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  1. Senate looking good for Democrats - need four of these to flip: Kander (MI) up 51-44 Ross (NC) up 50-47 Hassan (NH) up 52-44 Still waiting on WI, IL, and NV
  2. She's going to let Obama do the dirty work but then say she disagreed but what's done is done.
  3. Until not that long ago I thought he was actually saying 'bigly' as a real word. Thought it was an East Coast thing.
  4. To be expected, Bayh is an idiot. Heard when he came about to Indiana to show he was living there, instead of staying in a condo he owned he stayed in a hotel which he charged to taxpayers. SMH.
  5. Good point on TYT - when the news channels report "3% of votes are in" that's only today's votes. The total votes include early voting so the real percent reported is much higher.
  6. Stop it, Nate. If she wins Florida the probability she wins is 100%. http://www.270towin.com/maps/E6QxB
  7. 'Cause I'm just a girl I'd rather not be 'Cause they won't let me take the subway Late at night
  8. More BREAKING NEWS!!! Russian hackers release Hillary's victory speech:
  9. Latinos built a wall between Trump and the White House...and made him pay for it!
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