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  1. Any opinions on Robalo as a boat manufacturer/brand? Still searching what is out there in terms of dual-console boats for use in the Chesapeake - They have two things that put them on my radar - 1) They have transparent pricing on their website - I can actually see what the MSRP is for a boat vs. having to call and fight solicitation for weeks after simply asking for a price. 2) They are one of the few brands that I've found that offer a twin-engine on a smaller boat (24' in this case). A lot of brands don't do that until you get to a 27' boat, which is much more $$.
  2. We heard some folks shooting up a storm the last time we were down there. We were going to head back down this weekend to get some measurements in the house for furniture, etc. but a teacher in my daughter's daycare came down with COVID, so we decided to skip interacting with my parents. Hope to get back down soon and explore the area more.
  3. From my comments in the other thread, this is my situation too. Son is 6, LOVES fishing, but starting to love Minecraft more...Plus, my Dad turns 70 this year - This is the window.
  4. Same. This feature was "required" by my wife and mom. My daughter is 3, and while right now it's not a must, she currently goes potty every 45 minutes, so if that continues as she gets older, it'll be a must for her too. My son takes pride in his ability to lay brown trout with his #### hanging over the side of a boat. He's done it many times and finds it hilarious.
  5. Thanks for the insight. The Twin Vee is interesting. Need to look into that one more. I hadn't really thought through the benefits of the wider beam at the bow.
  6. Awesome info @Ron Swanson. Much appreciated. I've got some reading to do. I'll take a look at these boat brands. So far my favorite from my own research has been Sailfish - really nice dual consoles with some nice features... Good point re. aftermarket stuff. Trolling motor especially is something I overlooked when pricing (but know I want...)
  7. Rockhall area - up Grays Inn Creek, near the mouth of the Chester.
  8. The area is the eastern side of the upper Chesapeake bay and associated creeks and rivers (mind you what they call a creek there is a river in most places, and rivers are massively wide as they are about to open into the bay). Fishing in that area is all over the place - you can go up the creeks some and get LM bass and perch, fish the channels and get some flounder, then go out to the more open bay and catch striper, sea trout, etc. There's also some of the best blue crabbing in the world in that area, so we'd drop some cages too. It's not off-shore as in the ocean, but the bay is massive.
  9. I did a little searching and didn't find an official Boatguys thread. My parents just bought a house with a nice big dock off one of the tributaries of the Chesapeake bay this past weekend, fulfilling a life-long dream of moving to the water. The even better news is it's only 2.5 hours from where we are in Central NJ, so we basically got a nice long-weekend vacation house when we visit. A boat is in our near future...but where the heck do you start? I've rented boats (usually pontoons) before. I just don't know the first thing about ownership...Any boat owners who can give me some advice?
  10. So I had an inadvertent case-study on seed germination. I'm in Central NJ. I had my driveway re-done in late September, and then did some trenching to get electric to my shed....Did some back-fill and seeding in mid/late October. That grass came in pretty well despite a few nights with frost. It's still got some green even now. We then had our front paver walk re-done the week after Thanksgiving. Spots around that were also seeded. NOTHING there has come in yet. Not a bit. So in my eyes, for most of us in this climate band, it seems anything after Thanksgiving or so likely won't
  11. I just popped in and noticed this. I haven't been on a ton. Maybe once a week or so, but not posting much - been super busy with work, year-end close, etc. It's kind of hard to prank people remotely unfortunately. Aside from showing up to budget meetings with the GOT Iron Throne as my Zoom background, I don't have much else I can do. I want to go back to the office...
  12. The answer to "Why" any of this happens can be found on the first link. $24.99 early pricing for the first MILLION sold, then it goes up...Nobody hates anybody enough for this to be about anything except the money. We'd all quit our jobs and train for a few months to get KO'ed by Floyd for 10% of what they'll make from this fight.
  13. COVID has led to such a chain of infrastructure improvements at our house. Got the driveway repaved and expanded back in late September. The kids are in heaven as they can ride bikes and such a lot easier in the bigger space. Had the garage floors refinished with Polyurea/flake about a month ago, and added some padded protectors for the columns - looks brand new. Almost feel bad parking cars on it. Today the guys will finish up the re-do of our paver walkway...should hopefully cut back on the weeds we got on the old one. Meanwhile, I've been working my tail off building
  14. I've been curious about these for years. How are the graphics? I've never seen good "pictures" online of what to expect. I'm envisioning graphics ~10 years behind where 2D console games are now.
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