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  1. Tom Brady will surely be a bust... in the next 3-5 years.... and someday we will all turn to dust. But until then, enjoy this historic ride.
  2. Good for Pats, pretty high numbers to reach with all the mouths to feed. I would think Hawkins has to beat out Amendola to get a spot... too many players! lol
  3. It is amazing to think about, kept Butler (fingers crossed) added some good weapons, kept jimmy G......... downgraded at TE you could say but at least Allen is good if healthy, Gronk is the best if healthy. It will be an interesting year for sure.
  4. Yeah- Pats are ready to roll today, draft schmaft. But a couple 3rd rd. picks are sweet to have, maybe add a pass rusher. From the latest rumblings both Garapollo and Butler should be back... that would be great and worry about it again next year. Let's take a quick look at this: White, Gillislee, Burkheat (maybe Dion Lewis?)------ Edelman, Cooks, Hogan, Amendola, Mitchell------ Gronkowski, Allen My word, if Brady and gang stays healthy this team will be AWESOME on offense. Some teams are going to get smoked.
  5. Busy day, no word on the McCourty brother? It will be interesting to see what Butler does... Garoppollo..... and thank you Blount! 18 TD's is truly impressive.
  6. That would be crazy getting AP- but very intriguing. Blount gets relatively low money so why not sign him? Sign Butler? Hmmm... in this system, with White, lewis, and Bulkhead, it could be very interesting. Certainly some TD's to be had- and with more breakaway ability. But Blount is probably universally under-rated, pretty quick and somewhat shifty for a 260 lb guy. As long as Brady stays upright, good luck AFC east.... greatest show on turf is back.
  7. One thing this seems to indicate is that there was no deal made completely tied to the Cooks trade. there's a little more hope in Butler coming back to the Pats.
  8. Howard made some good saves, secure with the ball. BUT, watching on NBCUniverso, the commentators pointed out that if Howard holds his ground, the ball probably hits him in the chest. He's falling toward the near side for who knows what reason. The replay confirms this. The quick shot of him after the goal shows him, imo, knowing his gaffe/poor decision. You could say Howard cost them the win, whatever. He has cost the team wins before, notably in the World Cup, making strange decisions at crucial times. And then you get the good Howard, the reacting Howard. I don't know why he's starting again but he will cost them again, like tonight, in the future. His positioning at crucial times is too aggressive and it leaves him OUT OF POSITION. He needs to go. I thought they already knew that. 4 out of 6 points in this round isn't bad, and puts them back in it.
  9. Brady also gets the Cape from Dennis to Provincetown, all land north of Lynn, the NE Aquarium, his own Legal Seafoods, a personal train, and rights to Justin Bieber (can't be all good, must be some challenges).
  10. I'd sign Brady for 100 million for 10 years, all guaranteed - and a 20% stake in the team. That would be in partial payment for what Brady has done for the Patriots and their bottom line. We might hear some Butler news this week. Who knows about Garrapolo.
  11. That is correct, it would be the Saints 11th pick.... It might not happen but there is a chance, not "zero chance" (how do you know that, do you work for the Saints?) Saints sign him to offer sheet, Pats match....
  12. EEI had a rumor that they also recovered Von Miller's helmet and cleats from last years SB.... and the guys credentials were bogus. Whatever- this total loser should spend some time in a Mexican jail with a strong Pats fan base, see how it goes. There's more Butler rumblings, like a deal is in place with NO except the final guaranteed money #...... still up to Butler. Pats should AT LEAST hold NO for their 11th, the 32nd is way too little- but better yet, there's still hope that Butler stays a Pat.
  13. Offseason news---Brady's jersey(s) recovered... including the Seahawks SB jersey.
  14. 20-0... there will be a special game where the Pats play 4 Ditkas and 2 Chuck Norris, down to the wire but an incredible time-warping 78 yard Brady run seals the deal.
  15. You're right, no doubt. Nothing wrong with 3.9 mil- and separating both issues... we'll see what happens. But....KEEP BUTLER!!! lol It's be great if he plays for the tender, franchise him next year... It's hard to believe they would sign him to a similar contract as Gilmore, that's a lot of money at the CB position.
  16. The money or the success? The "success", like if they win another SB with Hightower and he has a few more great years in NE, could also translate into more money in the long run, post career, possible HOF, brand. Maybe that's not how everyone thinks but it's also smart. What I don't get is the Butler thing. They have the cap space, the kid seems like a great teammate, very good CB, instrumental in past success.... what's not to like? Why not pay him some freakin' money? Was the Gilmore signing a bit of panic or is there something else going on? It's baffling if they don't keep him.
  17. Ooh, I think Bulkhead would be a great addition. He is bigger than Lewis or White, probably around 220. Me like- and he has a burk head, harder than normal.
  18. I only go back to the days of Plunkett and Stingley, so yeah, relatively new. Real impressive list of WR's there... except Wayne who was already cooked and the knucklehead Johnson. The rest were lame rookies they tried to get on board- didn't work out. They have a good WR corp but adding Cooks makes it quite a bit better. The Pats are being unusually aggressive, adding strength to strength. They are being pro-active knowing Brady's window is 2-4 years at best. AND THEY WON THE SUPER BOWL and taking this attitude, what's not to like? Does it make you scared? Relax- we won the SB...... btw- James White is a running back, it's Amendola who might be in trouble.
  19. Really?! lol... THEY WON THE SUPER BOWL! They are not done making moves but have killed it so far..... added depth at CB and TE as Bennett left (Butler might be back at least for a year, we'll see). Strengthened the Def line (Guy and Ealy/ signed Branch) and added one of the best WR's in the league who is 23 or something? A guy who is only bested by Beckham and Brown in rec/yds/ TD's in the last 2 years....A rookie should have a harder time adjusting than a guy who has played with Brees, I wouldn't worry about that. Bellichick likes him and got him. Hightower is in play. Blount is in play. And.. WE WON THE SUPER BOWL!
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