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  1. Oh I agree 100%. I'm fully supportive of vaccination mandates, but I honestly don't understand how they are actually legally allowed - and like you said, it sets a really risky precedent.
  2. I don't think they specifically indicated what conditions they felt would qualify or wouldn't....and to be fair, it's not really their place to. My understanding is that if you have a letter from a medical professional stating why you are not a candidate for the vaccine, that could preempt the vaccine mandate for you. That becomes a slippery slope as I'm sure there's a lot of less-than-reputable MD's who will carve out a niche business for medical exemption certifications, similar to some of the medical marijuana stuff. I know that for folks who were still allowed to work without a vaccine (i.e. medically excluded from the vaccine), they had to test pretty regularly. I think it might have been as frequently as weekly. That in and of itself has to be a real pain.
  3. Honestly, I think more than anything, they're viewing GBS as a medical exemption, or an example of one. Likely without segmenting GBS into categories based on diagnosis/potential cause. They (the employer) is not really providing cautionary statements re. getting the vaccine if you have had GBS, just saying that if you had GBS, that qualifies as a "medical exemption" from having to get the vaccine. Cautionary statement to their employees specifically. I'm not sure what their stance is medically as it pertains to the vaccine my wife's company also makes. I'm going to mention this to our friend. I don't think her mother's GBS was vaccine related. Maybe this could open her mind to getting the vaccine.
  4. Oh - I'll add that my wife works for one of the companies with a vaccine currently on the market - so to some extent, if you don't believe in the science, you really shouldn't work there...
  5. GBS was specifically called out as a type of medical exemption, along with some others and an vague statement around other conditions that medically exclude you from being vaccinated. It was clear that it had to be a medical exception, not a philosophical/religious/etc. one. Your points are interesting. Personally, no GBS incidents in my family/wife's family, but one of our close friend's (we're their daughter's godparents) mother had GBS, NOT as a result of a vaccination, and she was told NOT to get it. It's made life for them and the extended family very difficult as there is an expanded need to continue to quarantine and stay at home whenever they may see her. It'd be interesting to see that view more widely publicized. I've just always seen it simplistically as "Had GBS? No vaccine for you!"
  6. My wife's company just issued a policy. It's very clear. Mandatory vaccinations. If you don't vaccinate by the date they set and do not have a medical exemption (Guillain-Barre or something like that), it will be viewed as an employee-driven voluntary separation of employment. i.e. if you don't vaccinate, you effectively are resigning. That means no severance, no vested bonuses, and technically, at least in our state, no unemployment. It's pretty clear. My company hasn't come out with that firm of a policy yet, but it's coming...
  7. That's pretty nice. Certainly worlds better than the slanted sun shade things that people have started using. Several times we've set up and had someone come cram in right in front of us with this big angled thing that completely blocks the view. I didn't come to the beach to see the side of your 20' sun shade. Beach tents have generally gotten out of hand in my opinion. More places need to start mandating size limits on things - at least up close to the water. Do anything you want on the back half of the beach, but don't construct a sun fortress right on the front row.
  8. Agree 100% for honey bees, but nobody is "rescuing" yellow jackets.
  9. So basically, the "dusts" are a REALLY fine white powder. Think of talcum powder or something like that. You put it in a blower, that looks sort of like a turkey baster, and you squeeze it. It basically blows out this cloud of the fine dust. The way it works is two-fold...The dust is obviously highly toxic to bees. You spray it up in and around their entrance. Bees that get it on them will eventually ingest it via grooming and die. Further, the part that makes it work when sprays might not, is that the bees get it on themselves as they go in and out of the nest and they track it deeper into the hive. Once the dust gets onto the nest, it's usually bye bye. It doesn't work instantly. It takes a few days usually. There is a very quick die-back as the main workers who had it directly on them die, then there is usually another wave once the ones inside start dying from the exposure to what the others tracked in. Super easy to use as you don't have to have direct access to the hive - just knowing where the bees come in and out is enough. I usually just wait till it's dark out, and squeeze 3-4 blasts of the dust into wherever I see the bees going in and out. That kills them all 90% of the time. REALLY well established nests or nests deep in a wall may need a second dusting a week or so later.
  10. Delta Dust works well, but I had a nest of Yellow Jackets going in a crack between my house and my chimney chase that the Delta Dust couldn't knock down. Called an exterminator for the first time ever, and he was super nice. He knew I had a bee suit and all the "stuff" and gave me some great tips. He said from his experience Tempo works better long-term than Delta Dust. I switched over to Tempo now, and have had great results. Delta Dust worked well for me in most cases except this one for some reason - so I think it works well, but Tempo clearly has worked better for me. My issue is all of mine tend to be around the house (under siding, foundation cracks, or in the hedges out front). I never get to have fun with gas. When I used to find them in the yard, I'd wait till night and pour in the gas and light them up. I have simply put a hose on them for a few hours before too. It usually will take a few floodings, but they'll eventually go away even with just water. It's not very fun though.
  11. We just had a 12,500 lb. 4-piling mount lift with remote installed for our boat earlier this year - $11,400. (Pilings were already there)
  12. Forgot to post back here! We finally picked up our Pursuit DC266 about a month ago. I've been learning the in's and out's of boating...slowly. Kids are LOVING it. They're 7 and 4 and I was worried riding around on a tube (slowly of course) wouldn't go over well, but they can't get enough. My 4 year old got stung by a jellyfish the first time out, and after a few minutes to recover, she was right back at it. Son of course loves fishing off it too. We're doing a boy's weekend next weekend without my wife/daughter to go hit up the upper-Chesapeake Striper hot-spots. Because I'm lazy and don't feel like uploading, here's a LINK to us picking the boat up at the marina on the marina's Instagram.
  13. Yeah - I saw that, but it seems like nobody does anymore...I haven't even seen one in the wild like that.
  14. We just picked up our boat last week - just in time for the Maryland DNR mid-season close on Striper. πŸ‘Ž Did some fishing in the Chester last week with limited luck - some white perch, that's about it. I did discover that there are eels around our dock/creek that can be caught via minnow traps. Ended up with 3 overnight. Should help the striper fishing when things open back up!
  15. So I'm going to be back in the market for a Jeep as soon as I sell my Cayman...My first car was a Wrangler 25 years ago....What I've noticed is most jeeps used to come with half-doors on the soft tops...now very very few Jeeps come with the half-doors. When I had mine, the top was off pretty much all summer. I relied on a bikini top and a tonneau and the soft door uppers. If it rained, I put the uppers on and the bikini/tonneau kept 95% of the rain out. I'm kind of surprised it's not like that anymore. Now I'm pretty much resolved to get hard doors - which means even going topless means I have a full door frame/window right next to me. I'm still between a Wrangler 4-door and a Gladiator - leaning Gladiator. I don't think it'll even fit in my very shallow/crowded garage, but whatever. I can always get a cover if I leave it outside without the top. If I get a hard-top, I'll build a hoist. I have my 2-seater 14' fishing kayak up on my garage ceiling now via a Harbor Freight electric hoist. It's amazing what you can put on your garage ceiling!
  16. I'll have to try that. I cleared the cache, but didn't force-close...oddly though, every other movie worked fine. Watched Tomorrow War - that was at least good as a substitute.
  17. I’m trying to watch Black Widow on CinemaHD. I click on any of the links and they simply won’t load. I have over 282 sources via Real Debrid - nothing loads. Anybody have any ideas or notice something similar? I can load other movies, just not this one.
  18. It's the body style indicator. CJ is for earlier "pre-Wrangler" Jeeps. Wrangler YJ. 1986 – 1995 Wrangler TJ. 1996 – 2006 Wrangler JK. 2006 – 2018 Wrangler JL. 2018 – Now
  19. A little late with the reply, but I did literally the exact thing you're talking about - took down an old swing set that was mulched, and turned it into a fire pit. A few things that haven't been noted here - Highly recommend putting down PLASTIC, not just weed barrier. I put down thick plastic sheeting. Slice it up in spots to allow water to drain, but it keeps the weeds out. We're going on 8 years, and I have a few stray weeds, but since it's only gravel on top of the plastic, they can't get a deep foothold and come out really easily. We used river rock, slightly smaller size - it's bigger and prettier than pea gravel. I avoided gravel/millings and things with edges because I wanted to be able to walk on it barefoot and not be in horrible pain. For the actual pit, consider buying a bowl that fits on top of a paver/stone surround. The raised bowl allows for better airflow and you won't get as much smoke. If you burn right on the ground in the pit, you get a lot of smoldering.
  20. Still going strong as our every-day kitchen faucet! Menards quality GB!
  21. ...if Narragansett Beer had an app, it would show you that you can't get their beer in Superior, CO.
  22. Here's an angle - is it flying 20 mph AIR SPEED or 20 mph GROUND SPEED? If it's AIR SPEED, I'll just fly up to the jetstream and I'd be well over 100 mph ground speed - at least for one leg of my journey to wherever.
  23. I'm still not convinced that was 100% his mistake vs. Schultz's...Not familiar with how they communicate that sort of thing, but Schultz had a step on him, and then just veered right instead of going behind the goal.
  24. I get that - but being put on a wait-list vs. actually being accepted can change people's outcomes. I was waitlisted at a grad school that I really wanted to go to. I accepted at another school before I heard back from my wait-list school simply because I couldn't wait that long for a variety of reasons. If there was a guy in this case, and I was #1 on the wait list, I might have ended up somewhere differently. I know it's a tough direct comparison - but somebody, somewhere, at each school this guy applied to was effected by people that do this.
  25. Honestly, I agree with this100%. When I was in grad school, there was one guy - very qualified guy, later in his career than most other folks - who dropped his resume for basically every company who came to campus to interview for summer internships. Because his resume was more extensive than an MBA with 2 years work experience, he got a lot of interviews and several offers. If anyone knows how on-campus recruiting works, they usually only have a handful of interview slots, and one or two offers per school. He basically took opportunities away from others knowing full well probably 50% of the places he was applying weren't even jobs he was really considering. This seems like a similar analysis - Regardless of whether schools accept more students than they actually have, there is a number that they accept, and this guy took a spot from someone who just missed the cut - somebody who might have actually chosen to go to this school.
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