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  1. Do you even remember the bet? It was a joke.
  2. Joke bets on the internet are not legally binding.
  3. The absolute only way for her to win is to pull out MI (down 15k) is to win AZ (down 58k).
  4. She's down 43k at the moment. If she pulls off the Miracle in Michigan she better thank the people of Iowa who are the ones getting her to exactly 270.
  5. Hillary simply cannot win this without Michigan and she's down 75k votes.
  6. Looks like Hillary is pulling an upset in the all important state of Iowa.
  7. Hillary won by 1.2 million in NY She's going to lose the election by 100k in a couple of states.
  8. I agree. IMO, women and minorities deserve everything they get if Trump wins.
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