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  1. They can't trade Butler unless he signs the tender... so he may have something worked out with NO... we should hear about it soon if there is a deal...
  2. Gilmore (Bills/CB) to the Pats... rumors of Brandon Cooks (maybe for Butler?) but the Gilmore deal looks like it's going to happen. IF Butler stays it's probably for one more year by the looks of it. Weird stuff going on! I don't know why they just didn't pay Butler but his agent may want too much... more to come....
  3. Pats turn down the #12 according to WEEI... more to come!
  4. Can you follow along and not make things up? It's not too hard to get, they need one QB to start and apparently that can take years for some teams but the urgency should be there. Good thing the Cowboys gambled on DAK but that worked out it seems. Without a QB you are toast in todays NFL: see Cleveland. I hope the Browns find one.
  5. That argument makes no sense.. of course you sell out. You keep selling out or whatever until you get a QB. Hopefully you pick better than the Rams but any NFL team should be desperate for a good to great QB.
  6. 3 years ago, yes. Now, mild annoyance. Surely, they will do some seemingly weird stuff, like trade Butler or keep Garrapolo, something.... and win their 12-14 games next year.
  7. No one knows. We don't know. He has looked good in a very short sample. He has played behind the best, in maybe the best system, under the best coach. I'd rather try a guy like this than a rookie, unless that rookie is off the charts on the measurable's, ala Andrew Luck. Of course it's still to be determined, but the smartly run teams, imo, should stop at nothing until a good QB is in place. In today's NFL, you are nothing until you have a good to great QB (although if you're an owner, you are super rich no matter what, and this surely factors in sometimes). I think they will trade him for a 1st and a 4th or thereabout.
  8. GREAT stats, I was wondering what the totals were.... thought there might be 4 TD's but I thing one last night was late 3rd..... those stats alone are off the charts, re-writing the record books, best ever.
  9. Wow- that was AMAZING!! So many stories, bad plays, big plays... Brady is the man. What a leader. From being dusted to coming back from 25 its to get the win. Enjoy this!!!
  10. It's going to be a problem. I'm sure they will get some speedsters to work against in practice. The D line did well to stay ON blocks, not shed players, to stay home against the Steelers- in effect matching Bell's patience with their own. Then Bell is out of the game... This is the kind of coaching they will get- and part of what makes the Pats the Pats. We'll see what they do, but doubling Jones is likely. Having to score about 40 points is also likely!
  11. There's no arguing with UNREASON. Believe what you want to believe but there is still only one GOAT and that's Tom Brady. When Rodgers rattles off 3SB wins in a row, or even 2, then there's a discussion. Until then, enjoy the ice-fishing!
  12. Can the OP just delete this thread and save a little face? We all make mistakes, no shame.
  13. He looked good, not as explosive as in the past maybe, but very good. He actually runs well between the tackles, career high in carries, over 80 yards. He says he's finally healthy. And yes, he did break the plane for a TD but they didn't challenge and Blount quickly got his 16th (a record).
  14. You should own Blount! lol He's been back FOUR games, they've given him a few carries and receptions here and there. He's a dynamic open field player, as we've seen all the way back to last year- he'll be involved, but the Pats could care less about fantasy. Like Hu-Tang implied, the Pats do these kind of things quite often, chances are he'll be more involved, just wait and see. Blount, White, and Lewis: very good trio right there.
  15. Agreed, he'll play a part down the road.. and he's working up to mid-season form, not there yet.
  16. GOAT! Great performance sans the pick but the game shouldn't have been that close. C Jones should never field a kick again, is he stupid or something? Sounds harsh but at least jump away from the ball??!! And then Slater... ALMOST a perfect storm. I thought the DEF looked good tonight, more creative, aggressive, and good tackling.
  17. Until deleted, this thread is a living curse for poor Rodgers. It must be destroyed.
  18. Wether he was worth "rostering in dynasty" was at the heart of the question a couple posts before. Thanks for the insight on the situation, might be worth a stash but it is disconcerting when so many rookie wr's have jumped right in and produced the last couple of years. Except for Diggs there doesn't seem to be much there and still zilch- even with a QB who can throw it.
  19. So he's a 5-8 year project? lol I might drop this guy for Quincy Enunwa?.......
  20. Any Minn homers see any chance for this guy? Is he that bad or is it a mental thing? Or both... Like a lot of us, I took this bum in the first round of our rookie draft and he doesn't even seem to be heading in the right direction. Is he worth rostering in dynasty? Does he practice with the team? lol
  21. Yeah, but the damage may already have been done i.e.: rushed back. Feet are important, Bills are not well run....
  22. Man, he good. And "stronger than he looks!" He might be the best in the NFL right now- and for years to come. Some would say Antonio Brown but AJ is right up there, top 3.
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