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  1. All I need is 2.6 points tonight. Oy.
  2. Fortunately I have Crowder on a bye this week who I can drop or trade for someone like Beasley as a stopgap solution. I am down by 5 points. Question is whether he will accept the offer. Argh. LOL.
  3. I am hoping that Gruden’s departure ends up being a good thing for Jacobs. Any Raiders fans have any thoughts or insights? What are you hearing?
  4. Have any waiver wire picks this year made a significant impact? I don’t recall seeing any that might be lottery tickets yet. I have been waiting at the top WW position all season but still don’t see anyone worth picking up.
  5. Step 1: Trade Dalton now to a QB needy team (not Foles) and start Fields the rest of the year Step 2: Fire Pace Step 3: Fire Nagy as soon as a new GM is hired Easy. 1-2-3.
  6. I don’t think it would have reported that they agreed to seek a trade if they were going to hold on to him.
  7. Who might that be? NYJ NE Baltimore Texans (probably not in the division) Rams Falcons 49ers (just kidding)
  8. Do you really think BB could be convinced to do something he doesn't want to do? He's been successful because he makes his own decisions.
  9. It’s not Zeke, it the play calling and Dak. Ridiculous.
  10. Dallas D is not stopping TB’s offense at all tonight. Their best D would be to RUN the ball to keep them off the field. 4 carries for Zeke in the entire half? They are luck they are still in this.
  11. I’m planting my flag for both Ridley and AJ Brown being top 5 WRS - with Ridley ending up as WR1. Bonus: Zeke is also a top 5 RB.
  12. Players I got late: Shenault, J Jeudy, Callaway, Antonio Brown, J Meyers, Gainwell, R Stevenson, Jarwin.
  13. 55. I started here when FBGs first started. I forgot the original name but was a low “double digit” member.
  14. I wouldn’t risk starting him against the Rams and Darnold with the O Line in its current state.
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