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  1. Can any homers check in here, please? They have a good OL apparently so why not deploy/use him more as a receiver? Is it just a matter of him being young at a position that takes time to get down? Have your views changed on him at all for dynasty?
  2. A little housekeeping & finish up my draft.... Housekeeping -- I had already made picks for round 8/9 but they don't show up in the googlesheet (no worries about that from me, btw).... Round 8/9 picks Round 10 -- Sting, for @rockaction Bring on the Night (r86) Soul Cages (91) Round 11 -- John McLaughlin Live at the Royal Festival Hall (r'89), Tokyo Live (r'93) The Heart of Things: Live in Paris (r'98) Round 12 -- Rush Signals (82) Time Machine: Live in Cleveland 2011 (r'11) R40 Live (r'15)
  3. @Eephus, I'm going to need a ruling on my second PG album, por favor. 8th round -- Andy Summers Earth and Sky ('04) -- Earth & Sky Last Dance of Mr. X ('97) -- Rumpelstiltskin 9th round -- Peter Gabriel Secret World Live (r95) -- Full concert video / album here Passion: Music for The Last Temptation of Christ ('89) -- Eephus, this is indeed a soundtrack (to Scorses's film); but, he's the composer for all of it -- your call.
  4. I was crushed when you took Aja.... ....but glad a true fan took him. I hope I get to read your story in due time.
  5. 7.07 -- Steely Dan Gaucho, '80 Amongst their kajillion hits, I think 'Time Out of Mind' gets overlooked. Alive in America, '95 The best version of 'Kid Charlemagne' I've ever heard
  6. 6.19 -- Norah Jones Feels Like Home, '04 Live in 2007, '07 My favorite....this rendition live from her living room
  7. 5.07 -- Led Zeppelin Song Remains the Same, '76 Celebration Day, '07 -- Another farewell/reunion , this time with Jason instead of Bonzo. @Mrs. Rannous
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