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  1. Are you talking about NFL or fantasy value? I'd argue that if he goes to the Bears, he makes them a contender more than Dallas or LV.
  2. Now they are saying that Darnold might the the Bears next target.
  3. So what’s plan B? Fitz? I think Watson and Carr would cost too much.
  4. That's what I don't get. Everyone says Pace is dumb for trying to get Wentz, saying he's terrible, but it's very smart for the colts to do the same. I was OK with the Bears going for Wentz. That said, I'm also OK with the Bears moving on. The question is, what is plan B?
  5. But that's my point. It was smart for the Bears to ask, but Philly waited. Philly would have been better off taking the better offer immediately instead of waiting. Now it looks like that ship has sailed and Philly will have to take Indy's lesser offer. If Indy was smart, with no other offers on the table, they'd say instead of two seconds plus so something, now we're offering one second and something.
  6. I thought Pace was bad. Who is making the decisions there in Philly? Unless Wentz has a no-trade clause in his contract (which I haven’t read anywhere), Philly should just trade him to whoever is offering the most. If it’s the Bears, so be it. It makes sense for the Bears to want to be sure he’s happy coming to Chicago, but why should Philly ask Wentz where he wants to be traded to? What if he says he wants to go to Indy? Do they take a lesser deal to accommodate him? Makes no sense to me.
  7. From a fantasy perspective, where would the best landing spot be for Ertz?
  8. Prior to his suspension, I think Fuller was providing great value relative to expectations and draft position.
  9. Expectations were lower this last year than in previous years, but I think Gurley should be considered for this “award”.
  10. I probably agree with Robinson, but I think Montgomery should be in the discussion.
  11. Another vote for Thomas. Tonyan would be my second choice. Third would be Graham. No one expected anything from him last season.
  12. So you agree with going for Watson and giving up a bunch load of picks over the next few years to do so?
  13. I don’t see that going over well in any city let alone Philadelphia. And if you don’t move him but he isn’t your starting QB, it’s still, in a sense, dead money.
  14. I would definitely take Wentz for two seconds and Foles.
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