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  1. It's amazing anyone survived the 80s with all those vicious clotheslines and whatnot.
  2. Scoobus defeats Steeler (1-0) Really good game.
  3. Woz has been busy with work but hoping to pick up pace on weekend.
  4. I always play to the end, but don’t begrudge people for resigning when the game is in hand. Hate when you play someone who blunders like a knight or a bishop early and then just quits. #####.
  5. You’re white, think you’re supposed to challenge me.
  6. Really sucks we had what looked like 3 out of our 4 wrs not at full strength. Not sure why they even let Gabe Davis suit up, he had nothing. Beasley, what a warrior. Granted we didn’t stop KC’s offense at all, but still kinda sucks.
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