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  1. No Nine Inch Nails? He's done a bunch of great instrumentals, hell, albums of them. Maybe I'm biased because it's my favorite band. A couple of my favorites: Nine Inch Nails – “Just Like You Imagined” (1999) Nine Inch Nails – “A Warm Place” (1994) Also, really like The xx - "Intro" (2009)
  2. First set of blind bidding last night in our SF TEP devy league, 24 teams, 2 sets of players... Collins, Nico HOU WR ($35.00) Rodgers, Amari GBP WR ($32.00) Mills, Davis HOU QB ($31.00) Eskridge, D'Wayne SEA WR ($30.00) Palmer, Josh LAC WR ($30.00) Stevenson, Rhamondre NEP RB ($20.00) Eskridge, D'Wayne SEA WR ($16.00) Palmer, Josh LAC WR ($15.00) Taylor, Tyrod HOU QB ($15.00) Atwell, Tutu LAR WR ($15.00) Gainwell, Kenneth PHI RB ($13.00) Fitzpatrick, Dez TEN WR ($11.00) Taylor, Tyrod HOU QB ($11.00) Tremble, Tommy CAR TE ($1
  3. We have season tix in Philly and face is around $100 per and demand moves the price up from there. I was just hoping that us sucking this year would lead to cheaper tix at games I was thinking of traveling to LV (and maybe CAR). [Oldmanrant]I agree that prices are getting pretty high to go to these games. If I take my kids that's 4 tix and $400+ even at face for us not taking into account any other costs to attend.[/Oldmanrant] That's why I'm glad we've had minor league sports move into the area. Good experience but much cheaper and much closer.
  4. Seriously? Was hoping to go to the Vegas game but $600+ a little steep for tickets. Eh, maybe go anyway and try and get some last minute tix or just go watch at Circa...
  5. Found this thread when I searched for "Keto". Looks like I'm late to the party. I decided I needed to get out of Covid shape as much as I could before multiple beach trips in July. Started with a personal trainer in the area getting all the info online. He's giving me workouts and what to eat every week since March. Started going to the gym by my office and recently have been going M-F before work. Based on my InBody scale, progress over that time (3/15 to 5/9) has been: Weight: 200.6 lb to 193.1 lb Skeletal Muscle Mass: 80.2 lb to 84.0 lb Body Fat Mass: 59.1 lb to 45.
  6. Already on a roster, Bolt, Killing Season, and Ghost Rider are most devy heavy... Fantasy Football: Face/Off Dynasty League Rosters Some guys were also in the dispersal draft... Fantasy Football: Face/Off Dynasty League Draft Results
  7. Here was our combined rookie / devy (only 2 years out eligible, 22/23) SF TEP draft. I just picked up the Grease team before the dispersal draft. QB, RB, WR, TE, 5 Flex, 1 SF. 24 teams and two copies of each player. Can only draft one copy as devy so at least one copy of each still available as rookies. Fantasy Football: Face/Off Dynasty League Draft Results (myfantasyleague.com)
  8. ⚫ Going with college buddies, but we're old now, in September. Was there once before like 20 years ago on a cruise stop or departure or something but that was it. Here's the house, what's good nearby?
  9. Way Too Early 2022 NFL Mock Draft: A Run on Quarterbacks in the Top Ten - The NFL Draft Bible on Sports Illustrated: The Leading Authority on the NFL Draft #1 Overall - Houston Texans: Malik Willis, QB, Liberty The Texans are reportedly coming to the end of the Deshaun Watson era. To replace the star passer, Houston selects arguably the 2022 NFL Draft class’s top signal-caller. Malik Willis has the ideal traits to thrive as a dual-threat quarterback in the NFL. His high-level running ability, strong arm and consistent ball placement should translate to the league immediately.
  10. The ridiculously early 2022 NFL mock draft | Touchdown Wire (usatoday.com) #2 Overall - Detroit Lions: Malik Willis, QB, Liberty Ok this might seem spicy for a few reasons… The Detroit Lions passed on the quarterback position with their first selection in the 2021 NFL draft, adding young and talented offensive tackle Penei Sewell. That likely means Jared Goff has at least one season to prove himself as the starter in Detroit. But if the Lions are picking where odds-makers believe they will be, then the Goff experiment likely has come to a sudden, and disappointing, conclusi
  11. 2022 NFL Draft: Rattler, Howell and the top 5 quarterbacks, ranked (fansided.com) #5 - MALIK WILLIS - QB Liberty Flames Malik Willis could be the best small-school candidate to crack the top 32 There are a few Group of 5 quarterbacks who could be first-round picks. While Cincinnati’s Desmond Ridder and Nevada’s Carson Strong are quality candidates for this distinction, it would be foolish to overlook Malik Willis over at Liberty. The Flames could be a candidate to come out of the Group of 5 this year like Ridder’s Bearcats did a season ago. Hugh Freeze will coach Willis up.
  12. A Way-Too-Early Look at the Potential 2022 NFL Draft QB Class Trey Lance showed that small-school quarterbacks can get drafted early, getting selected No. 3 overall on Thursday after starring at North Dakota State. Malik Willis has a chance to follow in Lance's footsteps by becoming a first-round pick out of Liberty. The Flames made the leap from competing in the FCS to the FBS as an independent in 2018, giving Willis another chance to show what he can do against tougher competition. The Auburn transfer became a full-time starter in 2020 after sitting out the previous campaign b
  13. Liberty QB Malik Willis could be next 'breakout' quarterback (distinctathlete.com) Liberty QB Malik Willis could be next ‘breakout’ quarterback Distinct Athlete May 3, 2021 Coming into the 2020 college football season, BYU quarterback Zach Wilson wasn’t on anyone’s radar as a future first-round pick, but he had a tremendous season and wound up becoming the No. 2 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. When looking for a quarterback who could do the same thing in the 2021 season, it might be worth keeping an eye on Liberty’s Malik Willis. Following last weekend’s draft, FO
  14. 2022 NFL draft: Who is the next quarterback riser? (usatoday.com) Malik Willis, Liberty It might be stretching the definition of “riser” to include Malik Willis in this piece, as there are many “way too early mock drafts” that include the Liberty quarterback in the first round. Still, if you have not studied Willis, you need to change that immediately. After starting his career at Auburn he transferred to Liberty for the 2020 season and took over as the Flames’ starting quarterback. In ten games he completed 64.2% of his passes for 20 touchdowns and just six interceptions, and he led
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