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  1. I watched my first game on ESPN+ last night now that they have taken over the streaming broadcasts from NHL.TV last year. I'm honestly really not a fan. Major downsides are that you can't hide scores, and when you join a live broadcast already in progress, it default joins live. I've got 2 kids that I usually get to bed around 8:30, which means I join games mid-stream most of the time. With NHL.TV, I had the scores hidden and could just start the game from the beginning. Now I basically HAVE to see the score since it's tied to the game link, and then I have to rewind to the beginning from wherever it is live. First world problems, I know, but come on - if you expect to be a legit streaming service, at least let people hide scores and such so you can enjoy the game as if it was live.
  2. Was Reaves paid to get piggyback rides from Nick Jensen? That's about all I saw him do last night.
  3. I've been wondering this too. I remember seeing him vs. the Caps during the first round of their cup run in 2018 and thinking he looked as good as any defenseman I've seen and all of a sudden he's just a guy.
  4. Roberson honestly should have played himself right off the team with that performance. Just run a Wildcat with a guy who can actually run instead of playing a "QB" who they say can run but actually runs just slightly better than he throws...I give the defense credit for keeping us in it as long as they did honestly.
  5. I've had the same hair style, more or less, for 30 years. A fade with a little more on top, parted to the right. In my teens, it was medium length. In my 20's, it was a little longer and I sometimes did some highlights and spiked it up a bit (No clue what I was thinking - it was cool then). Since my late 20's it's been a super short fade with about 1" on top. I keep it shorter because while I've still got a nice head of hair and no thinning in my early 40's, there's a lot of grey up there now. I had a goatee from like 18 till 22 or so. Mostly college. Gone now - wife hates facial hair and I prefer kisses to no kisses. Clothing styles evolve. Nothing radical, but I like to be a little style forward.
  6. Break out the Rook. I don't care if there are buildings in that area or not. Break it out.
  7. Great comparison with Christine Michael. I think the one difference is Michael was at that point 2-3 years into his career. He had been in the league in a few systems and STILL couldn't be relied upon to pick up blitzing LB's or know the right gaps. I'm not saying it's a guarantee Sermon will get there, but it's much more excusable in my opinion for a rookie to be at that point. Nobody ultimately knows - I guess my point is the info we DO know is that people were willing to draft Sermon with Mostert in the picture. Now, Mostert is out of the picture, and Sermon has played in 1 game and had 1 carry, and folks are flat-out dropping him. The reason for him being dropped is that he has seen limited carries, and is currently playing behind Mitchell and Hasty. My counter is that he's again, still a rookie with no experience yet. The team used a 3rd rounder on him. Your comment re. kicking the tires on FA RB's to me speaks more about the team's concern re. RB depth than it does anything specific to Sermon. If they felt Mitchell or Hasty was "the answer," then you'd think they wouldn't need anything more than depth - if that. I could be wrong, you could be wrong - all good points I think on both sides. I just feel like this guy's underlying situation got markedly better due to the Mostert injury - but people are acting like he's done something to warrant cutting. He hasn't even had the opportunity to show what he's got - and if he does, that opportunity is multiples greater than it was before week 1.
  8. So here's my summary take: All pre-season, people were trying to figure out SF's backfield. The team CAN run the ball, but guessing who would do it is like guessing what Belichick would do a few years ago with his backfield any given week. People at least consensus agreed that Mostert was fragile but has put up really good numbers when healthy. Hasty and Mitchell are just guys. Sermon has talent, no experience, and was a 3rd round draft pick - not an insignificant pick here folks. Week 1 Sermon is a healthy scratch - this is far from unheard of for rookie RB's. Blue chip RB's often don't play on special teams in college for fear of getting hurt, so they don't have the technical skills to play in the NFL. They often haven't developed their blocking skills to the NFL level yet either. I forget who it was, but a year or two ago, there was this exact situation on another team. Guy was a rookie, and was a scratch because he didn't play special teams and couldn't block well. Also - in week 1, Mostert gets hurt. The oracle was right. He's fragile. Week 2 Sermon is active. With Mostert out, his role gets elevated. In my opinion, were it not for his injury, he'd be well on his way to a lead back role on running downs. The other guys still get action - maybe they're better blockers (don't honestly know), and they still play a special teams role...but the team now needs a guy to run the rock. You don't draft Sermon in the 3rd to sit him. Sermon takes a big nasty ILLEGAL hit and is out. How do you fault the guy for that?? So now here we are in Week 3. What's permanent? Mostert is out for the year. Neither Hasty or Mitchell put up massive numbers against a middle-of-the-pack Philly defense. So honestly - can anyone explain why Sermon isn't high on an RB radar that in any good league is devoid of talent outside of the top 10 or so guys? He's rapidly on his way back from a concussion due to a hit that wasn't his fault. The starting RB (the guy that kept Sermon from going high in drafts to begin with) is hurt and done for the year. The other 2 RB's are just guys. Sermon is going to get his shot. If he lives up to his pedigree and draft pick, he'll win this job outright. At WORST, that would put him around RB 20-25, which is where Mostert went...but I'd argue much higher because Mostert was tempered by knowing that Sermon was around and Mostert is fragile. Now, it's just Sermon. No Mostert - to me, that would've warranted at least a mid-teens RB grade for fantasy due to opportunity alone. Would we even be having the conversation re. whether to add Josh Jacobs or David Montgomery if they were available in your league? If he's available, Sermon is probably the best chance at a "league winner" at RB out there right now, maybe barring Chubba depending on McCaffrey's status - but at least we KNOW Mostert is done for the year. ETA for context: I am a Sermon owner in one league. I did not draft him. He was dropped after week 1 and I grabbed him then. I'd grab him in my other league if the owner drops him.
  9. Like many - Dream job? No way. But I have a very good job that I do enjoy that pays well, is mentally stimulating, and is for a cause I believe in. So I'm not complaining, but it's not my dream job.
  10. Totally off-topic, but this comment combined with your user name made me laugh.
  11. I'm running CinemaHD on a few of my smart TV's that run the Android OS (Sony). I haven't noticed the app getting deleted. I feel like that would be a pretty big step for an OS to start removing stuff you've installed outside of their pre-installed apps.
  12. Clearly Franklin had it on his mind when the final seconds ticked off. You can quite clearly read his lips on the live broadcast shot. "Those Mother #######." My guess is the "those" in question are the refs.
  13. ...then the one they completely missed going the other way where there actually was no receiver in the area, and the QB wasn't outside the tackle box.
  14. =RIGHT(LEFT(A1,FIND("ABC",A1)-1),8) Where A1 is your string, and "ABC" is your target
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