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  1. Speaking of the vaccines, just saw a friend post that her 43 year old cousin suffered a stroke just a few hours after getting the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. 😔
  2. I know a few people who have said that they want to wait a while before getting it, but I only know one who I would consider an anti-vaxxer & she is absolute bat guano crazy, I mean talks about end times, fluoride in contrails, Covid vaccines will kill half the population in 6-8 months and you need to take some silver hokum instead crazy. Yesterday she sent my wife some nonsense about the Paramount logo carrying subliminal messages.
  3. Does it also include rearranging truth for falsehood?
  4. Since when does stuttering cause one to make false claims? I guess Trump has a stutter as well?
  5. You mean the Governor who has repeatedly expressed no support for Trump? I'm totally shocked that he would say that it all started with Trump. You're right, that's a total gem.
  6. Because Geoff Duncan said so. That makes it a fact.
  7. LOL, knew you were shooting for a gotcha. I would have to look over the new laws again to see if any of it addresses that. I tend to doubt it does. That wasn't the point though & you know it wasn't. The point was that there are growing concerns over vote integrity. Whether that's right or wrong I can't wholly answer. I do know that there have been examples such as the postal worker who was fired in Kentucky for throwing mail-in ballots in a dumpster. I'm not going to spend hours trying to dig up examples so that we can debate the validity of every single one of them. Again, the point isn't whether or not every single instance is valid or not. The concerns are valid enough so that the state of Georgia thought they were worth addressing, which they did.
  8. Because I listen to people talk about it and I read the news. And if you'e implying that it's because of Trump, then I would say that you're very wrong. This is from back in 2018: Much of it talks about foreign intervention in our elections, which was pushed mostly, but not exclusively, by Democrats. Are Voters Losing Confidence in the Integrity of Our Elections? Link to the poll
  9. Can you provide anything to back up that Georgians were unhappy with their voting process pre-pandemic that wasn't addressed or was made worse by the new law?
  10. Not just the availability & security, but also steps to improve voter confidence in the system. I think that's a big aspect that a lot of people are missing. A lot of people, rightly or wrongly, are losing confidence in the validity & security of our election process. We shouldn't have issue with states taking measures to try to quell those concerns as long as it doesn't take away our ability, which these laws do not seem to do at all. Anyone who was capable of voting in the last election is still capable of voting in the next election & by the same means they prefer.
  11. This argument is so disingenuous it's not even funny. It's not even close to being difficult or impossible to vote by mail in Georgia. Anyone who did it before and still wants to, there is plenty of opportunity to do so and it appears to be very simple.
  12. Are Democrat voters not allowed inside buildings now or incapable of travelling a couple more miles now? Are they incapable of putting an envelope in a mail box or handing it to their postman?
  13. Fewer boxes to monitor and secure doesn't make it more secure? If you've got 20 people to secure drop boxes. Which would be easier to secure, 100 or 20?
  14. You're tweaking words a bit here, I said maintain and that's a bit different from maintenance. I'm not talking about painting & repairing. I'm talking about monitoring, poll workers having to go to each box and collecting the ballots etc. The state of Georgia assume that, now that we are coming out of the pandemic, most people will go back to in-person voting. I feel like that's a fair assumption based on how I feel about it. So I think it's a fair assumption as well that the drop box usage will go down drastically as well. Keep also in mind, we don't know what the numbers were for usage even during the pandemic. It may be a situation where they had too many even then. Who cares what they do with the other boxes? Sure, put them in storage and replace ones that need repair with the one in storage.
  15. Fewer to have to maintain, manage & secure. Every county still gets at least one & counties with larger populations get more. Outside of a pandemic situation, most of the drop boxes they currently have would remain empty and/or receive very few ballots. Why keep that many if most of them are not going to be used and it only takes a few more minutes to travel to the next one?
  16. Looks like the two teens that killed the Uber driver are going to get a plea deal. Other sites are reporting that the teens would see no time in a prison facility and would be released by the age of 21. Waiting for details of possible plea deal for teens involved in fatal DC carjacking | WJLA
  17. There was an ongoing pandemic with lock downs in place. People were literally told not to go out, not to gather in groups, not to co-mingle with people outside of their quarantine circle. I think that it's a huge assumption that they "embraced" that. Yet, still, the ability to continue that process if they prefer it is not being taken away from them yet people are acting like it is. Probably both since it was a management nightmare for them before. The ability is still there for them to use drop boxes. If they have to drive 3 miles to get to their drop box vs 2, I don't think that will hinder them at all. If they don't want to or can't drive then they still have the ability to mail it in just like everyone else.
  18. Why not go back to what was working for them before the pandemic rather than use something that was specifically designed for a pandemic situation? The state of Georgia is obviously not expecting 1.3 million people to continue to vote by mail or use the drop boxes. Reducing the number of drop boxes that the state has to manage/maintain/secure then makes sense.
  19. 2020 was the first time they used drop boxes because they were only added for the Covid pandemic. Now that we're expected to be coming out of the pandemic, they are reducing the number of drop boxes because they don't expect to have as many people using them.
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