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  1. I suspect you might be a terrorist. Keep a look out for in your backyard. That doesn't bother you right? I mean, you are a suspected terrorist.
  2. This is why I didn't want to start watching the show. But once I watched season 1 on DVD I couldn't help myself.
  3. The concept of yin (moon) and yang (sun) are used throughout the show. Yang is the "Sun" in Chinese and yin is very close to "Jin".I'm not going to read too much into except to guess that the writers wanted to use eastern religions like Buddism and Taoism to make the show seem more mysterious.
  4. My girlfriend would love that since she grew up in Dar es Salaam, the mainland city right next to Zanzibar.
  5. Anyone else get the thought when watching Locke with his dad in the car that the writers were trying to set us up for a disappointment (i.e. con)? If it turns out the entire show is in someone's head ala Identity there are going to be a lot of pissed off viewers.
  6. Calvin and no. I thought Desmond said Kelvin. Me too.
  7. Interesting. They have shown her quite a bit in the flashbacks with Sayid at the airport and with Boone. I can't remember if the ones with Boone were just from his perspective or not. It seemed like they did them together. We also know that she was a nanny and knew French, but even so maybe you are on to something or this is a red herring. You have me intrigued for now. It does seem extremely strange that one of the main characters would not have their back story shown like the others were. She's seems to be portrayed as an airhead golddigger to make people ignore her, but there could be a lot more to her than has been shown.
  8. Why don't the peanut kids all go to their own separate, but equal school?
  9. WTF, laughing at a guy who actually got a young chick rather than a washed up 35 year old?
  10. EG72... first, love your posts. But, I have to ask how you draw these conclusions from the loch ness monster quality photo presented so far by Wolf? IMO the jury is still out (consider the source). I for one caught the D reference.
  11. What's wrong with that?Wolf, this has degenerated quickly. Your corpse is rotting and maggots have infested every orifice in your body. You're not helping your cause either. You have played things far too safe, which is a mistake I myself made when I was much younger. Boy did I learn my lesson. After being ridiculed by my friends for missing out on tons of ###, I learned really quick. With women, it's ok to be patient, to a point, but you haven't taken any chances. Step up to the plate, man. You sound like a young kid looking to avoid being dissed. Big deal. Stop playing games and do something. You're near the beach, right? Grab some beers or some wine, get some chairs and go sit in the sand a nd get her ### drunk. Make your move or ask her if she wants to go back to your room/place. Simple. I hear you man, and I appreciate the candor and to an extent can understand the flaming going on for holding out for this chick - I will say she does not like players (I am certainly not one of them) and if I strike out next week my game plan will open up to other targets, heck even the first weekend I started looking for other options and then found out I had a shot with her, IMO there's a large talent gap between her and the other options in the house and word travels FAST if I were to hook with something else (in the house or not). Being the type of guy you are, I don't think this is the ideal situation for you. If anything, you should play up how rich you are and that you are looking to get married in the near future. I believe that will be the only hope for you getting laid. Trying to be a playa is not your strong suit.
  12. funny thing is on the ferry ride back, one of the guys in the house sat next to her and when he was chatting her up, he asked her if she likes girls! It was classic, he had no idea that was what I said to get her riled up the previous night, her response to him was, have you been hanging out with <wolf> or something? And he followed it up with something like, "no, you just seem like the kind of girl that would be into that sort of thing"(!) vegetable crudite SEACREST OUT! What's up with complaining about people not showing up and saying you gotta stay home and give your apt. "some love"?
  13. I don't know what this is, but you should have challenged #2 to a quick game of "Barbecue." You know, she lies down, and you throw your meat on her grill. Damn it man, one after another!!!!
  14. I came into this thread just looking to see how long this one would take - a lot longer than I imagined.
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