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  1. Wow what an awful call to end it. How do you miss that, wasn't even close.
  2. Kutta’s been busy with work, but I think he’s about to bust this position open. I think.
  3. Off used - car, cle, ari, buf, lar Def used - jax, no, cle, was, ne Week 6 O- kc D- ind
  4. Not that they gave anything great to get them, but Yankees can’t be thrilled with the guys they got from the Rangers this year.
  5. When you play Rougned Odor in a playoff game, you deserve to lose.
  6. Off used - car, cle, ari, buf Def used - jax, no, cle, was Week 5 O- lar D- ne
  7. Off used - car, cle, ari Def used - jax, no, cle Week 4 O- buf d- was
  8. 163 GB and Phi (-0) Brady, Kelce, and McManus hopefully did enough. Lots of middling WR scores, only decently big J. Meyers. Robinson only RB to do anything but everyone has him.
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