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  1. It's been a while since I revisited this mostly because I've been busy as hell during the Holidays. Frankly I don't have quite the expertise on this yet that I thought I would by now, but I'll share my experiences so far. The HTC Vive tracking is phenomenal, and VR itself it amazing. Seriously, VR can be THE medium of the future, the only thing holding it back is reliable, quality content. First I'll address my initial concerns. In my opinion, it's important to keep price per amount of content regardless of medium. That means if the price is $30 and you only get 2-3 hours of content, it's not worth it the vast majority of the time. While there are a lot of games for VR like this, there are also a lot that are either cheaper or offer more content, just read some reviews before buying. Frankly, some of the best experiences are free games like The Lab and Rec Room and there are a ton of other great free or very cheap VR content out there. As far as locomotion, I have no problem with track locomotion and highly prefer it over teleport. Teleport isn't horrible, it's passable, and if you get sick with other forms it's good to have. However, I personally will think twice before buying any game that doesn't offer trackpad locomotion unless you're not to be meant to move around much. Top Free games/experiences I've found so far: Accounting, Allumette, Bigscreen, Google Earth VR, The Lab, NVIDIA Funhouse, Quanero, Rec Room, Trials of Tatooine I've bought about $120 worth of games and have about 40 VR games now. I haven't played at least half of them yet. Thanks Steam sales! However, of the ones I have bought and tried, I'll say some very quick thoughts on them so far. Audioshield: Fun pick up and play rhythm game. Nephew and niece loved it. You punch balls to the beat of any song you want (youtube/playlist). Very active game and can double as Aerobics. Major con is that the algorithm creating the balls is pretty bad, often doesn't go along with the beat at all and you can feel like you're punching balls while a song is running rather than punching the song itself. Holodance: Fixes the problem Audioshield has because by limiting it's versatility to only songs it comes with and Osu! integration (Osu! Is a different game, look it up. Unless you have it, ignore this feature). The beats and pattern are on point and it really feels like you're moving to the song, however it only has one genre of music meaning you'll either love it or pass on it for that fact. Ultimatelt if you don't like the music, go Audioshield. If you do, this is probably better. Or get both. Project Cars vs Asetto Corsa: Both are very good FULL racing games that put you in the drivers seat of your car. Neither are very arcadey or easy, but Project Cars is a bit less realistic but easier to play/get into. Asetto Corsa is much more for the realism/simulation fans. Depending on which scratches your itch, you can't go wrong with either. I chose Project Cars because I didn't need the full-blown realism of Asetto Corsa but it still provides a challenge and feels like a racing sim instead of an arcade racer. Vertigo: Fantastic single player experience I've only scratched the surface of. It's only 5 hours long approximately, but it's also only $15. Decent story, immersive environments, and varying gameplay so far. Also polished. This combination is pretty damn rare to find in most titles. Raw Data: Got this on a pricing error on Amazon as the current SALE price tag of $31 was too much for me otherwise. Wave shooter but a pretty damn good one from what I have experienced so far. You can choose between multiple characters which have different weapons/abilities that you can even level up but it still boils down to being a wave shooter at heart. Coop multiplayer, different missions, and varying unique and sometimes scary enemies keep it fresh. Probably at least 10 hours of replay value here. I still feel the price is a bit steep, but it's very polished and if you enjoy rail shooters or don't have a good one this is a great one to get. Elite Dangerous: Beautiful FULL Space sim that's very complicated. This is not for the casual gamer, but if you want something akin to Eve Online in VR, this is your ticket. Probably the most content out of any other VR ready game, but also the steepest learning curve. If you're smart enough, patient enough, and willing to grind a little then this is a must buy. If you're looking for quick fun experiences only then stay away. Eleven Table Tennis: Very Realistic Ping Pong on sale for $5. AI is brutal, people suck just as much as you do however. Great graphics and physics. If you want a ping pong table in your room for $5, get it. Hoops VR: Got this for $3, and everyone I invited over enjoyed playing it. Not a lot of content, but fun basketball minigames and definitely worth $3. Zombie Training Simulator: Got it free with my Vive. Pretty fun little game but gets boring quick and not worth anywhere near $20. Don't get it unless it came free or heavily on sale. I'll consider more updates as I get more time to try out more of my games. Hope this very brief preview was informational for anyone.
  2. Took advantage of a few Black Friday deals and finally broke down and bought an HTC Vive that's arriving tomorrow. For those that don't know, it's one of the real VR Headsets. Also bought a bunch of games for it. Steam has a 2 hour trial on their games which I'll use to determine which games I want to keep/refund. There were a lot of games that had equivalents that isn't clear which is the 'better' option, so I bought both and will try both for 90 min while refunding the other. For example Audioshield vs Holodance and Project Cars vs Assetto Corsa. There's also a ton of free smaller games I'm going to try out. Luckily most of the games I got were also on sale during the Steam Autumn sale. If people are interested in what VR is like right now, whether I think it's worth the price, or if it's simply a gimmick, I'll leave a comprehensive review after I've tried it out for a bit to let you know what I think. My initial concerns: All the games that I've see right now available for it are by indie developers and seem to have very little content. They look more like glorified tech demos which explains the usual $10-30 price tag on these games. However, if the experience is just 5 hours, is it really worth it? I'll find out. There is a HUGE divide in the VR community on the preferred type of locomotion used by a game. Read: How the hell do you walk around? The three main options are 1) Using the touch pad on the Vive controller similar to Steam Controller. 2) D-Pad on XBox (or similar) controller. 3) Teleportation where you aim on the ground and teleport a short distance like a click-to-move adventure game. The last option seems like a horrible option from an immersion perspective (I mean, you've got a VR headset and you're clicking to move? How crappy does that sound?!) However it also seems to unfortunately be the preferred movement type for a lot of players because the other options make them feel a bit seasick since their body movement is disconnected from their perspective. For some reason moving with a dpad while in VR makes some people feel ill, enough so that many games don't even offer other locomotion options other than teleport. I'm particularly interested in my findings on all 3 locomotion types. The vast majority of AAA developers may not produce actual content for VR for quite some time due to there only being a few hundred thousand units in circulation and it's difficult to turn a profit even if EVERY VR user buys their game. People are waiting for great games before they plunge into VR and great game developers are waiting for people to buy VR units before they invest in great games. Bethesda is working on Fallout 4 VR sometime in 2017, but it looks to be a teleport locomotion... Ugh.
  3. Please note that I qualified my statement stating that it affected the accuracy of rounding. Larger factor = more accurate distribution, but could be more cumbersome for the average person to understand.
  4. Step 1) Multiply the number of electoral votes each state is worth by a factor of 10-100. (Whichever number doesn't matter except for simplicity sake and more accurate rounding, the ratio staying consistent is what matters.) Ex. Texas 38 --> 3800, Montana 3 --> 300 Step 2) Take the % of votes a candidate gets in each state and give them that % of the state's electoral votes. Ex. Texas (3800 total)- Trump 52.6% = 1999 electoral votes Clinton 43.4% = 1649 electoral votes Ex. California (5500 total)- Trump 33.2% = 1826 electoral votes Clinton 61.5% = 3383 electoral votes Step 3) Add up all electoral votes. Winner is the one with the most. This gives smaller states the same proportion of electoral voting power, but doesn't screw over anyone for where they live. Being a Dem in a Red state, your vote still matters. Being a Repulican in a Blue state, your vote still matters. You still have to appeal to the entire country, but there will no longer be swing states that win/cost elections.
  5. I'll agree with Bethesda, but Fireaxis has been hit or miss for me in the past.
  6. I don't preorder. It's bad practice. I can't tell on a game like Civ if I'll like it in 2 hours to maintain refund eligibility typically, so I'll wait for a review and/or try it through other methods. If I like it, THEN I'll buy it.
  7. It's always been the coach and the system. Brady fans just refused to see it.
  8. http://www.pc-specs.com/mobo/Intel/Intel_DG41AN/683/Compatible_CPUs Probably not your motherboard, but just an example. Pick your motherboard from the options at the very top, then click compatible GPUs. Keep in mind depending on how old your motherboard is, it might also need to be upgraded to use a newer GPU.
  9. I agree they should have had the correct min specs for the game, that much is obvious. However, a GeForce 745 is going to limit you for a lot of new games.
  10. What should you do if the candidate you support doesn't get his party nomination but you don't support who did?
  11. Agreed. I don't "like" many of Tim's posts, but that one I did.
  12. People actually question whether or not Fox News is conservative bias and most every other network/media is liberal bias?
  13. I disagree, if anything they're proving that you don't need a stud RB to get good production out of your running game. Your thinking is the need of a stud running back, imo, is outdated and that philosophy would hold the team back. Luckily I think their moves the last few seasons have shown that they are smarter than that, and shoring up the defense is the smarter move, especially with a high draft pick. McFadden can be the between the 20's guy and Morris has shown to be fairly reliable near the goal line, which is probably why they are looking at him. Why waste a #4 pick on a rookie RB when you can get production much cheaper from guys like these.
  14. McFadden last year: 239 carries, 1089 yards, 4.6 YPC and 40 catches for 328 yards while on a team that lacked any QB for most of the season. Not saying he's top tier, but to say he's the worst back ever is a huge exaggeration.
  15. I think he was referring to Brock's petty move to not resign with the Broncos because they won the Super Bowl without him starting.
  16. Crazy idea, probably not going to happen, but just a thought. The Broncos don't really know what they have in Brock yet, and Peyton clearly has fire left in his belly although everyone is unsure what he has left physically. Peyton cares more about leaving with no regrets rather than money at this point, and he's clearly weighing which he'd regret more 1) Not playing in 2016 or 2) Ending his career in an unpredictable way vs. a Super Bowl win. He's having a tough time imagining being happy next year if he's at home and not playing or being with his team mates doiong everything in his power to defend the title with them. Why not take a big pay cut (down to $4-5m) as a player/coach with no guarantee to start, but a promise to compete and let the QB who gives them the best chance to win start. At worst, he can help groom Brock into getting ready to make his debut while being ready himself to step up in case he falters or gets hurt while being around the team. No one would fault him for taking a back seat to the team and he'll have an opportunity to prove to himself once and for all what he has left in the tank. As far as his Legacy is concerned, I don't think that would hurt it at all. If anything it shows how much of a team player he truly is.
  17. Houston was a playoff team with Brian Hoyer at QB. With that Defense and possibly a running game, Peyton could make them a contender for another run. It's a similar fit to what Peyton had in Denver TBH. Houston would be very smart to sign Peyton, however I do think Peyton's best bet is to retire on top.
  18. So basically, the Democrats did this exact same thing with Bush and the Republicans are doing turn about as 'fair play' in response this time. It's a joke to think the difference of 7 months vs 11 months is a factor. Both sides are being hypocritical, and with this appointment being more important than who gets elected President this coming term there is little-to-no hope in the GOP backing down with so much at stake.
  19. Not that I agree with his capability of being able to deliver a fraction of what he plans to do, I do think Bernie is by far and away the most genuine of the front runners. I don't trust Trump or Hillary at all.
  20. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bundy_standoff So which is it? Did Bundy refuse to pay 'grazing fees' for ~20 years and he's protesting that he shouldn't have to pay them?
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