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  1. What player did it..? Because I'd like to have Sir Brad show him a private tour of the pit of misery. blah, Brady will be fine and they should roll, dilly dilly!
  2. How does he look? Any last minute stuff? My other option is Make Davis.....
  3. We only start 2 so A Green is locked in a spot... B Cooks was good last week and hopefully again this week. I blew it not starting him this week but I still fear the Thursday night football dud factor....
  4. benched him again this week ,lol. But started B Cooks for him... we'll see. Every ranking had Cooks ahead of Keenan but that should end next week, he looks great.
  5. I thought Bademosi sucked yesterday. Whatever "zone" coverage it was was just crap. LAC suck or it would've been a loss. They win games lately but you just sit there and feel kinda crappy about it because you know how they're really playing. A few break there and there, get the W. At least the D has been better the last 2 games. I think some of the play calling has been crap and McDaniels is to blame- lack of creativity, vanilla predictable stuff. There's a lot of 3rd and long, over and over. Cooks has been disappointing or underused, idk, but he's killing me fantasy wise! Where's this great separating speed? Brady forces it into triple coverage... he's lucky he doesn't have about 4 more picks. Amendola needs to get healthy. No news yet on Hogan but I thought his arm was broken by the looks of the hit.... fingers crossed! Trade for TY Hilton!!!!!
  6. Wow, that sucks! McLellan coming back, Harris plays more, Flowers..? I'd like to see Bulkhead more involved but Lewis is looking good. Anarchy- you heard something about Mitchell? thx
  7. I traded him for Leveon Bell, Julio, and Bill Walton
  8. I would say GOAT. Now the stats will just fill in...
  9. Ok, thanks. Time to ramp up Dorsett... and makes you wonder if they knew this was coming and made the Brissett/Dorsett deal. I liked Mitchells' size and he showed great hands.... it's a tough loss. But hopefully he'll be back for the playoff run.
  10. That stinks! Does this mean out for the year or is it "designated to return" after 6 games...? thanks
  11. Yeah, it is CRAZY to have 4 rib's like this. And if Lewis is back to where he was a couple years ago, look out.
  12. Here we go! Ready for some football? As far as fantasy, it's anyones guess. Will Gillislee be featured? Burkhead? How will Cooks do? Malcolm Mitchell hurt? Dorsett inactive for now? Let's take a look at Dwayne Allen.... Man, this will be good!
  13. That's cool that Hollister made it... \ Mike Reiss ESPN Staff Writer The Patriots had the following four players claimed by other teams on waivers: WR Austin Carr (Saints), TE James O'Shaughnessy (Jaguars), CB Kenny Moore (Colts) and OT Connor McDermott (Bills).
  14. What is Ingram now? I kept him in my keeper league but as an RB3/4, bye week filler. He has upside, esp. with injuries, but he's inconsistent (acknowledging weird NO situation), talented but inconsistent. Intriguing player to have on the bench with upside. If he's your #2 RB, not so good.
  15. Yeah, this is a bit of "better" news. I'm not sure if I should trade this guy or what. After AJ Green I have him and Brandin Cooks, both risky plays it seems. All this talk of running the rock is great until you're down 14.... and have to throw, throw, throw. There's hope.
  16. KC, Atlanta, Denver, Oakland, Pittsburgh.... Miami in Mia can be tough. That's about it and they'll win some of them too. Anywhere from 12-4 to 16-0.
  17. What a weapon to have for quick screens, dumpoffs. I look forward to this season.
  18. Cooks will be awesome and is a buy now.... but there are a lot of mouths to feed in NE so expect the occasional quiet game where Gronk is featured, Hogan, Edelman etc.... the Pats coach too well to predictably focus on one guy all the time, every game. The main positive is that Brady and him seem to be jibing already. If Brady doesn't feel it Cooks makes too many mental errors, drops... he will be a bust but that would be the longshot.
  19. Good point! At first I was like wtf, this sucks... but it'll hopefully mean a more heavy WR passing team will snag him.( But his first year there was pretty good: 87/1088/8........) I hope he lands fast- and he fits right in.
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