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  1. Scoobus (2000s) - Jason Kidd, Ray Allen, Bruce Bowen, Kevin Garnett, Shaquille O'Neal vs. Jayrod (2010s) - Damian Lillard, Dwyane Wade, Andre Iguadola, G Antetokounmpo, Al Horford Offensively, it’s difficult sledding, as Jayrod has several plus defenders to match up with our team. Or at least it would be, except we have Shaq going up against Al Horford. Dunks, layups, frustration fouls, it wouldn’t be pretty. Eventually the desperation double teams start coming, leading to open 3s splashing in. Defensively, Kidd never leaves Lillard’s side as the onl
  2. When is voting due? Trying to wait as long as possible to vote until everyone who wants to write something in there has a chance to.
  3. Scoobus (2000s) - Jason Kidd, Ray Allen, Bruce Bowen, Kevin Garnett, Shaquille O'Neal vs. Doug B (2010s) - Steph Curry, Zach Lavine, Paul George, Domantas Sabonis, Nikola Vucevic The destruction Shaq and Garnett would put on those poor Euros would be hard to watch. Only one of Curry and Lavine could hide on Bowen, the other would be in for a long night. On defense, Jason Kidd tries to slow down Curry as best he can, and he's as good as any to try doing it. Bowen limits Paul George, who likely turn into Playoff P anyways. Sabonis and Vucevic are forced to try and shoot
  4. We’re loading it all into WIS after this, I’m sure we can count on your eager participation.
  5. My complete lack of 60s knowledge had me rank ilov80s higher than I should have it looks like. I just went back and looked at the top scores of the 16s and he was one of the highest, figured that was the fairest way since I didn't really know his players.
  6. Best in Sh00s PG Jason Kidd One of the greatest passing and all-around point guards in NBA history, we'll look to Kidd to run the offense and lead a nasty defense. Lead the league in assists 5 times (2nd career all-time) while averaging around an impressive 7 boards a game during his prime. 9x all-defense (4x 1st team) and 6x all-NBA (5x 1st team). Also developed in the latter part of his career into a pretty solid 3 point shooter, shooting a combined 38% from '05-'10 and being currently 10th in all time makes. SG Ray Allen Perfect SG for a format like this and especially with h
  7. Yo mama, in my personal rankings, I had you in 4th place in a tier of your own haha.
  8. My clear top 3, although not in that order. ETA: Dang those scores are razor close.
  9. I’m guessing with mine whoever just hates Melo, he can be a polarizing player. With Kev, no idea. Would love to hear explanations, or anonymous explanations if people feel better doing it that way. Those 2 don’t make much sense to me, but it’s all subjective.
  10. Ranking the mid to bottom teams for this decade seems ridiculously difficult.
  11. 10s PG Kyle Lowry 6x all-star and fantastic cog in an excellent defense, Lowry is pure scrap and Philly grit. Can knock it down from deep and go on scoring runs all by himself, with Lowry at the point you're always in the game on both ends. SG Danny Green 3 and D HOFer, all-defensive performer and multiple NBA champion. A career over 40% shooter from beyond the arc, he had the record for 3s made in a finals until I think Steph broke it, so you know he can do it on the biggest stage. SF Carmelo Anthony 10x all-star, 6x all-NBA, top 10 all-time in scoring (soon), future HO
  12. Completely agree with all of this. I think we might see the widest ranges yet due to a variety of these factors. Top few teams seem clear, but after that could be wild.
  13. First team I've had finish in the top half. Another one where those middle teams had some very wide ranges. Guess I should stop being surprised by that.
  14. Completely agree with you that Bowen doesn't belong anywhere near an all-time player list, and if we were just drafting the best players of all-time he wouldn't even be in consideration. For his spot, with the people I had, I knew it would need be a guy on offense who wouldn't/shouldn't be touching the ball very much, and could knock down open shots. So I went with what I considered the best overall defender of the decade at the guard/wing, although Artest would obviously have a case. With those two, I leaned Bowen due to his better percentages and consistency from deep, his lack of usage (
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