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  1. Should just let private businesses allow people to die because they have pre-existing conditions.
  2. Actively. And besides that, how do your SO's feel about it? Are they comfortable with you going out at night with your 'friend'?
  3. "This side of me like to cuddle, the other side will rip your throat out."
  4. Hillary back up to 70.8% on 538, but that's despite the site showing Hillary leading in every battleground state besides Ohio. C'mon, Nate.
  5. Is it permitted to smoke cannabis outside (in public places)? Yes, those aged 18 and above are permitted to smoke cannabis outside as long as doing so does not create nuisance to others. On 1 July 2013, it became illegal to smoke cannabis at children’s playgrounds and on 1 September 2013, it also became an offence to smoke cannabis on the grounds of secondary schools. Earlier regulations outlined these restrictions for students, but this new law now means that the constraint also applies to people not studying at the institutions.
  6. Having female friends does nothing but cause a man trouble. That's the truth.
  7. My knowledge is based on one Indian woman (U.S. born Hindu) I dated/lived with for 7 years and the other (Tanzanian born Muslim) I've been married to for 10. Maybe the ones I've dated aren't from typical Indian families.
  8. This is a key race for control of the Senate (the others are Missouri between Kander (D) and Blunt (R) and Indiana between Evan Bayh (D) and Todd Young (R)). It looks like the Democrats will pick up 3 states (NH, PA, and WI) but it will leave them one vote shy of the 50 they need to regain control.
  9. Welcome to Sin* City!! *except hookers, marijuana, and other cool drugs
  10. Indian women get it - maybe why I've only been in long-term relationships with them:
  11. I generally treat women as strong, capable human beings - if they've got an issue with that it's their problem.
  12. I'm neither a gentleman nor a alpha-jackhammer. I believe in equality and if a woman doesn't get that then it's not going to work between us anyway.
  13. So require all actors/actresses to take PrEp - problem solved.
  14. California's Fight Over Condoms in Porn Is About to Climax
  15. IMO you're already doing too much. She told you she wants to be friends over you being technically married, which is a blow off. She's likely been been banging other guys. What are you getting out of this? Move on.
  16. He was referring to Latino citizens in his response - I hardly think the actress (a U.S. citizen) interviewing him in partial comedy sketch would ask him advocate for illegal immigrants voting. Her question was poor phrased, that's all.
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