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  1. I've had the BIB since May 4th and love it. My back was constantly hurting in the morning before and now I wake up with zero pain and that makes the mornings so much more enjoyable.
  2. Can't wait to get mine.Sooooo what do I do with my old mattress and box spring? Will charities take it? Dump it on the side of the road on a moonless night?Go my BIB yesterday. My knee was already in bad shape and I'm pretty sure I completely roached it bringing the mattress upstairs by myself. Already called the surgeon.It's very comfortable and I'm happy so far. My only regret is that I bought the foundation. I'm pretty sure I could have gotten by with the box springs from my old bed or am I missing something here?ETAAlso, what's the deal with these pillows?Slept on ours last night for the first time and my back didn't hurt in the morning. I pulled the mattress bag upstairs on my own and it wasn't to bad and not sure it would have been easier with the wife anyway. I didn't want anything to do with my old bed so am glad I got the new foundation, and it cost only a small amount more from just buying the mattress.Those pillows are the suck aren't they? I told them to not ship them with this mattress after seeing how horrible they were with my sons.
  3. Oof I had to sleep on one of those god-forsaken things in a hotel once. Terrible bed. I dunno if that thing was just old (ie offdee's post above) or what... but it was horribly uncomfortable. There was no comfortable air-pressure for us.Don't have any real-life experience, but from my research found that the first few years seems to always be a positive experience....then about year 4 or so things start to break down in the structure (slow air leaks, doesn't hold desired firmness throughout night, mechanical problems with the pump, etc.), and with that the customer service to handle any of those things are brutal (which makes the warranty kind of pointless). When you really step back and think about it, it makes a lot of sense....something you use for 7 hours everyday for 10+ years combined with air and mechanical components isn't a good bet to last.The two people I personally know that have them kind of reiterated the above same sentiments to some degree. I really hope your experience is different and continues to be a great bed for you though.My folks have one and have for years, they like them. I don't like the bar in the middle.
  4. You should be able to take them off without cutting the pipe. You'll want to turn the main water off and drain the water in the basement. Get some nice metal valves as the plastic will keep having trouble. The washers in the metal will have to be replaced over time but getting a good quality valve is well worth the money.
  5. b) I make all my chili and, tonight, I am making a lamb tagine that just smells incredible. All stews and such items I make in my dutch oven. I think it's probably my most used pot in the house.I'm struggling to get my wife to use the dutch oven, she'll make potato soup and not use it
  6. Jury's still out. I gave it six episodes and I really wanted to like it. It got worse each episode. I'm not watching season 2. Others on here believe that it needs a full season to hit its stride. The writers got fired, but the writers sucked, so I don't know if that's good or bad.That doesn't sound good. Watching the first episode and it seems ok. If it gets worse with each episode, I don't think I could make it through six of them.Yeah. Watched the 2nd episode and half of the 3rd. Not feeling it at all. The lady whore is banging a redneck dude in the woods while her husband may be recently deceased? SLB had a thread asking how long after you die would you want your wife dating, you know what her vote was.The worlds population is dwindling and a woman has needs.
  7. The doctor said he thinks I'm just suffering from sperm build up. He said just to take some Advil or Motrin when needed and I should be getting better I had been doing a lot better until a few days ago. We have a leak in our water softener and I investigated. While doing this (no heavy lifting or anything) my righty started getting sore. It kept getting worse and worse until I had to take some Tylenol and sit down. It hurt through the night and into the next day, but it's feeling better now. I'm just afraid that I still have to stay away from physical activity...I don't think I've seen anyone keep replying to their own post like this before. I'm glad your updating yourself on your progress.ETA - You do realize your wife isn't reading this thread to make sure that the lie is being spread everywhere?
  8. UpdateMinutes after posting the above nonsense, I went to take a piss. Curiousity got me, and I had to check out the balls...well, I got light headed, passed out, and put a big hole in the drywall with my head. So now I had purple balls and a jacked up neck. Today is day 5. Those guys lied about being able to lift today. Today is the first day that my balls are not enormously swollen and I can walk kinda normal. Still sore, still purple. So for you future candidates....its an easy procedure, but give yourself lots of time to get better. Awesome job with the drywall. Like that grill as well
  9. I got one as well...but it's still in the garage. Decided to paint the walls and replace the carpet first. Since we're replacing the carpet in the bedroom we're also replacing the carpet in the hallways and other bedrooms. Which means my hoarder wife has to clean all the #### out of the spare bedroom. Might be a while. Is the price of new carpet worth her going through stuff? Mine is finally starting to go through stuff and get rid of things but it's slow going. Sorry that was off topic.I'm sick of waking up with a sore back, well actually body but at the same time I'm cheap (with that said I will spend to keep it over the long haul). As anybody tried multiple of these beds and can compare them?
  10. I bet the wife looks forward to this yearly grouchy period.
  11. Did my first Prime Rib yesterday and followed something close to the above.4.5 lb. hunk of meat, bone-in rub with olive oil, salt and pepper 500F for 10 minutes 250F oven until I got a internal temp of 124F which happened to be 2 hours of cook time. rest for 30 minutes, but the temp only rose to 126F Result: medium rare, but definitely rare near the bone. Tasted awesome. Unfortunately, my kids wouldn't eat it and my wife didn't like medium rare. Sooo, this will be last home prime rib for awhile and I'll have to get my rare cut when I go out to Wildfire or Lawry's. I'm slowly working on mine. Unless it's well done then it isn't done. We had steaks the other day and I went with some pink and while she snickered a bit the kids saying how much better it was vs the well done is swaying her a little here and there. I had this problem with a smoke ring also though.
  12. I did the Alton Brown steaks last week and they were awesome. Santa brought me a 9" CIS, bit small with 6 in the family but will be perfect when only one or two want something instead of warming up the big one.
  13. Don't you just hate having to do it again to make it better?
  14. HTF did Walking Dead get nominated? Maybe the voters saw the ads and not the actual show?No reason to hate just because your vote doesn't matter.
  15. The one I did last year was on a grill. I'm dubious about shifting into an oven, but that's the only setup I can go with this year. That is, unless a weber grill is an option (size wise I think only with an open lid... can't see the pic
  16. At the end he said the lack of power was a problem for the french also. With that in mind I'm assuming he was in contact with other locations but then as the world deteriorated communication became an issue for everyone.
  17. Nice guess, I'm in. Can't believe Doc would still throw in the towel then, especially since he was still working on a cure right up until the survivors knocked on the front door. I suspect he would know of other labs where he could get equipment if that were the case.You would think he would be in communication with them, or be more excited that others showed up so he could get there after his crap blew up. When he was recording himself he said he wasn't sure if anybody was even watching these, then late said he didn't think anybody was so why bother making the recordings of his progress.
  18. That looks so good as did megla's pics too. I had some prime rib today. I met my mom and grandmother for lunch at a restaurant (my grandmother turned 90 today), and I ordered the prime rib, and it was very good. I don't eat it often so when I do it's a treat.The taste is so much better when grilled yourself
  19. Well it couldn't get any worse.The thing is that Darabont apparently either wrote, co-wrote, or extensively re-wrote every episode this season, despite who was credited. Which means that whatever he thinks of his writing staff, the final result was his vision. And he's the showrunner. I'm somewhat odd in that I'm not much of a fan of anything Darabont's ever done, including The Shawshank Redemption, so I'm probably overly pessimistic. I mentioned this about Darabont a while back when the news came out about the writers. Looking at the AMC site for the writers it seems that anything with his name attached to it were the worst episodes.
  20. Then stop whining about the writing on the show.Oh for Christ's sake. I suppose we should just shut down the Shark Pool while we're at it, since I assume most of us can't play NFL caliber football. Yet we somehow persist in having opinions about who is, and who is not, a decent NFL player. I'm glad you like the show. Some of us don't. And some of us might even express that opinion in this thread. Some of us will quit watching (I don't intend to pick it up again next year), but some may still continue watching in hope it will get better. I'm sure we'll all survive.Didn't pay attention much before this did you? Get your panties out of your rear and move on.Duff Man - Some spoilers are indeed in order
  21. I thought it might that one of the survivors is infected after all. Pretty sure we weren't meant to know. Hence it being whispered? My thought was that the other sister was infected. Wasn't she feeling a little under the weather? I thought she was at first, the trailers from the previous episode helped set this up though. It looks like she is just going through a breakdown after bonding with her sister then having her die and blowing her brains out.Perhaps Doc didn't want to tell Rick he needs a cool tie and white jacket like he has instead of the stupid sheriff getup and then everyone will respect him.
  22. Please do this. $20 says you can't.Why would I work for you?It would cost you far more than $20.You poop for free so I would think $20 would be a pretty big incentive over doing it for free. Scared?
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