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  1. And, my last post on this. I'm not sure how anyone can be backing Bennett at this point. It's more clear than ever that he has not been honest about what went down. http://www.jsonline.com/story/sports/nfl/packers/2017/11/15/packers-players-refute-martellus-bennetts-fabrication-regarding-team-doctor/868852001/ "Bakhtiari missed the rest of the Packers' game at Minnesota, a loss in which backup quarterback Brett Hundley could’ve used his blindside protector. So after hearing former Packers tight end Martellus Bennett’s allegations last week that McKenzie pressured him to play after deciding to get shoulder surgery, Bakhtiari said he was upset. “Flat out,” Bakhtiari said, “what he’s saying is crap.” Bakhtiari was hardly the only Packers player angry about Bennett’s allegations against their team doctor. Right guard Jahri Evans said “we all know there was some fabrication” in Bennett’s statement. Receiver Jordy Nelson said he thought Bennett’s accusations were “nonsense.” "I think everyone knows what’s the truth," Nelson said. Outside linebacker Clay Matthews pointed to the inconsistencies in Bennett’s timeline. After deciding in Green Bay his shoulder injury required surgery, Bennett was active for the New England Patriots on Sunday night after being claimed last week. Bennett even caught three passes for 38 yards. “He seemed to suit up and looked good on Sunday night,” Matthews said." Matthews said he and teammates “got a good laugh from” Bennett explaining how his release from the Packers unfolded, specifically that McKenzie would ever ask a player to jeopardize his health by playing. “My experience has been fantastic with Pat,” Matthews said. “I think he’s an awesome doc. I think he puts our health in front of the team first and foremost. In fact, I think a lot of people have gotten on his case because he’s too conservative. So I wouldn’t put much merit into those comments made. “I think it really speaks volumes to hear everybody’s rebuttal, and come to his aid in that regard as opposed to the other person.”
  2. I agree. However, the flood gates are now open. I don't think it matters anymore. Guy hits on you you're not interested in? Harassment. Bad joke? Harassment. We're down the rabbit hole on this, and to the point where allegations are now reported as facts.
  3. Herro to Kentucky now. This is exactly what he was looking for, as he feels he won't be there more than a year or two tops. He was not going to get that guarantee at Wisconsin with all of the young guards/wings in place already. http://www.jsonline.com/story/sports/high-schools/2017/11/14/whitnalls-tyler-herro-commits-kentucky/860249001/ "When you think of Kentucky, you think of a one-and-done school, if you go there you have to be one-and done," Herro said. "But talking to the coaches, they're not rushing anyone to get out in one year. It's more of taking your time. "They're quick at developing people, so that's why people leave after one year. They don't party. ... Right from Day 1 you're working out every day, two, three times a day. Your goal when you're there is to get to the NBA."
  4. I've said from the get go that you can't judge Hundley until we get a little more game experience from him. He certainly showed some of the skills that Green Bay likes, including two really key throws late in the game to seal the win. Now the question remains if we can do it consistently. I have more hope of that now.
  5. "Martellus Bennett is living a lie." https://247sports.com/Bolt/Boomer-Esiason-believes-New-England-Patriots-TE-Martellus-Bennett-is-living-a-lie-110471761
  6. He's so injured he can jump right onto the practice field in New England. Whatever man. Continue to blame the organization, that is fine. I don't trust Bennett one bit, and his history indicates bigger issues over time. I'll take the reputation of the Green Bay front office and medical staff over that of Bennett. Enjoy the rest of the NFL Season.
  7. There was no injury talk before Rodgers got hurt. There was only injury talk after Rodgers got hurt. The math on this is pretty easy, and it all equals Bennett not being honest about what is going on. Pretty clear way more Green Bay players have lined up to defend their medical staff than have lined up to defend Bennett. It's crystal clear that Bennett is the issue.
  8. Anyone with half a brain knows exactly what happened here. Rodgers got hurt, and Bennett quit on Green Bay. End of story. Anyone trying to defend that is being willfully ignorant.
  9. Just trying to see if there are trends within this data. It's good that the league is tracking it at least.
  10. I'm not sure the data supports that, but I guess we'll see what it looks like after this season. https://www.playsmartplaysafe.com/newsroom/reports/2016-injury-data/
  11. That is an interesting take. On the one hand, it is disappointing to lose a highly regarded kid like this. On other hand, if Herro believes he is not going to stay all 4 years, then it makes sense that he find a situation that will offer more immediate playing time right? He's not going to pass Pritzl, Trice, King, or Davidson coming in. From the Herro himself: "“I’m just looking for a college that I can excel in the offense, come in right away and contribute, have a great relationship with the coach and hopefully that school can get me to next level.” https://www.azdesertswarm.com/recruiting/2017/10/18/16501550/tyler-herro-arizona-wildcats-wisconsin-decommit-2018-recruiting-florida-kansas-ohio-state-oregon He was most certainly going to be fighting for minutes at Wisconsin, so if he feels he's better served as a 1/2 and done somewhere else, I wish him the best of luck. That is generally not the kind of player that ends up at Wisconsin anyway.
  12. "We had no means of verifying Jason’s claims directly. He said the women he knew had told him they wouldn’t come forward, citing C.K.’s reputation and power in the comedy world. The two members of the comedy duo who were supposedly subjected to the Aspen jerk-off incident wanted nothing to do with the story then, and did not respond for comment when contacted before the publication of this post." "Notaro does not say if she has personal knowledge of or witnessed any of C.K.’s alleged misconduct" I'm confused by all of this. I really am. So, all of this happened. But no on will go on record? Seems weird to me. So, no witnesses. No one with first hand knowledge. And no one will go on record.
  13. Agreed. His health will determine his workload, but he is a running back.
  14. Hmmm. https://www.swansonsfishmarket.com/the-profit--please-read
  15. The other thing here. They've been absolutely raving about FB Joe Kerridge all camp long. So, is there chance they keep both Ripkowski and Kerridge? Maybe Kerridge can play some FB if they try to run Ripkowski? That likely means it's Montgomery, Williams the first RB options. Maybe Jones and Mays to the practice squad? Tough decisions coming here.
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