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  1. What a mess.... I'm still thinking Ingram is due one last monster game but who knows which one.... avoiding.
  2. I can't believe the guy misses the final snap because of taking a selfie... too funny- and what an idiot. Reminds me of Jamarcus Russell. Unbelievable.
  3. left message about league

  4. The concerning thing is that he relapsed and thinks (evidently) that it is no big deal.Didnt seem like a big deal considering the authorities did not pursue intoxication related charges despite manziel driving.Any relapse is a big deal.Having a few drinks is not a big deal, no. The haters, holier than thous, and brainwashed aggro aa minions are the only ones who feel otherwise but all of those groups are clearly driven by an agenda Yeah, this is very ignorant, unless you mean the agenda is to turn your life around..? Maybe? He was in a rehab for 2 months or something, usually normal drinkers
  5. What a bust! He's got some great Vegas party pics though. Hopefully his recovery will stick and he can have a productive life. It's nice that he shuffled over to the hospital in his smiley face slippers and all, or did someone visit him..? jk But it's like he still doesn't get it. Tom Brady can go visit hospitals. Manziel needs to lay low and study the playbook, focus all on football and a last chance- all while maintaining sobriety and showing a maturity that unfortunately it doesn't appear that he has. Character is the most difficult thing to scout, understand, yet it's consistently overlook
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