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  1. Week 1: Bucs Week 2: Browns Not comfortable with the Pack, also that R-E-L-A-X quote after the 1-2 start in 2014 was after a loss to the Lions. Also don't like MNF games in survivor, have to wait longer and crazy things seem to happen more often (see last week, and I was there!).
  2. RIP Norm, one of the best. One of my more memorable interview saves... Chairman of the Board
  3. I took the monorail from Excal to MB and it looked like they closed off a big lot between Luxor and MB and put up a huge screen and stands and tables for a tailgate party type thing. They covered the side of the pyramid facing it with a huge Raiders banner. I think the combination of everyone wearing all black, 100+ temps, barely any clouds in what is basically a dry desert environment is going to be tough on tailgating early in the season. Should be great late in the season and when you guys get to host a Superbowl.
  4. How about that game? Sorry I didn't get down there soon enough to grab a beer. I was up towards the north end of the strip at the convention center and got out later than I was hoping and then it took a while to get down to the stadium. Just ended up walking because Uber's were surging of course and it would have been as much of a walk to and from the monorail as it was to just walk down there. It took me about an hour to get down there and I made it just after the game started. Ended up getting a 300 level ticket on Stubhub for a little over $100. Had Ravens fans in front of me, Raiders season ticket holders behind me and was next to 3 guys from the same convention that were a Colts fan, a Packers fan, and a guy from the UK that we were explaining the game to. It was a great game and a really cool experience. Our section was in one of the corners over by the torch so we were right over by Ice Cube too. What was also crazy was ~70,000 Raiders fans dumping out onto the strip all at the same time and the wave that swept over casinos as I walked back north from the stadium, was pretty fun especially after a win like that. Hope you guys had a great time at the game!
  5. Pick is on the wrong side, smash accept.
  6. Did you just do it through Ticketmaster or another site? Looking for best option to not get killed on fees.
  7. Still almost a $3MM overlay for Circa Survivor.
  8. Well, that was more sweat than I expected but onto week #2...
  9. Not stupid but in the moment I second-guessed this call by Arians. Final TB Drive: 1st & 10 at TB 37 (0:55 - 4th) (No Huddle, Shotgun) PENALTY on TB-D.Smith, False Start, 5 yards, enforced at TB 37 - No Play. They're now back at 1st & 15 at TB 32 Tampa has the choice to keep their last TO and take a 10 second runoff to 0:45 or use it and stay at 0:55. Of course it ended up working out but with less than a minute and around 40 yards to get into FG range I would think it would benefit you to hold onto the timeout to keep the threat of a pass into the middle of the field alive so the defense can't completely focus on the sidelines? Or to use if you need to bring on the kicking team in a hurry. Would you take the TO or the 10 second runoff there?
  10. Virtual tie with Canada for 2nd with same points, GD, goals for and against.
  11. From the land of soccer, South Jersey, a couple towns over from Carli Lloyd and Peter Vermes.
  12. Not sure the helmets were necessary.
  13. Drinking water and making hand gestures?
  14. Baltimore who lost their starting RB and has a bunch of banged up receivers on the road in Vegas for the Raiders first game in front of the home crowd in the new stadium on MNF? I agree with taking the surest thing in week 1 because there's so much we don't know about these teams until they play a game or two together. I also like picking good teams over picking against bad teams when possible. I don't see Tampa losing their post-SB home opener vs the Cowboys especially now minus Zack Martin.
  15. I'm starting to regret paying $5 for Paramount+
  16. I may have looked too much at the math and spreading out the bye hits instead of using my gut: QB (3) - $38 RB (6) - $76 WR (6) - $61 TE (3) - $55 K (3) - $8 D (3) - $12 Money on bye per week: W6 - $16 W7 - $57 W8 - $34 W9 - $22 W10 - $27 W11 - $19 W12 - $30 W13 - $17 W14 - $28
  17. General question about trading pre- or post- week 1 for a dynasty rookie. Who are/were you trying to acquire before week 1 expecting their value to go up? (Could also be: who are you holding onto because you think their value will go up after week 1?) Who are/were you trying to sell before week 1 expecting their value to go down? (Could also be: who are you trying to get rid of because you think their value will go down after week 1?) I think generally the guys with injury questions marks like Saquon, maybe Dak, etc value will immediately go up if they can go out in week 1 and show that they're healthy. I think generally the rookies that everybody is high on after their rookie drafts will drop a bit if they don't get much usage to start. Are you planning on taking advantage of any last minute preseason uncertainty and who are you targeting?
  18. Fair, lopsided, or crazy? Superflex, QB, RB, WR, TE, 5 Flex, 1 SF Team A (win now) gets: Dak Prescott & D'Andre Swift Team B (building) gets: Trey Lance & Justin Fields & Travis Etienne
  19. @DA RAIDERS Thanks for checking in, I've been posting in the Vegas thread too. I'm now flying in on Saturday so I can get in a full football Sunday out there. I realized that no matter how early I tried to get out there on Sunday, I was going to miss the 1:00 (10:00) games. Staying at the Hilton at Resorts World during the conference (Sun-Tues nights) since its close and I got a good rate with no resort fees but staying at Vdara Saturday night. There was a show rate much cheaper on Sat nights than my Hilton rate. Still interested it going to the game Monday night but haven't been keeping an eye on tickets. I figured best option would be to wait until (past) the last minute when people panic and drop prices instead of eating the tickets. You guys planning on tailgating in the lot or somewhere on the strip or nearby? I'm definitely going to check out Circa at some point and was thinking about hitting the Circa Stadium Swim for the 1:00 (10:00) games. Unfortunately the hotel was all booked up so have to pay to get in as a guest, I think its like $50 and that only gets you entry. @Drunken Cowboy will also be in town for FFPC and he said he's staying at Planet Hollywood and already reserved a table over there for the games but not sure what games / times that covers. They're flying out Sunday night so won't be around for MNF though.
  20. Reading The Broken Earth series (author won the Hugo 3x in 3 years for this) after this somewhat awkward exchange on Twitter involving the authors of both that series and Wool. About halfway through and enjoying it so far although different that the typical sci-fi I'm interested in, although not too fantasy / magical for me yet.
  21. Same team that traded away Saquon just traded away Aaron Jones for a 1st and 2nd from the team that won the Championship last year. 24 and 26 years old too old for RBs for him and full rebuild I guess?
  22. Price check on Teddy Bridgewater in SF (best ball)? I just joined the league and picked him up late in the dispersal draft hoping he'd land the starting job so I could flip him and here we are. Not sure if I should try to move him now for what I can get or wait and see if someone that's contending needs an extra QB (if he keeps the job). While I'm asking, I'm also in the same situation with Tyrod Taylor grabbing him late in the same dispersal draft.
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