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  1. Well, if somebody would have let us start early in PA we could have been done by now.
  2. C'mon guys, knock if off and leave them to their usual misinformation.
  3. Can you fill me in on who this guy is that keeps getting quoted? His description on his twitter account doesn't tell me why he would be a reputable source...
  4. Sorry , not sure where you're coming from here. My post was in response to Snotbubbles grand plan... I was saying Trump would never help others, only himself... like your book or TV deal idea. Not sure what you're saying with your ego comment but we all know Trump's is the biggest so we agree on that.
  5. Oh boy, another October surprise. Have they never heard of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf"? At least its from a trustworthy source, a "Talent Manager" / James McCoy Taylor's booking manager.
  6. I'm one of the "FBG independents" voting for Biden, what kind of pain are we talking here? Don't hold back, I can take it, I just came from the hemorrhoid thread.
  7. Biden already did this. Sorry to use a partisan source but here you go.
  8. Coming out PRO-fascism seems like an odd strategy with less than a week left until the election.
  9. You really think Trump will spend his time "campaigning... around the country" for anyone other than himself?... especially "a sniveling coward"* like "Lyin' Ted"*. *Trump's words, not mine
  10. What a lame smoke screen... https://www.forbes.com/sites/michelatindera/2020/07/21/how-donald-trump-moved-millions-from-his-campaign-donors-to-his-private-business/#73dc251c735c
  11. LOL at many things here but especially the thought that Trump would ever do something to benefit someone other than himself.
  12. Thanks, I submitted the form and donated via Venmo with my FBG name in the comment.
  13. Hopefully I get in for the next one, still trying to get this stupid Venmo to work. Having trouble accessing the account I set up a while ago with different phone number and credit card info, one of which you need to validate your identity.
  14. I thought this was just you guys buying a bunch of tickets until I finally opened the thread but this sounds more fun, in for the next one.
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