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  1. That's embarrassing. CK looks done, fried, mentally inadequate. And no help or game plan from the coaches, needs to be said. This guy requires intensive, focused ultra coaching and it's not there. Full rebuild mode, keep Hyde.
  2. Can LaFell come back this week? I thought I heard that he was ready...
  3. The concerning thing is that he relapsed and thinks (evidently) that it is no big deal.Didnt seem like a big deal considering the authorities did not pursue intoxication related charges despite manziel driving.Any relapse is a big deal.Having a few drinks is not a big deal, no. The haters, holier than thous, and brainwashed aggro aa minions are the only ones who feel otherwise but all of those groups are clearly driven by an agenda Yeah, this is very ignorant, unless you mean the agenda is to turn your life around..? Maybe? He was in a rehab for 2 months or something, usually normal drinkers don't go to rehab, actually normal drinkers NEVER go to rehab, not once. Wether he's an alcoholic or not, he will have to decide. But where there is smoke there may be fire, and we're not minions, just experienced.
  4. This could go any which way but I'm picking up Gray. It surprised a lot of people here in NE when they let him go- he's a good RB! He just couldn't get out of BB's doghouse or something. Otherwise it's a hold and hope LM emerges as the season progresses and Gray flames out again- but I think Gray may get his shot.
  5. That's good, Chandler probably won't get cut over the BYE week! lol jk I kinda like the early bye for this team and the younger players, as well as guys like Easley, LaFell etc to get healthy.
  6. Led the Bears in tackles last year... interesting. Nice move.
  7. Brady is good for 4-6 in this one, a big time wake up call for the Bills and Taylor. Welcome to the big time.
  8. Yeah- tough one. I've thrown out multiple offers (dynasty) but I want the world, lol. I was offered AJ green straight up but I'm wary. Dalton scares me, Romo is much better. If he's back and good to go by week 8 I think all is good. The Cowboys suck just enough to have to throw to win in most games.
  9. yeah, trade immediately!!! That's not the shark move, more like the puffer fish. This guy is $$$. What a ridiculous post, "a great talent", lol. Even more so when Smith loves throwing to anyone that's not a WR, at least for TD's. Watch Kelce play, use the eye test, he is dynamic, strong, quick for a big man, passes with flying colors. I would trade for Kelce if I didn't have him already, easy top 5 barring injury.
  10. Easley 1-2 weeks with a hip pointer, I believe Blount is back (only 1 game sus.), on to Buffalo. Interesting matchup but we'll see who punches who in the mouth- and how they react. Can Taylor air it out when he's down 14 and the Pats are moving the ball at will? We'll see.
  11. I thought he'd do better... but not bad and with Dez out he should trend up. Dunbar looked very good catching the ball.
  12. Suckfest... he's a bench warmer until he starts to prove it consistently. We'll see this week when the Pats put up some points on them and they need to throw. But the Bills looked good and have a lot of weapons, a good run game, young QB.... not good.
  13. step back... Down practically the whole game and Robinson has one catch? wtf is going on. wow
  14. We'll just see how it plays out. I think Randle could be a top 5 back this year if he stays healthy. WHO has the sones to start him!!? lol
  15. Butler played well enough, like so many, he needs to turn around, make a play on the ball. It was impressive how he was able to keep up with Brown on most plays. Chung in coverage, ughh! Not good. Solder partied too much with the new contract, sometimes looks dreadfully slow. Andrews and Mason looked good on the o-line. Dion Lewis a bright spot but please don't fumble. He was holding the ball too loose. The game could've easily been down to the wire but didn't turn out that way, Steelers looked demoralized in the 3rd quarter, no wonder when Brady is completing 16 or whatever in a row. A big win to start the season. Now Brady will humble the Bills D for around 340/4.
  16. Yeah, great show. My love for the Pats is even greater! Class organization, really smart people working there.
  17. It was amazing the ... "long and winding road" the Pats took last year and to get where they ended up. As wild a season as I can remember, like when there was talk of the total demise of Brady.... so it's good to temper early expectations. imo There's no one better at seeing the big picture of a season and planning accordingly than Bellichick. Even his in game view encompasses all 4 quarters, into their 2nd meeting later in the season (if there is one), all the way to late January. That's why he is a genius, among other things. I'm excited to see these new 3rd down type RB's do their thing, to see how the D line with guys like Easley (healthy) and Sheard, how Chandler fits in the mix (has to be better than Tim Wright), how Malcom Butler fares.... it's here faithful fans, forget the haters and enjoy greatness when it's in front of you!
  18. With Brady, no LeVeon, no Pouncey... at home, deflategate win, SB trophy, rings. There's just a lot going for the Pats in this one. And no QB is better at using what he has (no Lafell...) and Brady should be playing with a purpose. As far as a new D, I think the D-line should be better and a huge factor, good LB's, good safety, cornerback, not so sure. Hopefully they won't start out like last year!
  19. We have to wait for the cuts but it's trending that way, you just never quite know... make the team, then game day. A couple obvious keys for this team are the play of the O-line- and of the cornerbacks. Offense will be good, duh, D-line should be very good, good safety...
  20. I say nothing... the Cowboys are STUPID to let this guy go- Murray is the reason the offense opened up. I look for big things from Murray but especially a lot of TD's, first and goal carries, easily 15 TD's.
  21. I want to know if he's capable of a 85/1200/10- whoever the QB is. If he goes 68/870/4 it'll be a big disappointment and reality check. The problem here may be Rex Ryan who's philosophy of defense and run the ball is outdated and built to fail. If he is so dumb as to not figure out that you have to score points, and score early- and that is done by moving the ball through the air- he is truly a moron. The verdict is still out. He stuck with Sanchez way too long, did it again with Geno Smith, and now starts another green QB.
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