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  1. I would gladly watch all 57 hours, but this will do.....Bravo Peter Jackson, Bravo.
  3. Offense used...San Fran...Arizona....LA Rams....KC Chiefs Defense used...NE...Den....LV Raiders....Green Bay Week 5 Offense———Buffalo Defense———Washington FT
  4. Contract league 12-2 League Champion last year...my core all returning Deshaun Watson Christian McCaffrey Dalvin Cook Travis Kelce Adam Thielen Tee Higgins 0-4 this year...Go figure
  5. Used...Offense.....SF, Ari, LA Rams Defense...NE, Den, LV Raiders Week 4 Off———KC Chiefs Def———Green Bay
  6. I’ve seen it used at least a half a dozen times today for Touchdowns. (9/26/21)<—-for posterity) Will this be a tool teams use more moving forward.? 53 1/3 yards, width of the field, seems to me that RB’s/WR/TE’s even QB’s are more aware of this being a more viable scoring option and stretching the field.(width wise) (ok, Happy Hour, red zone observation done, carry on.🍺
  7. Used: Offense———San Fran, Arizona Defense______NE, Denver Week 3: Offense———LA Rams Defense———LV Raiders
  8. Willing to take all Shenault shares when dropped...Redraft/Dynasty/Keeper...See ya in the playoffs.
  9. Her body was found 900 feet away from the van. She may have already been dead in the van. At some point he had to carry her to where she was ultimately found.
  10. https://twitter.com/brent_shavnore/status/1439744089524772866?s=21 Enhanced.😮
  11. Week 2 Off———Arizona. (W1 Used San Fran) Def———Patriots. (W1 Used Denver)
  12. Never noticed it, now I can’t stop looking at it...Thanks...#🤬🤬🤬🤬
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