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  1. I suppose Amaro will be long gone by the time the Pats pick? I'd trade up and GET HIM. JUST DO IT, it's ok, just do it... now! Picks mean little for this team, trade them for talent now, for this 3 year window. IF this Easely gets healthy, could be a great pick, we'll see. That Dobson, Thompkins farce that went on the first few weeks of last year was total BS and a waste. What is the plan for this year...
  2. ohhh, once again.... wtf?? SOunds like a good player but 2 blown ACL's already.. claims he's at 80%, no combine, pro day? Did he visit Foxboro? And why not just get him at the end of the 2nd? I understand liking a player but doesn't it make sense to know their relative position in general? I guess they felt he would be gone or don't care, idk. Bellichick (and Kraft) IMO- have cost this team at least one Super Bowl with this nonsense. Clay MAthews and Dez Bryant could have and should have been Pats. But oh, no!! the Patriot way. The list goes on. I do think they'll be damn good again, but LaFell, Dobson, Boyce and a hurt Gronk don't scare anyone. Let's get our #### together for day 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope they get a TE tomorrow.
  3. too funny how you continuously miss the dropsHow many drops did he have in weeks 1 and 3 last year?The answer is none. Here is the deal. Kenny Britt was ready to go for 2013. When he was targeted two times in week 1, he was not happy. If you have a diva wide receiver, you feed him the ball or you release him to another team. The last thing you want to do is have some sort of a head knocking between the coaches and the player. This messed with his head for week 2, which ended with Britt talking to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “It’s just a point of them saying they took me out because of [blocking]. Were they wrong for benching me? I believe so. And I believe the excuse they gave was wrong because at that point in time when they did bench me it had nothing to do with me having mistakes. … I saw what happened with Cook last year, and them saying he wasn’t getting the ball because he was making mistakes. I don’t think that was the case last year, and I don’t think that’s the case with me this year.” Not-so-shockingly this led to zero targets in week 3. This is also when the offensive coordinator, Dowell Loggains (FIRED after the season), decided to talk up Justin Hunter to the media calling him a "special player". The Titans coaches played this all wrong. You play your best players in the NFL and go for a title. The coaches are to blame for not supporting Britt. That's not the answer AT ALL. Just because Kenny Britt says it wasn't really his fault doesn't make it so. That's part of the problem, maybe the MAIN problem - he doesn't ever seem to hold himself accountable. And by the way, he was wrong about Cook too - he did suck at blocking and was a big reason he didn't play as much as he otherwise might have. Blocking WAS a part of the benching. Guess what Kenny - blocking matters. He was called for a drive-killing lazy hold in each of the first two games, one of which was a game lost in OT. How many of those should a 6'3" 218 pound guy be allowed to make before being called on it? Nevermind the inaccurate routes and the dropped balls and total lack of any yards after contact on the balls he did manage to get open for and catch. Then in week 3 he DID have two drops and zero catches on five targets. Not sure where you are getting zero targets. Meanwhile, Nate Washington puts up 130 yards in a winning effort, Justin catches the game winning TD, and Wright catches 100% of his six targets. None of them have any drops or penalties. All of that leads you to believe Britt should have been a bigger part of the game plan for week #4? So he's out week 4 for the injury anyway. Team wins in a romp. So week #5 comes around and they say, OK, let's roll Kenny out there and see if we can get him on track. Result? 6 targets, 1 catch, bad drops. One loss. They gave him four full weeks and he was awful in every facet of the game, in addition to making a nuisance of himself off the field. After that, all bets are off, and it is IMO impossible to fault the team for anything regarding Britt's usage going forward. I agree, lol... not to mention the shape of his knees, let alone his mind and will. It's a flyer by the Rams, ya never know.
  4. calm down Kool Aid ,we heard, lol. I'm kinda surprised but with upgraded corners and Vince clogging the middle, Mayo behind him... should be good.
  5. wow, that's good news, I thought it would be a 6th rounder. I would rather have Blount than MJD at this point, although a rested MJD as a situational back is intriguing.
  6. Good points, so with Wilforks release (if that happened) another 8 million is freed up? It's a tough call. I'd like to see Blount back too.
  7. There's some pretty good pass catching TE's out there with experience... Finley, Daniels, Clark, Keller. I wonder why there's not a peep about these guys. It's a priority imo. My thinking is that someone, like Dallas Clark, could be snagged up cheap before camp and/or they have some ideas in the draft. I would start collecting them like baseball cards!!
  8. I love the story that goes with Amendola always being hurt, yet he and your prototypical health specimen in Edelman has has played 16 games in a season in as many seasons in the NFL as Amendola has. For what its worth that is the same as Harvin too. All have played 16 games once in their 5 year careers. I want to everytime people act like Amendola is any more of an injury risk than Edelman. How quickly people forget Edelman has always sucked or been hurt until Amendola went down and he caught 100 balls at a position that will get those catches regardless if the person is blind. Amendola played through a groin injury instead of letting it heal/repaired and he still gets ripped. Another thing fans say that makes me want to . Oh, and LeFell ain't any good, don't kid yourselves. Amendola got more catches than him on limited time with an injury. Dude is not a playmaker or exceptional in talent in any way. Wasted move as Dobson can give u the same thing. don't even think you're up to the level of TROLL. Why don't you watch what you're typing a little better- makes you look like you're just a troll wannabe and/or don't even know what you're seeing or if you've actually watched a Patriots game at all. Edelman has been dynamic with the ball in his hands, since day 1. They resigned him because he's an excellent player, a top punt returner as well. Have you ever seen him in open space? It doesn't sound like it. He's pretty good, actually very good. You defend Amendola and then suggest he be cut a few posts later? lol go away
  9. LaFell is in the fold, 6 feet 2 freakin inches!! lol Had his best year last year, how good is he? Any thoughts?
  10. Britts gort the size but not sure about the legs... one or 2 more guys, a decent draft, including TE and we should be in business. I'm not sure about Thompkins future with the team, could be a casualty. Blount would be important to have back too. Let's just suppose that Gronk is Gronk, Dobson and Boyce are good, Edelman and Amendola running around, Vereen, Ridley, Blount... oh boy! One more good sized receiver and a TE.... we're in.
  11. Sweet! Guy is such a weapon, would've been a big loss. It's official: Pats are knocking it over the green monstah! Wilfork? Allen? who's next baby.
  12. First off, no one knows if a huge 32 year old Wilfork coming off a torn Achilles can be the player he was. I tend to think he would be good but not in his prime. That's a huge cap hit if they just honored the contract, probably not going to happen in today's NFL. My question is if the Pats cut him, do they use that money to sign Edelman, possibly another WR, a pass rusher, look at safeties, center (Raji?) etc... are they truly "all in" with Brady's final 2-4 years SUPER BOWL OR BUST run- or is is the Revis signing an anomaly, back to the nickel and dime bs. It is a weird situation, because as good as Edelman is there is no doubt a situational/Brady effect. Who else did Brady have to throw to? As good as Wilfork is they won 12 games last year (although they dropped off the map against the run). Revis for one year (hopefully he loves it here and restructures down the road) is a good start but who the hell is Brady going to throw to? The rookies? Gronk? Not reliable, not top shelf. Look at who PManning, Brees, Rodgers.. throw to? I mean look at who Stafford throws to? They just added Tate, and rumors are they might trade up for Sammy Watkins. Look at what Atlanta did to get Julio Jones to play next to Roddy White. The Pats passed on Dez Bryant, Kendall Wright and a myriad of others, they trade down year after year, or pick some no name in the 3rd rd. that was projected for the 6th. As a Pats fan, imo, what they have done is squandered brady's last years through arrogance and a business model approach. The time to sell out and go all in is well, last year, but this year would do. In all honesty it might be too late, the adapting that needed to be done to go from a TE oriented offense to NO viable TE's has not really happened or happened half-heartedly with some more dubious mid rounds rookie WR picks. Us fantasy players know the slow development of WR's, the the Bryant/Julio Jones of the world are the exceptions. So these are choices made as Brady turns 36? Total dropping of the ball, imo. It's frustrating. The reality is the defense hasn't been great in many years, pretty good at times, but not the force of the early 2000's. So give Brady weapons! Someone over 6' and under 4.40! Wouldn't that be a good idea? Yeah- we're spoiled in a way, sure, 12-4 is nothing to scoff at but the bar has been raised, 12-4 is not good enough for any team, Super Bowl or bust, for the Browns as for the Seahawks, Pats, whoever.
  13. I tend to agree, IF they spend they spend the money. I bet Wilfork is around 370 right about now. It could be kind of a blessing! But stopping the run would still be an issue.
  14. Excellent, really wish it was for 2 but we'll see. A couple more moves and we're in like Flynn. Hopefully there will be enough for Edelman and the cowboy Allen. Maybe another WR. Championship!
  15. So Welker and Talib now go to the Broncos, who again look at the dregs.... I can't wait till they trade down in the draft for a couple of 5th rounders!! Yeah! Belichick's arrogance makes him blind and Kraft does nothing but count his money. A team like SEATTLE, yes, SEATTLE gets stronger while the Pats sink further into a teasing mediocrity cleverly disguised in 12-4 records. Brady's window is covered in bird poop!!!
  16. I like him and was able to pick him up... BUT- a lot of variables. Who knows if CP will be there in a year or two. If CP stays and thrives it bodes well for MF over that period. Fitzgerald staying would also help, imo.
  17. I hadn't watched this guy much this year, not much to see... but he looks like he hops up, losing any aggressiveness/momentum, as he meets the first level. Then he's pretty much toast, play over. I mean a guy tackled him when he was on his back for God's sake!! Earl Campbell would've used the guys face as a launching point and probably broken a couple bones on the way through. I'm not so sure how good Donald Brown is (surely underrated) but TRich make DB look downright explosive, with good vision. Maybe TRich is terribly in need of contacts or color blind, or eat some Skittles, skip a meal, something.
  18. Yes, Brady has sucked... but he looked his best yesterday. The Steelers are hurting but I think it's more the Pats coming around and a nicely balanced offense. The BYE week couldn't come at a better time to rest guys like Gronk and Amendola, get Vereen back- and see who can play D. WIth both Gronk and Amendola the offense really opens up. Dobson finally made a play or two, Edelman is a threat, Ridley looks good. With the D hurting they may have to really air it out in the weeks to come. I've been surprised at how Thompkins has been phased out (healthy scratch yesterday) but I'd think he should factor. Haven't seen Boyce much at all. Brady should be good going forward and may save a couple fantasy seasons but alas, probably not mine. I don't care as long as they are a playoff force to contend with.
  19. I'd say this is the norm rather than the exception, smart to "work" a rookie in. BJGE is pretty reliable around the goal line and runs hard. Rookies, in this scenario, are almost always over rated while experience is under rated. It's like buying a new car, it's great, burt after a couple months you still find yourself sometimes using the old truck, huh, what do ya know, it works good. One guy in my league (large keeper) traded Chris Johnson for Gio, imo hurts his chances this year, could be a good move long term.
  20. He went undrafted in our draft (8 rounds/keeper)... would you gamble on him over Dobson? thx
  21. This site has grown into a pathetic unmoderated mess! I'm now surprised when a thread DOESN'T devolve into quarreling and immature nonsense. Who's Bilal Powell anyways??!! Draft at your own risk!
  22. So you're betting on him being at least QB12? Shaky limb to go out on Didn't mean to be unclear... I have him in all 3 leagues, he'll be top 4 in the league at the least, close to the #1 QB in the league, probably #1 in some categories. Tom Brady is greatness.
  23. uh... yeah, I'm rolling with Brady as a QB1. He makes wr's- not the other way round.
  24. He needs a team of guards to keep him on a couch watching movies for at least 2 weeks! Stay out of the gym!
  25. Maybe its just me, I'm no scout, but there are times where his throwing technique looks poor and he struggles to get the ball out for a 20 yd pass.... it doesn't seem like it gets talked about much but maybe there's something to it. Weird thing is, a few plays later he can throw a bomb 50 yards downfield. Vincent Jackson also needs more help around him, Floyd is NOT the answer and Losing Sproles was a big blow.
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