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  1. Usually a "big board" is not meant to be a mock draft where he calls which-players-to-which-teams -- usually it simply means how he views the top prospects in order (as he appears to do in this case).
  2. This is what I meant when my original post mentioned linear travel.... .... and I see that a poster that liked your response (rhymes w/ Rinn Rein) has offered the same thought recently. Now please allow me to paraphrase your position(s). There is absolutely no way this is possible since I can neither imagine the technological non-linear means of travel --nor-- conceive of why they would be interested in coming here.
  3. I've seen posters mention this and it really bugs me. Because our pea-brains (relatively?) can only conceive of linear travel (or "worm-hole-travel"), this means that these are the only means of travel possible? We've evolved from horse buggies-to-unmanned spacecraft within 120-ish years. Quantum physics as we know it didn't even exist then -- yet the Pavlovian reaction to some in these threads is "No way" -- never mind that ET species may be thousands/millions of years further evolved. And it's not merely their technology that would be more evolved over these greater periods -- their con
  4. (1) Congrats to Scoobus and the other fellas at the top! (2) I have no problem finishing outside of the top-3 since there are many knowledgeable folks here. I am surprised, however, that (in pantheon) two people gave me 3 & two people gave me 5 -- out of curiosity (for those raters): was it either because of Russ Westbrook being a selfish PG -or- my reliance on career rankings? Just curious.... (3) I want to reiterate something I alluded to above -- there are many knowledgeable folks from this draft & I learned from all y'all. (4) Thanks to @Yo Mama (5) What &
  5. BL, any thoughts on Quintez Cephus? I think he could be a valuable #2/possession-type -- (dis)agree?
  6. On a make-believe team where how players "gel" is all speculation, I simply decided to focus on drafting a team as well balanced in stats (facts) that I could. As long as (1) the supposed logic in their play (i.e. spacing between a driving PG, slashing Dr J, & outside-the-arc-Reggie Miller) -and- (2) talent (again, numbers don't lie) are top-shelf....I have zero problem with the end result, let alone bickering over how other people believe they'll jibe as a team. I don't believe Tony Parker has more credibility than Stockton because of his hardware. The same can be said for Worthy vs. Clif
  7. You're bringing up one metric that I truly care nothing about. Zero....zilch. If that comes back to bite me....so be it.
  8. I started to address this because I knew it would come up.... On a serious note: - You are correct in that he's never won anything....but.... - Russ did play second fiddle to KD 7/8 years -- considering he was distributing the ball, doesn't appear too selfish. - Other than 3 anomalous years (out-of-12), he's been top-5 in assists every year -- not very ball-hog-ish. Look, I get that there is this perception (which is why I approached the subject from the beginning). But I also wonder whether Oscar Robertson also had this perception -- the "new Oscar" of triple dou
  9. I asked & you delivered. I get that you were over the top -- no prob, but re: your critique: - Yes, Reggie Miller isn't going to scare anyone on defense (which is why I needed someone like Eddie). - Yes, stretch 5's will be tricky to defend. - Russ being a defensive liability is flat wrong -- following is how he's ranked in steals for each individual year(not in chronological order): 2, 3, 4, 4, 5, 5, 8, 8, 14, 17. He may be re-known for offense/triple doubles but is still very strong defensively. - Perhaps the word "dominant" isn't the appropriate word when facing
  10. I wanted to give another chance for others to weigh in on my team, as well as to offer add'l details & differentiate between my/other teams. My question from my post was: please let me know of any weakness – in which area is this team not dominant? I wanna hear it. With reference to my team's individual career rankings.... - All teams have titans but none moreso than my team in terms of both offense & defense. - One could say that, from a pure stat-perspective, a well-balanced team would like to have at least one of the top-16 (or 32, or 48) at each major stat. <--
  11. Embiid hasn't ever been all-NBA first team & yet he "has seperated himself into the top 5 centers of all time already". Oookay
  12. Blackhat with Chris Hemsworth — didn’t think I’d like any movie with the Thor guy but this was pretty entertaining — directed by Michael Mann if that makes a difference....
  13. A few questions: - Is Dolan (guy who banned Oakley?) still the owner? - Is Isaiah Thomas in any way still affiliated with the team? - You may not have been paying attention at the time, but what were your thoughts on Melo? - The replays may disgust you but can you at least respect that whole Reggie Miller, 20 (or whatever) seconds, Spike Lee thing? - Assuming you go to MSG on occasion to watch a game, what beverage/snack would a hawk buy? - Favorite Knick enforcer from when you were a fan: Oakley, Mason or (for a short time) Xavier McDaniel
  14. higgins’ Pantheon squad Read thru & let me know of any weakness – in which area is this team not dominant? I wanna hear it. Career rankings of Pantheon squad PG -- Russell Westbrook SG -- Reggie Miller SF -- Dr. J PF -- Elvin Hayes C -- Artis Gilmore ------------ C/PF -- Dikembe Mutombo PG -- Maurice Cheeks SG/SF -- Eddie Jones ------------ Let’s start with the obvious: if you think Westbrook will be too toxic/selfish, think again. After Cheeks briefly replaces him, Artis/Elvin will give Russ a menacing glare with Di
  15. (1) I wouldn't take Gilmore over Shaq either. I would however take Elvin over KG (he's all-time #12 in pts & #6 in rebounds for legitimate reasons). I'd definitely take my entire front court (including SF) over yours. (2) There is no way I'd choose all-defensive teams, etc. over career stats. Wanna know what's happened in the past when all-time players/teams were decided by a hodge podge of various groups? On 4 occasions, the Defensive Player of the Year was not even included in the all-defensive team: Marc Gasol in 2013, Tyson Chandler in 2012, Dikembe Mutombo in 1995, and Alvin R
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