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  1. What a mess.... I'm still thinking Ingram is due one last monster game but who knows which one.... avoiding.
  2. Is Ingram cuttable at this point? It seems like maybe he'll have another big game somewhere.... but who knows when.
  3. I have Mack, AROB, Keenan Allen going because they got me there. I'm to scared to make a change! NOT bold. These are my choices: DeAndre Washington (Boone available too), ADP, D. Parker...
  4. Have faith, one game at a time. No one does it better and they have held back some cards, other areas are heading towards success, the defense is excellent. Playoff bound, let them all write us off, it's over... hehehe I will agree that the one guy who has gotten too much of a pass is McDaniels, he has flat out sucked at times, but also ok to flounder a bit when your 10-1. He needs to step it up and attack defenses, arial attack. It's going to happen.
  5. The whole ball "air" issue was a farce. Goodall should have been suspended, lol. If Brady had just been up front from the start and said that yes, he likes the footballs on the "less air"softer side, but he doesn't specify the exact psi, etc. People don't want to hear it but the balls were within specs anyways- and Brady went on to torch more teams. What Goodall didn't like was the lack of cooperation. This incident is just weird and is on a level of stupidity that's hard to fathom. But I don't think there's much there. What exactly can be gleaned from filming the bench from behind (along with thousands of fans who have the same view) doesn't seem like much, and it's available for all to see. And it's CINCINNATI!! lol. The interaction between the security and the camera guy was bizarre for sure. Poor questions from the guard, poor answers from the camera guy. What else is on the footage, and interviewing the crew should get to the bottom of it. Still dumb as hell.
  6. Yes, made it while carrying Marlon Mack so I may need to start a warm body. Or ADP who just keeps going.
  7. I'm hanging on in mini dynasty, hoping he gets traded and has enough left to be the main guy again, like on the Pats. Having said that, what a disappointment and yes, at times, he looks like he's carrying a piano but I'm assuming he's partly injured. His pass catching ability is a big plus. What do you guys think re: dynasty? Must hold or cut bait?
  8. They will score over 40 points multiple times this year, including the playoffs. It's a LOCK.
  9. I can't believe the guy misses the final snap because of taking a selfie... too funny- and what an idiot. Reminds me of Jamarcus Russell. Unbelievable.
  10. Boneheaded play. Let players play, play to win the game. He had at least 20 yards if not more... you lose. They're not alone, so many gaffs by these head coaches it's unbelievable.
  11. I'll take the 13 pts I got but between Rivers and the constant double team, it's hard to be confident.
  12. He was a real sour#### around campus.... good riddance. Sanu is the deal here, excellent! We're all waiting to see about Harry- can he play foosball?
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