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  1. Welcome back!

  2. Sometimes there's man...

    1. dturn0532


      Hey, I saw a thread you started a long time ago regarding Josh Meyer aka meyerj31. Reach out to me please.

  3. Bring back the old avatar!

  4. cstu

    What's your favorite light beer?

    1. Otis


      Hi good buddy. Big fan of Coors Light.

  5. Welcome to Footballguys.

  6. I get that all the time...

  7. Oops, maybe you're not actually a demon as I originally imagined. Welcome back.

  8. Demon that has come in the FFA, I do not stand alone. I banish you back to whence you came, I am the protector, the saving light, and your ultimate bane.

  9. How do I zoom on your avatar enough to read that tattoo?

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