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  1. Do you really think BB could be convinced to do something he doesn't want to do? He's been successful because he makes his own decisions.
  2. It’s not Zeke, it the play calling and Dak. Ridiculous.
  3. Dallas D is not stopping TB’s offense at all tonight. Their best D would be to RUN the ball to keep them off the field. 4 carries for Zeke in the entire half? They are luck they are still in this.
  4. I’m planting my flag for both Ridley and AJ Brown being top 5 WRS - with Ridley ending up as WR1. Bonus: Zeke is also a top 5 RB.
  5. Players I got late: Shenault, J Jeudy, Callaway, Antonio Brown, J Meyers, Gainwell, R Stevenson, Jarwin.
  6. 55. I started here when FBGs first started. I forgot the original name but was a low “double digit” member.
  7. I wouldn’t risk starting him against the Rams and Darnold with the O Line in its current state.
  8. 1. Allen Robinson. Always put up good fantasy numbers but now he has a good QB. 2. McLauren. He’s the WR1 in Washington and now has Fitz. 3. Very talented WRs but he’s 1A with Cooper. Other good receivers and TEs there as well. Dallas has a tougher schedule than the other two. NOTE: Reverse the order in a keeper/dynasty league.
  9. I find it interesting that everyone is downgrading Taylor because of the QB situation, but Kamara gets a pass with two mediocre QBs, one of which vultures TDs. We at least know that Taylor will get the volume as well as the GL carries.
  10. And that’s my point I guess. If they played the same role, I wouldn’t think it would affect Adams at all. But Rodgers loves Cobb and might look for him more in the slot. I don’t think Rodgers basically forced the Packers to trade for him just for him to sit on the bench.
  11. Opinions of Pitts and how he will perform in his rookie year vary. But in a keeper league redraft, I’m having a hard time gauging which round he should be taken.
  12. So how would bringing back Cobb, per Rodger’s request, effect Adams’ numbers? I think the ball will be spread around more now and it will be difficult to replicate his status as the best FF WR again.
  13. I can’t set a precedence and have players dictate their demand. More money for him means less money for everyone else and less chance to be competitive. He signed a contract. Play or retire. He’s not irreplaceable. He can deal with the fans and teammates himself.
  14. Why threaten retirement at all? If he doesn’t retire and reports to camp, he’s just being petty. If he doesn’t report to camp and does not retire, he WILL get fined unless the Packers forgive him. If he DOES retire then comes back next year, he loses respect from the fans and his teammates since they also lose a year. The Packers, with or without his input, put together a good team that are contenders. I’m not sure what more he wants. He is coming off worse every day.
  15. So what tier do we slot him in? Mixon/Gibson-ish, Carson/Montgomery-ish, or Gaskin/Sanders-ish? Higher? Lower?
  16. So looking back over the past few years, do we have any data on this Strategy? Has anyone won a championship using zero RB?
  17. So with Julio coming to town, is AJ Brown still a FF top 12 WR1? Is Julio? Where would you rank Brown?
  18. Santos is being ranked somewhere in the low to mid twenties range. Why? He finished as the #9 kicker in my league last year and I think the Bears will have a better offense than last year. Thoughts?
  19. I think Andy meant at least 1201/7. And Davis was the third option as well last year. Are you saying that you think Davis would post better numbers than Julio if he had stayed?
  20. What did I miss? You want an open competition without the Bears committing to Dalton so early. I get it. I guess you missed my point though.
  21. Fields hasn't played a down for them yet either. He hasn't played an NFL snap either for that matter. I haven't seen him play yet so I'm not yet against them playing Dalton to start the season. They play the Rams in LA week one which is a tall order for anyone yet alone a rookie. Week two they play Cincinnati where Dalton started his career. If Dalton is at or below .500 by week 3, I think Fields will take over. If he's 2-0, will you complain? I'd rather have Fields come in a be a savior than get shell-shocked and ruined, as you say.
  22. This is great stuff ZWK! Well done. Didn’t realize this happened as often as it did. Not sure if Ridley/Pitts could do it but it’s nice to know that you don’t necessarily have to avoid drafting both of the situation arises in the right situation.
  23. From a fantasy perspective, has there ever been a WR and a TE both finish number one in both of their respective positions? Randy Moss and Gronk? I can't think of anyone else offhand. Can Ridley and Pitts? Can they realistically both be at least top 3?
  24. What are you not understanding? The Falcons did not even have enough money to sign the people they drafted. And as was said before, Ryan still has a number of years left so they drafted Pitts who many say is a generational talent instead of drafting a QB. And even if they drafted Fields instead of Pitts, then traded Ryan as you suggest, then would STILL have to trade Julio and his large contract because the Falcons did not even have enough money to sign the people they drafted. And then you'd have ended up with a rookie QB, no Julio, and no Pitts.
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