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  1. If Rodgers wanted to maintain control of his job security, he shouldn’t have signed his last contract. Brady signed a couple of short term deals to do just that. He signed the contract a few years back, and now wants a better deal?
  2. I don't see many (if any) teams paying a King's ransom for Rodgers. Why should they? GB will either let him retire or take the Best Offer Available, which most teams know they can lowball. GB can either take a lowball offer or get nothing in return.
  3. 1. Rodgers already has a contract and is signed for another two or three years. 2. But yet their offense was one of the better ones in the league. It's their D that needs to be improved to stop opponents from scoring as much. 3. ? 4. TB has a solid defense. And most of Brady's SB teams didn't have that many offensive weapons. 5. All that says is that they don't know how to draft defensive players well and have to try again every year. And who says offensive superstars can only be found in the first round?
  4. Mel Kiper likes him. Says he’s been productive at NC. I guess Pace is going value and didn’t see much at CB at this juncture.
  5. Yea, learn from Brady for five years just in time for your contract to expire and to take your skills elsewhere.
  6. Mills, Mond, and Trask all still available?
  7. The third rounder kinda hurts. Our next pick isn't until round six?
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