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  1. In. I know very little pre-90s, but I’ll do it. The goal is to create the best team right, not just get the best person at each position in the specified era?
  2. It's amazing anyone survived the 80s with all those vicious clotheslines and whatnot.
  3. Scoobus defeats Steeler (1-0) Really good game.
  4. Woz has been busy with work but hoping to pick up pace on weekend.
  5. I always play to the end, but don’t begrudge people for resigning when the game is in hand. Hate when you play someone who blunders like a knight or a bishop early and then just quits. #####.
  6. You’re white, think you’re supposed to challenge me.
  7. Really sucks we had what looked like 3 out of our 4 wrs not at full strength. Not sure why they even let Gabe Davis suit up, he had nothing. Beasley, what a warrior. Granted we didn’t stop KC’s offense at all, but still kinda sucks.
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