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  1. Link to my original post FRONT-COURT CAREER RANKINGS higgins 70's roster C -- Artis Gilmore -- already covered in above link PF -- Elvin Hayes -- already covered in above link SF -- Dr J -- already covered in above link SG -- Gus Williams -- #16 career steals/gm; #86 career assists PG -- John Lucas -- #28 career assists; #82 career steals I already covered my front-court -- 2nd link above had their career ranks. No other front-court approaches the neighborhood of their career rankings (period). The back-court does not consist of all-time legends, b
  2. Mods, is there any way we can get an "Official", as well as some asterisks, added to the title? TIA
  3. higgins 10’s squad Who do you draft when you have one of the most productive players of all-time in Westbrook? Especially in the modern NBA? You surround him with outside shooters & efficient interior shooters that majorly block & rebound There is no disputing –or- egos regarding who gets the ball on this team. It’s Westbrook surrounded by players that stay in their lane and play their top-rated offensive/defensive roles. 3’s Korver (old guard) & Hield (new guard) Korver – old guard: #1 in 3-Pt FG% 9/10, 13/14, 14/15, 16/17; 4
  4. higgins' 2000's squad I didn't put too much focus on this decade but, based upon the draft capital I used, I'm happy with the way things turned out from a "team"-perspective. PG -- Larry Hughes SG -- Corey Maggette SF -- Richard Jefferson PF -- Zach Randolph C -- Theo Ratliff General Team makeup The inside will be ably manned by Zach Randolph (offense-wise) and Theo Ratliff (defense-wise). The frontcourt will be surrounded by 3 "modular" backcourt players, "Modular" referring to each of them being a versatile 6'5" -to- 6'7" plus athlete. Offense
  5. Review for higgins' revamped Run TMC (plus D) Run Tim Hardaway, Reggie Miller, Clifford Robinson - PG Tim Hardaway - SG Reggie Miller - SF Eddie Jones - PF Clifford Robinson - C Dikembe Mutombo Individual career rankings per basketball reference
  6. higgins 90’s squad This is a great team-blend of both offense and defense where you can actually visualize the how’s and why’s of their domination. You remember the short-lived Run TMC, Don Nelson’s early Warriors squads. A lot of scoring but not much defense, right? They may have only played together for 2 years but their style of play is what my 90’s squad will emulate offensively. Please allow me to introduce the new Run TMC…. [with D] - PG Tim Hardaway - SG Reggie Miller - SF Eddie Jones - PF Clifford Robinson - C Dikembe Mu
  7. Good call, DB -- now I too shall reintroduce my team -- you want the full rundown, it's here. Winning with: (1) Passing Cheeks & Theus (#14 & #29 in assists). Cheeks, a traditional passer & Theus, a 6'7" scorer with passing skills. (2) Rebounding Buck Williams & Tarpley are formidable. Don't believe Tarp's rebounding prowess? Check out the post and double-check the stat on basketball reference. (3) Defense The guards are highly regarded in steals. Bball reference stats confirm the frontcourt are defensive bulls..
  8. higgins 80's squad PG Maurice Cheeks SG Reggie Theus SF Xavier McDaniel PF Buck Williams C Roy Tarpley I’ll keep it simple -- this team will be enormously successful due to 3 basic components, 2-of-which they'll be far better at than any team they face. 1. Passing 2. Rebounding 3. Defense Passing Both guards on this team have extensive point guard experience. While Cheeks is #14 in career NBA assists all-time, Theus ranks # 29. While Cheeks will take on the traditional PG role, Theus will be a productive scorer wit
  9. I wasn't around for the 60's judging -- quick question: There were compliments to BL's judging comments -- are comments/rationale required from each of the judges -or- simply list the 1-16 rankings? I'll PM to YoMama shortly (depending to the answer to the above question).
  10. higgins 70's roster C -- Artis Gilmore PF -- Elvin Hayes SF -- Dr J SG -- Gus Williams PG -- John Lucas <-- 2-of-his-3 top assist years were in the 70's rather than the 80's -- I think that works well for a point guard I'LL LEAVE THIS LINK HERE TO SHOW THEIR CAREER RANKINGS. NOOO THIS IS NOT MY PANTHEON TEAM -- THIS IS MY 70'S DECADE TEAM!!1!!
  11. Okay, folks -- sorry for the necessary interlude/draft fatigue but since I didn't even start my 60's drafting until the end I knew I'd get a '1' (deservedly so) and a break -- a couple things: (1) Our fearless leader wanted each of us to judge at least 3 decades w/o a max number of judges (the more the better). So I'm assuming I can judge the 70's, 80's and 90's -- would that be acceptable? (2) Since the 70's ranking is about to start, I'll punch out my write-up by tonight -- is that acceptable? Gracias....
  12. Folks, I'll select my 60's by the end of the night (can you please wait until then?) -- thanks!!!!
  13. Otis’ OP has a good point but the wrong conclusion over how we could hypothetically rectify it. To magically eliminate history wouldn’t necessarily solve anything (except the ME wars on end ). BUT to magically erase how people were raised would make a greater difference— that whole “babies aren’t born haters....”, nurture thingy and all....
  14. And, just for the record, all of my 70's / 80's / 90's / 00's / 10's rosters are complete! I will now START with my 60's squad! STILL ON SKIP while I do 60's research....
  15. 25.13 -- Hassan Whiteside, 10's C. I'll move Serge Ibaka to 10's PF. Now up-to-date (for the time bing)....
  16. Regarding above Lucas post.... I'll move my earlier 70's PG (Gus Williams) to 70's SG.
  17. Somewhat controversial pick but, considering his PG position AND the fact that 3/4 of his most productive assist years came in the 70's.... 24.04 -- John Lucas, 70's PG. If he gets dinged, he gets dinged....
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