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  1. Brady + Gisselle >>> Bellichick. Who cares, neither is actually "greater", they are both great and both GOAT - in my opinion. It's like a symbiosis, but rest assured that Bellichick is not where he's at if Tony Eason is his QB the last 15 years. You could argue the same for Brady. It was a great game plan tonight and a dreadful performance from Houston. Brisette looked pretty bad on the long throws, looked pretty quick on the run. There are not a lot of very good teams in the NFL but the Pats are one of them.
  2. Maybe winning by 17 or more is a stretch, but I think the Pats would have had a MUCH better chance in Foxboro. The Pats had to go with a silent count in Denver and the Broncos did an outstanding job timing the rush with the snap, often getting enough of a jump to put Vollmer and Cannon behind the 8-ball. In Foxboro, Brady would have been able to use a hard count and vary it to help keep Denver from getting that jump. There's a lot of factors, the noise being a huge one... I don't think Gronk is sucking O2 on his back in Foxboro.... The stinking Pats/Brady trainwreck was still a missed PAT away from getting to overtime. Greg Bedard ,I thought, had a lot of good points including how lousy Brady played when he did have a little time, how they let the play clock go down too far letting the DE's tee off, etc etc etc. Whatever, it was a suckfest and the prescription for beating the Pats was filled. Bellichick and McDaniels hold a lot of responsibility for the loss too.
  3. oiii.... this was a lost opportunity for the Pats. Props to Denver. But it hurts....... Belichick's arrogance in not playing to win one of the last 2 games was probably the difference in at least having a crack at Carolina (who looked basic).
  4. The best thing you can do here is start running the ball, killing clock, keep your timeout. Get the clock WAY down, so you can score multiple touchdowns at the end and leave almost no clock for the opponent. Andy Reid
  5. Good matchup for the Pats. Who do you like, Brady or Manning? Brady of coourse. Should be good.
  6. OD'd? And released, at practice and all meetings the next day? Dude is tough if this is true. But the FPD got rid of the reports anyways (look for some shiny new cruisers in 2016, lol) JK, JK! It is weird that he went to the police first, whatever. Gronk not at a part of practice, check back tomorrow. All else looks good.
  7. If Maclin is out that would be a big blow to the Chiefs. Edelman is still a question mark as to how ready he'll be, but overall I'd say the AFC is theirs for the taking.
  8. Any injury updates? How is Edelman? Will he be a full go? I try to get info on ESPN and their Patriots "site" absolutely sucks and every time they update the format it's worse than before. I did see that Ebner has a cast on his arm- that sucks. Last thing anyone needs is to give up a big return... Amendola, Vollmer, Chung, McCourty, Gronkowski, Brady... WE NEED THESE GUYS!!!! It's interesting that.... we will miss the Steelers next game, Broncos are going with Manning (pick city), Chiefs have won 10 straight, Steelers have no D, Bengals can't win a playoff game, Houston is even in the playoffs... wild card weekend is almost there!
  9. Suh is a piece of garbage. If he doesn't get face masked he probably breaks Brady's leg. He's going for the legs long before he gets masked- Suh is a loser.
  10. It's almost tempting to send Garrapolo out there, lol. Miami always seems to play us so darn tough, hate that! It would be nice if the Pats just played better, and protected Brady a bit so he can do what he does.
  11. HUGE to have the bye locked up... with Den playing Cincy that could get us home field- or beat the Jets... This is the year of the injury across the NFl and the Pats are getting hit hard. Any Amendola news? It sounds like Chung and Hightower might be ok, Stork was out for personal reasons. Hicks played good from what I saw, Pats D is excelling.
  12. LaFell is going to continue to get better each week. All they need is some RB depth, it's go time. They might be looking at guys like McCarron, Ozweiller, Fitzpatrick etc in the playoffs, bring it on. Let's see if Alex Smith and Roethlisburger can even make it...
  13. No, he'll have big games but predicting them will always be tough. A good dynasty depth guy, with upside.
  14. bump this up. curious to see how bad these latest injuries are.....
  15. What a mess that was. LaFell looks bad, Martin is not NFL caliber, bad play calling, stupid mistakes, bad coaching, the list goes on. And yes, some poor QB play. It's infuriating when they do a totally STUPID, ill-advised, arrogant decision to do a pooch kick- there is no good justification for it. I think at that point they assumed this was a w. Except for the 35 unanswered points!!! They play with no urgency, weak play calling, basically play to lose, not to win. The o-line looked poor again... A lot is definitely correctable, but the lack of good wr's is a huge issue. I was amazed that they got to within a TD with all the mistakes for points they gave up. Who's to say Edelman is even near his old self when he comes back, no one knows. Amendola looked spritely but had a couple big drops. White looked good but was only leaned on in desperation mode. There is next to no intermediate passing. Brady could've had 4-5 picks, his long ball is off, over and over. Weird game.
  16. Some initial unofficial reports are that Gronk may have avoided serious injury, seen standing at his locker after the game... but we'll see. Hopefully just a hyperextended knee, week or 2 thing.
  17. I missed the Gronk injury, look bad? If he doesn't come back we're in trouble. Refs stunk tonight and seemed to call it Denvers way. Injuries led to Harper, Harper led to loss.... As far as the loss, not the worst thing, get it out of the way. The whole "undefeated" pressure is gone, still in good shape for home field, great shape for bye. I was surprised White didn't do more, Blount nothing. Sucked.
  18. When healthy he is a top back in this league, awesome player.
  19. What the hecks wrong with Collins? that's quite a flu. Rest them guys, we'll still beat the Giants. Sign Darryl Richardson for depth, let Blount and White do their thing. LaFell is back, Amendola looks good, healthy. It's go time.
  20. Kelce was on bye though. I'm taking draft day, so far Eiffert is the man. Kelce has had his moments but over all disappointing.
  21. Eiffert was the play, not Kelce! Doh! Good QB vs lousy QB/coach, the Reid Smith quagmire.
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