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  1. pls come back bby

  2. Hi CSTU, with the holidays here, things are getting a bit tight. I was wondering if maybe I could borrow a few bucks?

  3. not sure about kamala tbh.  seems like she threw most of her voter base in prison.

  4. your PMs are down fyi.  figured you may not know

  5. come on man i just want to talk

    1. Peyton Marino

      Peyton Marino

      hit me back when you see this

  6. hey sorry i missed you last night.  how are things?

  7. I hope your family has a Merry Christmas and that yours sucks you POS.

  8. You are a piece of ####.

  9. #### you

    1. Peyton Marino

      Peyton Marino

      hey, i take it back.  let's talk

  10. Biggest scum bag there is!

  11. Not surprised.  Man up suka


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