee (LAR - TE) 10.11 19 Michael Thomas (NO - WR) 11.02 122 Mike Williams (LAC - WR) 12.11 143 Curtis Samuel (Was - WR) 13.02 146 Jonnu Smith (NE - TE) 14.11 167 Elijah Moore (NYJ - WR) 15.02 170 Russell Gage (Atl - WR) 16.11 191 Carolina (Car - DEF) A few thoughts: All 12 teams basically have 2 good RBs (Miles Sanders on my team is the closest thing to having a 3rd IMO)...this never happens in this league. I could have grabbed Kyler/Lamar or Andrews/Hockinson instead of DJ Moore in the 5th (and probably would have if I knew the WR depth I would acquire). Overall I wish my RB or QB depth was better; however, right now I love this team and especially the later round values.
  2. Did the same thing with AJ and doing the same thing with Thomas. Completely agree that gambling on someone who set receiving records just two seasons ago > drafting a lesser known long shot or a handcuff that needs an injury to succeed.
  3. I have the 2nd pick in a 12 team PPR league drafting tomorrow. Cook seems to be the consensus #2 pick; however, FBG likes Kamara more...I see merits in both but am still torn.
  4. I wonder why he feels this way? It seems like Zeke should be primed for a great season considering the OL/TEs are healthy and assuming Dak is good to go.
  5. I'll play...full point PPR: QB: Hurts WR1: Dionte Johnson WR2: Antonio Brown (unless I change my mind before noon tomorrow) RB1: Ekeler RB2: Jacobs TE: Kelce FLEX: Swift K: Succop DEF: Browns Bench: Brees, Higgins, Hilton, Coutee, Jeff Wilson, Kittle Side note - the only players I actually drafted were Jacobs, Ekeler, Swift
  6. Does that make McKinnon the play? This backfield is so confusing...
  7. Last year I started Josh Allen until week 13. When the Bills played a 3-game stretch vs Ravens, @ Steelers, @ Patriots, I switched to Tannehill...I hope your decision to start Hurts over Watson works out for both of you as well.
  8. There are some good points here...whether or not to factor in draft position, points over replacement, value/bargain, etc. IMO: Overall - Kelce Factoring in value - Robinson (with Rodgers subjectively second)
  9. Kelce - Traded for him several weeks ago and he carried my group of scrubs thus far.
  10. I'm starting Ekeler and Jacobs tonight, so there are my two RB spots. IF Mostert is out, then my decision would be do I start Wilson over Swift...something I don't think I could do.
  11. Exact same dilemma here...wish we knew if Mostert will play, and if he does how much he will be limited.
  12. We do not train to be merciful here. Mercy is for the weak. Here, in the streets, in competition. A man confronts you, he is the enemy. An enemy deserves no mercy. What is the problem, Mr. UnLearnYourself?
  13. Just saw an alert that he's back on the field to start the second half.
  14. Made the last minute decision to start Coutee over Parker. Later I made the decision to trade Parker for Johnny Manziel and a kick in the pants...HUGE improvement for my team.
  15. Looks like I found my roster spot to drop...no way I play this guy, especially when he faces NE week 15 and their Gilmore/Jackson CB duo.
  16. Who the heck is Buddy Howell and why did he lead the Houston backfield in carries?
  17. I'm starting Parker as my WR2 but this news has me thinking seriously about starting Coutee.
  18. 4 of the 5 Cowboys DB starters are out this week...making me think twice about benching Higgins.
  19. This is my exact scenario + Tee Higgins. Starting Dionte for sure and right now I'm planning on Parker as my WR2...hoping a game vs KC will force high pass volume.
  20. Hanging on to him for now. If by some miracle I win it all, I'm going to burn his game check and give his ring to his least favorite ex-girlfriend.
  21. Riding the Bucs & Browns as long as I stay in the playoffs.
  22. Unfortunately this is league is redraft/no keepers plus we don't have IR spots. I assumed Golladay would be back by now, so my gamble won't pay off unless he is playing by next week.
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