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  1. Very true. Also, restitution (as I have come to understand it) is not just about "making good" to those you have wronged, and thus "owe", but also necessary in order to heal yourself. I think it worked for me, and my sincere desire is that others can find the healing it offers as well. To the victims (which I now realize I have omitted), restitution is often never enough to fully pay the debt, but it is the best that is possible, imo. As you can see, I'm still working to find words - I may have more later - thnx for hearing.
  2. I wanna add somethin': When I stated earlier that I felt sorrow for the manipulated in this event, it wasn't meant as absolution. A large part of that sorrow I feel, is about the restitution required. I've paid that price myself, for mistakes I've made; and I know that it is necessary.
  3. Same to ya, pal. Things been getting much better on my personal front; family is doing well. I briefly checked in early on the 6th to follow events, and we all saw what then occurred. I have few words to express how I feel on that front. It's not that I don't have strong feelings, but coalescing them into paragraphs is not easy for me. I have much wrath at the manipulators (on all fronts) and much sorrow for the manipulated. Problem is; it's sometimes hard to distinguish the line. That leaves me in a grey mood. But, I do what I can - where I can - and try to have faith and hope for the rest. I'm gonna try to be around more, but I've said that before; so ... Edibles help ...
  4. Considering the times, things have been great here, GB. And the trip was excellent. We shall do it again once things get more normal.
  5. I went to a new geriatric doctor with my 83 yo mother yesterday. During the exam, he performed the same test. Mom passed. I failed.
  6. I think this is good, and I agree. Unfortunately, I have some family and friends that I love dearly that have been swept up by some of the more outlandish "theories" propagated on social media. So, I won't say it is a "large proportion" of the population, cause I have no clue on the actual number. However, for me, it is a "significant proportion" - not significant as in necessarily large, but significant in its importance to me. I care about them.
  7. Since I'm commenting tonight, I'll try to explain why 80's post prompted me to chime in. It is not about whether the "tweets" (or whatever a parler post is called) are legit; it is about their existence and potential negative impact on susceptible eyes and ears. Optimists hoped that the recession of DJT could help recede some of the thinking displayed here. If this phenomenon continues and/or grows by dumping Trump for bigger and better things - well - that optimism diminishes. I'm not always an optimist, but I like to think the potential exists. Hope that makes sense.
  8. You're a good man, 80's. I've said it often and will say it again.
  9. Thanks Nick. Honestly, my ability to put my thoughts to word cycles. Sometimes, I can express things - other times I only produce smoke. Currently, I'm pretty smokey. But, I can say that I prolly should have clarified that my wrath lies much more with the manipulators than the manipulated. Thus, the sorrow.
  10. Good to hear about the team. I like good news. Wish ya the best of seasons ... unless/until ya meet me Cardinals! 🐦 On the rest, I wish I had the words to express my feelings, but alas - I lack the word ability. My user-name must suffice ... tho, I do believe the "Constant" is hyperbole. 😃
  11. I was gonna comment on this, but decided against getting banned. Thus ... I really like the new avatar. The lights are sweet!
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