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  1. Hahaha... I have a hard time leaving a league like this, but I understand. Good luck for the rest of your final season, then. That particular guy is just bizarre though... it's like he's addicted to trading and half of them make no sense. Lots of absurd overasks and then complete giveaways, too. I don't get it.
  2. Yeah, I was just making sure I'm not crazy. Here's another one from the same owner. I'm not involved, but the former Godwin owner also traded Mahomes to a different guy in this manner: Mahomes, 5th round pick for Daniel Jones, Frank Gore, Engram, 2nd ...I don't know what's going on with this guy.
  3. 12 team PPR Chris Godwin For Marlon Mack, Preston Williams, very late 2nd
  4. Debated benching him for Dede for a few seconds, but... nah, can't do that. If you had a top 20 option, sure, you can bench him. Otherwise, you should only be benching him if you would rather take a shot on a high floor guy who is likely to get you 9-11 points or whatever, because, based on your matchup and situation in the standings, you feel you cannot afford to take a 0-3 point performance. I think it's pretty unlikely he takes a 0, though, anyways. There's a strong chance the Patriots have a 3+ TD lead in the 4th quarter, which means there should be some garbage time upside here with OBJ, which, imo, makes him a lot less risky/higher floor.
  5. I've actually seen him dropped in a PPR dynasty league (wasn't me)... 👀
  6. I have seen an early to mid 1st rounder dangled for him in a PPR league. Not sure if that's an accurate gauge, but it's at least one data point...
  7. So, here's the real question: What percentage of Hunt's fantasy production will Ware be able to muster? 70%? 80%? 90%? I remember him being pretty solid before his injury, but he lost his job instantly to Hunt, so...
  8. I drafted him at 1.03. Barkley and Guice went 1/2. I considered Michel and Penny, but ultimately decided Chubb was the best from a talent perspective. And yes, I agree... It was garbage. It's not veiled at all; it's literally an attempt at getting a player he wants... at a ridiculously low price. Gotta agree with FF Ninja here. You're not just saying "I'd like to trade for this player," you're saying "I hope you're dumb enough to accept, and if not... well, I'd like this guy and my starting offer is miles from reasonable." If you can't start anywhere close to a fair price, you shouldn't expect a dialogue to continue. I wonder if those in the thread who seem to be cool with terrible offers are habitual makers of terrible offers themselves? But anyways, yeah, let's get back to the Chubb Clubb discussion...
  9. Thanks, along with the others who responded. Like I said: Sanity check - just wanted to make sure I wasn't crazy. Every offer I get in that particular league is that bad or worse, and at some point I just stopped responding to them, but then some started whining about not responding to offers. Your reasoning is pretty much what I replied with... how can he be worth less than preseason? He was still an early 1st in most leagues and is only more valuable now. Why do people waste their time with offers like this?
  10. Sanity Check: Offered the following in a PPR Dynasty: Two 2nd round picks for Chubb and a 4th Offensively bad offer -OR- simply a low opening offer? In other words, what are people viewing Chubb's dynasty value at right now? Is anyone trading him anywhere recently? I can't imagine letting him go for anything less a king's ransom right now. He's a huge talent and the team just told the whole world they are hitching their trailer to him. It's the Browns, but they've been trending upward and have a potential legitimate franchise QB for a change. Hard not to view him as a top 6-8 RB in dynasty leagues.
  11. Winston is a backup in this 2 QB league, but the suspension, FitzMagic's explosion, and now word that the Bucs might hold out Winston longer makes this a tough call. Strange to get an offer like this so early in a 2QB league, so I'm not sure if I'm missing something here. Any chance Fitz keeps the job? Tannehill should be locked in as the starter all year barring a serious regression or injury, right? Regardless, I guess you can simplify this to who do you like ROY in a 2QB league league: Tannehill or Winston? WHIR
  12. I think Keith Marshall is actually the most gifted RB on the team, and I was planning on targeting him in several leagues heading into this season because Jones is not the answer. Marshall's got some injury issues of his own, though, and Gruden said that they were considering IR for him after his injury initially sounded minor. If Marshall is on IR, that is even better for Kelley's prospects. Regardless, I've seen enough of Jones to think that he's just not good and the Skins will be willing to give the next guy a real shot. Jones missing Week 1 would only speed up the process. Even if you think Kelley is a JAG, as OP said... so is Tim Hightower. At this point in fantasy football, a JAG getting consistent touches in a competent offense is a pretty big asset. Kelley could be exactly that. The only real concern is, as wordclass mentioned, the possibility of them bringing in a Hillman or something along those lines. If they don't bring in a veteran, I think Kelley will be given the reins, sooner or later.
  13. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/0ap3000000691305/Dorial-Green-Beckham-scores-4-yard-TD-in-debut-as-Eagle Nah, we don't need that guy. Trade him for OL depth.
  14. While nicknames are always fun, I thought Crow had a worse rep for this than West. He had one of the highest % of runs for no gain or less, presumably because he danced and stretched plays when there was no need too. 25% IIRC.Ironically, he also broke a lot of big runs as well. Yeah, you're right. I just found this which is a perfect visual representation of what you're talking about. I wish I could see what this heat map would like from just weeks 1-6 last year though. There's also this.https://www.profootballfocus.com/blog/2015/07/10/running-back-breakdown-run-lengths-part-2/ Biggest takeaway from those links is damn, I wish I had Lamar Miller.Biggest take away for me is how good Charles is. Everyone loves Knile Davis, but look at him vs. Charles there. Same team, complete opposite sides of the chart. I don't know if you can take those numbers at face value for all players due to situational usage. I think there's a decent chance that Davis's numbers are affected by the fact that he gets a lot of carries in the 4th quarter with a lead. In other words, he's used a lot to grind out the clock when the opponents know they are trying to grind out the clock and stack the run. I couldn't easily find stats to confirm this, but 40% of Davis's carries in his career have come in the 4th quarter. Last year, 39% of his carries were in the 4th, and 63% came in the second half. His ypc is drastically lower in the 2nd half as well, but I didn't go through to see if this correlates to games where the Chiefs had a lead. Still, some decent preliminary support for the idea.
  15. Well, obviously, I was talking about the coordinators and scheme, not the talent at receiver or RB. You're right that Cutler has been a constant for the Bears over the last several seasons - and the the offense looked great last season, second in scoring in the NFL. This year they are miserable, with virtually all personnel and coaches the same. How do you explain that? He was totally lucky all those games? He's suddenly way worse than last year? Or could it be the NFL adapted to Trestman's offense and he has no counter? Could it be related to the fact that every Trestman offense is far worse in year two? Could the fact that the entire organization is a complete mess have something to do with the Bears surprising offensive struggles? What about the fact that the Bears have won with Cutler in the past, with far less talent on offense around him? Why is this season different? Pinning it solely on Cutler is a major mistake. He's flawed and average, to be clear, but the biggest problems on that team are found in the coaching staff and front office.
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